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Mishti is seen sleeping peacefully..

And in the middle of the night she dreams a romantic dance with Abir..

Aankhein tere chehre se,na kabhi hatein
Aakhir tu bata de, ye dil kya kare..

Aankhein tere chehre se, na kabhi hatein
Aakhir tu bata de, ye dil kya kare

Tere ishaare bin bole, ishq card hain bayaan
Tere hawaale kar diya hai, Zindagi ye javedaan
Ishq saaf aaine ki tarah
Dikh raha hai teri aankhon mein
Ishq saaf aaine ki tarah
Dikh raha hai teri aankhon mein..

Tere ishaare bin bole, Ishq card hai bayaan
Tere hawaale kar diya hai, Zindagi ye javedaan
Ishq saaf aaine ki tarha
Dikh raha hai teri aankhon mein
Ishq saaf aaine ki tarah
Dikh raha hai teri aankhon mein..

Tanha rahun to, logoo ki nazrein
Meri nazron mein, tujhe dhoondhti hai
Pyaar ki pehli-pehli baarish
Chehre pe aisa asar chhodti hai..

Tu iss tarah se ban gayi hai
Inn labon ki i duaa
Tere hawaale kar diya hai
Zindagi ye javedaan..

Ishq saaf aaine ki tarah
Dikh raha hai teri aankhon mein
Ishq saaf aaine ki tarah
Dikh raha hai teri aankhon mein..

Suddenly Karishma pours water on her and wakes her up.

Karishma: enough of your sleep..get up and get ready for your lecture.

Mishti:maa..why did you pour water on me? At least you could have woken up by shaking me after??..

Karishma: You talk like I’m pouring water directly on you. I tried to wake you up for almost an hour, but then I got fed up and poured water on you.

Karishma goes while Mishti sits speechless and thinks..

Mishti in my mind: I don’t wake up dreaming as if me and Abir were dancing romantically. Why did I dream like this?

Suddenly she remembers what Kuhu told..

Mishti in thoughts: as kuhu told..i dreamed about him..is this love? But how can I love him… he is my childhood friend and even if I love him… what will he think of me? Won’t he take just as bad?

Naksh comes there and is shocked when she sees her…

Naksh:arrey..Mishti..what world are you lost in? Look..time..time is so short for your college. And you’re sitting here without getting ready…

Mishti realizes the situation and immediately jumps out of her bed.

Mishti: ohh..sorry bhai..i thought of something that makes me not realize the time..wait a few minutes..i get ready and come.

Naksh:acha..come quickly..i will drop you off and go to krishna.

Mishti is getting ready..


In the crisp morning, Naira finishes her baths and is seen getting ready in front of the mirror while Kartik comes out of the washroom in sleeveless clothes and brushes his hair and he is amazed when he sees Naira…

Naira sees him through the mirror and turns around..

Naira: kartik..why are you staring at me like that?

Kartik holds his heart..

Kartik:Hayee..Hayee..you kill my heart in the early morning itself. If you get ready like this, I’ll die if I see you..

Naira makes a face..

Naira: are you angry? Can’t speak good words early in the morning?

Kartik: why are you scolding me? I speak like this only because of you..if you look like this then what should I do..poor kartik Goenka must control his heart.

Naira smiles and..

Naira: acha..don’t disturb me now..I have to get ready.

Naira turns around and she tries to tie the thread of the blouse but she finds it difficult and suddenly Kartik comes and ties the thread and Naira feels like the current is passing her body when his hands touch her back.


Kartik: Perfect now. Okay, may my highness allow me to get her ready?

Naira: Don’t you have any other work?

Kartik: arrey..you are so boring girl. Every woman longs for their man’s help to get ready, but you..

Naira smiles at the sight of his irritation and holds his hands.

Naira: I was just joking. So help me wear these jewels, my dear husband.

Kartik smiles and makes her wear jewels and he also makes her wear a wrist chain and Naira shyly closes her eyes as his hands touch her bare waist.

Kartik notices and smiles.

Then he finishes and stands up and pulls her closer and bends over to kiss her lips.

But Naira laughs and pushes him away..

Naira: Early in the morning you get too cheesy for me. Now go concentrate on your work.

Kartik makes a funny face..

