Meet 3rd February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Ahlawat performs aarti, Manushi angry to see Meet and Meet Ahlawat together, she sees them holding hands. Ragini says after aarti that you should always perform aarti with both hands. Meet says our hands are tied, Ragini says this best sign, Manushi says no, they must be in pain, let me try to separate them and pull their hands, Meet Ahlawat pushes her and says don’t try all this, I If I stay with her like this all day, I don’t mind. Ragini says I have an idea and gets hot water and have them get their hands out, the glue comes off.
Raj says to Babita, glue has come loose, but their marriage will never be weak.

Meet walks into the kitchen, looks at her hand, Manushi comes in and says you did all this on purpose, you’re not my old sister who always sacrificed herself for her family, Meet says well, I used to do things for my sister , but today you are here my man, and this will not work, you know how well i fight, i will never give my man to you and leave. Manushi says that Meet Ahlawat will give me his coat.

Manushi sees Meet Ahlawat sitting outside alone, takes off the zipper of her dress and starts screaming for help, she sees if Meet Ahlawat is coming and sees he is not there, old man walks up to him and says what help you want, madam, tell me, and try to scare him away falls in dung and mud, she gets up but gets covered with dung, old man throws water on her. Meet sees Manushi and asks what all this is and sees Meet Ahlawat’s jacket and her dress torn and says oh all this like jacket and gives his jacket to Manushi and calls Meet Ahlawat and show him Manushi, Meet Ahlawat says she so scary is goodbye. Meet says Aunt Babita is calling you, come quickly.

Babita says to Meet and Manushi, now you are going to challenge each other and be related to my son, you know each other well and so does my son, so give a very good challenge.
Raj calls his lawyer and says I’m not worried about Meet Ahlawat and Masum, but Tej and his wife. I’m worried about them and Tej is also unwell and less likely that he will be fine that’s why I want to give 75% to them and Masum and Meet Ahlawat are good enough to do things on their own.
Masum hears that and says that this is not good and that I will have to do something.

Manushi says I’ll ruin Meet’s life.
Meet sees Hoshiyar playing with Duggu in all this and Manushi keeps lying so maybe about Parth it was a lie too I need to find Parth Meet Ahlawat know nothing about competition and can’t tell him either but will still apologize .

Manushi throws almonds she was eating and it falls on Dadi, Dadi smiles and says your face shows you lost to Meet, and negativity never wins, I’m helpless to support you but I pray for my Meet , Manushi pushes Dadi and then holds her hand, Dadi gets scared, Manushi says I wish you fell but I need your help now and when I come in here with Meet Ahlawat someone should be here to make us right to welcome.

Meet Ahlawat on duty, see package on his car and go to check it, and it’s from Meet, and see her standing, Meet Ahlawat walk up to her and take her, and ask how he get here, Meet says I am was going to meet Dadi and mama so I came to see you on the way, Meet Ahlawat says oh you missed me, Meet says I wanted to apologize, Meet Ahlawat says oh because of the glue, Meet says that was your flop idea and you can’t asks why, Meet Ahlawat says fine and gives first bite to Meet, she gives him too, Meet Ahlawat says so nice, and you will always give me nice tea too, forever, Meet says are you sure we always will be together, Meet Ahlawat says I’ll never leave you and promise me you’ll never leave me, Meet says promise.

Anubha has pain in her feet, Meet gives Anubha money, Anubha says Manushi has changed now, she takes care of the house, Meet thinks this is all her new plan until she gets Meet Ahlawat and after that she won’t even ask you anymore people , Meet massages her leg, Anubha says you always know what I want, Dadi comes in, Anubha says she will never forget us, Dadi remembers how she behaved and leaves. Meet says I’ll make good tea for you two, Dadi says I don’t want it, Anubha says I’ll have, Meet makes tea and Anubha asks if you guys know anything about Parth.

Pre-cap: Meet challenges Manushi to sit in front of Meet Ahlawat’s car. Manushi says: consider it when you have lost it. Manushi says to Ahlawat. I put boxes in your car, please drop me and see there is no front seat.

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