Meet 9th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Meet Ahlawat with Meet at pani puri stall. Meet Ahlawat now says this is made with mineral water, hygienic and delicious and says Meet says you should not compromise on health. Meet says another and if you like to compromise with Babita’s fashion show. Meet Ahlawat says: let’s focus on the food, then we’ll talk later. Meet says why you asked Kavya not to do a fashion show, tell me. Meet Ahlawat thinks all I do is for our relationship and say what kind of question this is tell me you don’t like it I’m going with Manushi and I’ll tell my mom I can’t do a fashion show because my wife has some doubts . Meet says why are you getting angry. I don’t want you to leave the fashion show. Meet Ahlawat says let it be you ruin my mood and leave in the car. Meet says what happens to him.

Sunaina walks into Raj’s room. See Raj and Manushi already in the room. Sunaina sitting next to Raj says lawyer named Kushl sent a message to our address, you asked him to send. Masum thinks Dad is talking about the message I asked him to write that Sunaina needs a share of ownership. Raj says to Sunaina, please answer me. Sunaina says yes, I asked him to message. Raj says, but why, why do you involve someone from outside, we can talk in person. Sunaina says there are people in the house who don’t understand, so I’ve taken legal action.

Manushi says if I get Meet Ahlawat I also get money with him which can be at least 15-20 crore so instead of focusing on 1 crore I should focus on Meet Ahlawat and should be one of the competition of wife number one and see Meet Ahlawat coming out of the car and Meet on the bike. Meet tries to get in but Manushi stops her and says did you ruin your rose day, I saw you go on a bike with him but come back alone I’m sure you ruined his romantic mood, you can’t keep him happy . Meet says I’m not the same sister who gave things when you cry, now I’m a woman who will go to any stage to shave her relationship, you haven’t changed, you’re still greedy who doesn’t deserve a guy like Meet Ahlawat and one more thing, you can try your best, but remember one thing that my husband will be mine forever, if I tell about your fasting, it will ruin everything for you.

Raj tells Sunaina to talk to me first, don’t trust me. Sunaina says I trust you, but until when can I wait for your support and bother you. Masum tells Sunaina how much you want to bother our family and daddy. Sunaina says I don’t want to bother anyone, it’s all out of self respect from me and my husband Tej. Masum says to Raj, have you listened to what she says and says to Sunaina, now get out of here, me and daddy want to talk business. Sunaina tries to say it but Raj stops her and says that Masum is right and she leaves. Masum says to Raj I know you’re hurt, but you can’t shut up, you have to answer her. Raj says yes, we have to answer her, but nobody should know this. Masum says don’t worry.

Manushi remembers what Meet said to her. Meet Ahlawat on the phone say our Bunty is back from US then we will meet alone at his house which couple is couple but my wife is busy these days i don’t give any apologies ok i will take her. Manushi helps her to get dressed and says your mood is not good can I do something for you. Meet Ahlawat says no thank you. Manushi says if you need help, let me know, I’ll be fine.

Raj in the room remembers what Sunaina said to her. Babita goes to the room and says look at my designs they are all going to trend this time tell me what they look like. Sunaina enters and says to Raj, do you have medicine, it’s time to take it. Raj thanks for reminding me, but I already had that. Sunaina says, but it’s me who gives you medicine. Raj says that’s why I already had and until I keep bothering you, I’ve put a reminder in the phone that you can go. Babita says what happened Raj, you’ve never talked to anyone like this, everything is fine. Raj says yes, bring all the jewelry we made and her in-laws send her from the bank vault. Babita says why what happens. Raj says please do as I say, you just said that a mother can go for the happiness of his child to a certain extent, so remember that now it is the turn of the father.

Meet walks into her room and asks Meet Ahlawat if you’re going out. Meet Ahlawat ignore her so she touches her hair. Meet Ahlawat yells at her and says what are you doing. Meet says what happened to you, mad at me since the morning, I just said about Kavya. Meet Ahlawat says I’m not interested, I’m going out, I’ll be late while I come back. Meet says you should at least tell them where you’re going. Meet Ahlawat says we’re married, I don’t have to ask permission for everything why do I have to answer everything and stop acting like a questionable woman, if you have a lot of doubts, use that energy in something creative so that you can find yourself busy with all sorts of nonsense and browsing. He sees her from outside the door and thinks I’m sorry for the way I’m behaving. Only then will Manushi feel overconfident and make every blunder while doing sit-ups outside. Meet says I don’t know what happened to him. I just asked him why he stopped Kavya from doing a fashion show. game and she hears the ringing tone when Mee5 Ahlawat says he left his phone here.

Meet Ahlawat and Manushi in the car. Manushi thinks I think, so I dream that he introduces me as her wife in front of his friends. Meet Ahlawat tell her you look beautiful today. Manushi says thank you and thinks my magic is finally working on you and tells him why you took your father’s car. Meet Ahlawat says yes because my car has gone for repair and this car is up to your standard, you deserve better and think Meet will be in the front of my car not you Manushi. He tells her I always feel trapped but now it feels kike I’m free and light, we know I’m married and lying, but are we doing something wrong. Manushi says relax, it’s okay to lie sometimes because that’s when we’re more honest about our feelings, so relax, don’t stress, you must have heard that if you’re happy, you can make everyone happy. Meet Ahlawat thinks I should confide in you so you’ll think I still love you. Manushi starts doing makeup. Meet Ahlawat see her and take a sharp turn say I’m sorry Manushi brekar came suddenly everything is fine you hurt. Manushi says relax, I’m fine. Meet Ahlawat get’s phone says Meet is calling and puts it on speaker. Meet says you accidentally took my phone, so come back and grab your phone, your friend calls. Meet Ahlawat says ok I’ll be back you can give my phone and disconnect. Meet Ahlawat tells her to grab my phone because my friends are calling and if some say you come with me instead of my wife then it becomes a big problem how I will take you home. Manushi says don’t worry, I’m waiting here for you. Meet Ahlawat says are you sure. Manushi says yes and he drops her and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat outside. Come out and get in the car, thinks I can smell women’s perfume. Meet Ahlawat says here’s your phone, give mine. Meet says that if you want to, you have to pay for it, you have to smile and leave. Meet Ahlawat, try to grab his phone, Meet Resistance and see lip balm first thinks I smell women’s perfume and now lip balm means there was a girl with him.

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