Meet 24th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Ragini cooking Ladoos for Meet. Ram comes into the kitchen and asks Ragini what are you doing. She says she is preparing Laddoos for Meet. Ram says he will also help with it. Ragini asks in surprise ” you cooking what is going on”. Ram says nothing nowadays he sees Meet Ahlawat helping Meet all the time and I never helped you and you never complained so I decided to help you. Ragini asks have you come into the kitchen to eat laddoo by giving a reason to help me. Ragini pushes him out of the kitchen.

Meet enters the kitchen and asks why are you pushing Ram out of the kitchen. Ragini says because of his greed. Ragini says he wants to eat laddoo that I made for you. Meet tastes the Laddoo and says these are just like the ones how her Dadi made for her father. Ram stops her from eating more and says these you can eat at the party in the evening. Meet feels good and says thank God for giving a lovely family. Ram says no matter how much you praise us you can only eat in the evening. Meet leaves. Ram in the form of helping mixes powder to knock out Meet to stop her from going to police physical examination. Meet gets ready to go party and when she comes a gun is pointed at her and when she sees Meet Ahlawat in police uniform. She understands it is a prank and he is dressed as Simba. Meet Ahlawat takes Meet to the party place where Tej, Hoshiyar, Duggu, and Raj come in police officer uniform to congratulations Meet and salute her the rest of the family also cheer for her.

Meet talks with Babita and asks her Aunty you are not happy with me joining police if you think I give priority to police work and neglect my duty as daughter in law of this family then you can scold me. Babita says she knows that police is a very demanding and challenging job but there there is a fine line between family and work if you cross the line then a girl’s life will change upside down. When Sita Devi crossed Lakshman Rekha then it started a war. Meet says Aunty because Sita Devi crossed the line Raavan is beheaded if she hadn’t crossed the line a bad guy like Raavan would not have been beheaded. If girls stay on that side of the line how can bad guys like Raavan can get beheaded. Sunaina tries to take a photo with Duggu but Duggu says he had to eat pastry and runs away. Tej says to Ram and Lakhan to go. Ram and Lakhan ask cam they take a photo with her and Sunaina takes the photo with them and Tej. Tej talks with Sunaina to give a chance to Ram and Lakhan. Sunaina says she will. Masum hears it and says Ram and Lakhan becoming Tej and Sunaina’s children she couldn’t let it happen. Ragini searches for Laddoo Ram sees that the children took it takes them away from children.

The children say Meet cannot eat all of them and they want to eat them. Meet tries to feed the Laddoo to the children but Ram stops it and says the children cannot eat. Meet asks why can’t the children eat it. Ram says Ragjni has made them for you and children can eat other Laddoo. Ram tries to feed Meet the Laddoo but Ragini stops him and says she is going to feed Meet the first Laddoo and Meet Ahlawat gets up and says he is going to feed Meet the second Laddoo as one is not enough for her and she needs a lot of energy. When all the family is talking Ram sees Meet is yawning a lot and suggests Meet to sleep as she needs to rest for tomorrow’s physical examination. Meet says she will go after some time. Ram says you at least need 8 to 10 hrs rest. Raj agrees and tells Meet to sleep. Meet Ahlawat says he also needs 8 to 10 hrs rest but Ram stops him and says stop going after your wife every time. Ram says to family let’s all watch a movie and go to TV hall.

Meet notices something is getting burnt from the window. She comes out to control it but she feels dizzy. Everyone enjoys watching movie. Meet brings water o control the fire but she falls unconscious near the fire. Ram notices everyone is busy in movie then he goes with iron bar recalling Hawa Singh words to kill Meet to hide his crime. He tries to hit her but he drops iron rod thinking He can’t kill their house Daughter in law. He thinks he has to do something, he takes a wooden stick and tells sorry Bahu but I don’t want you to find the truth by joining the police force as it will break our family. He places burning wood on Meet’s feet. Raj calls him they he goes inside. Meet Ahlawat checks time. Tej asks why he looks tense. Meet tells him he is thinking for Meet and tells him that he wants to check Meet once. Tej asks him to check. Ram stops Meet Ahlawat. They enjoys the movie. Meet gains some consciousness because of the burning sensation of her leg then she drops the flower pot beside her. Everyone gets alerted because of that sound. Meet falls unconscious again. Everyone comes out and gets shocked seeing Meet state. Meet Ahlawat takes burning wood from Meet’s feet.

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