Kartik: There’s nothing wrong with getting cheesy with women.. but anyway since you’re so unromantic and boring.. I’ll go do my job..

He turns to leave but Naira comes and holds him and then wraps her hands around him and looks at him romantically.

Naira: what did you say? I’m so unromantic huh? Look..I’ll show you how romantic I am..

Kartik smiles and..

Kartik: oh really? But I think you’re boring..

Naira: how dare you???

Naira pulls him closer and they both feel their breathing and heart rate rise in front of them…

Naira: Now you will never underestimate my romantic moods.. Have you not?

Kartik: I can feel your breathing and heartbeat, but you are still boring.. boring.. boring.. you lack romance.. you just know you have to bore others.

Kartik laughs as Naira gets angry and takes his towel and closes their heads and immediately clamps her lips tightly with his lips…


Bani gets up from the bed and stretches her hands.

Voice: good morning dear..

Bani is startled when she hears his voice and she turns to see Veer staring at her with a smile.

Bani:feather? What are you doing here?

Veer: came to visit my love..how are you baby?

Bani is shocked and also gets angry..

Bani: how dare you call me your love? I just consider you my friend, but you think I like this, don’t you?

Veer: yes.. what’s wrong with it?

Bani gets more angry and she gets up to hit him and she hits him but spring disappears shocking bani..

Bani in mind: where is feather? He was only here… but how did he suddenly disappear?

Before she thinks any further, her parents call her from downstairs.

Shaurya:bani beta..come here quickly..we have to have breakfast right?

Bani: yes daddy..give me 10 minutes..I’ll get ready and come.

Bani goes and gets ready and she goes downstairs and she gets shocked to see Veer sitting on the dining table along with Shaurya Varsha and Rajshri.

Bani in his mind: how did Veer get here? First he was in my room and disappeared like a ghost and now he’s here..how come. I’m going to confront him first..

Bani angrily goes to the dining room table and shouts..

Bani: veeeerrrrr… why are you here?

Veer laughs and..

Veer: I’m here to have breakfast with my love..

Bani: how dare you call me as…

Veer: There is nothing wrong with calling you my love, because you love me too..

Bani is shocked..

Bani:hey..I don’t even think you are like that..

Veer: You don’t understand these feelings why you are like this. But one day you will understand that you love me, but I don’t know if I will be there for you that day or not.

Bani: hey..

Suddenly Shaurya shakes her and Bani gets a jerk and sees Veer disappear while Varsha Shaurya and Rajshri stare at her confusingly.

Shaurya: what’s wrong with your bani? You scream like Veer is right in front of you… but he’s not here Bani.

Bani is shocked..

Bani in his mind: what suddenly happened to me? Why do I only see feather like this and that only about love? What is this new problem with me?

Varsha: Did you fight with him so much that you hallucinate him and scream at him like that?

Bani in my mind: ohh… so I’m hallucinating him. But why do I get his hallucinations for no reason?

Varsha:bani..just asking you..where did you get lost?

Bani: maa..nowhere..

Varsha: Then tell me why you screamed like that hallucinating feather?

Bani in my mind: I shouldn’t tell what the exact hallucination is because they’ll doubt my feelings for Veer. So I’ll lie..

Bani: yes..but I fought with him so many times and that’s why I started expressing my anger more.

Rajshri varsha and Shaurya are laughing..

Rajshri: You’re so angry you’re hallucinating him, aren’t you? Actually I heard that someone hallucinated the one they love so much, but it’s strange that you hallucinate someone you fought with now.

Bani is shocked..

Bani in mind: even dadi talks about hallucinations being about love and even my hallucination was only about love.. what is this sign? Am I in love with feather? No, no, how can I fall in love with my boyfriend? Ohh…God, please clear up my confusion.

Shaurya:bani.. don’t keep thinking too long. If you are confused, go to the temple and pray peacefully, then your confusions will be resolved. If you are angry just go and settle it with feather..now please don’t keep your pretty face like that and spoil our breakfast mood.

Bani: I’m sorry daddy..

Bani in mind: Dad..is right. I go to the temple and settle for this confusion and trouble as Krishnaji will help me to become peaceful.

Shaurya: It’s okay..come and sit down..we’ll have breakfast.
They all have breakfast..

precap:- Mishti realizes her love. Veer is beaten up. Naira represents a bad sign.