Meet 22nd March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Meet is receiving a threat note that her husband will be dead if she joins the police force. She gets shocked and goes near Meet Ahlawat to keep him away from the danger. She asks him to come with her telling him they are in danger but he can’t understand her words in bhang effect. Raj calls everyone and tells everyone how he proposed to Babita’s mother on Holi day assuming that she is Babita. Everyone smiles. Meet Ahlawat asks why Sunaina had any color. Tej tells him she has an allergy to colors. Meet Ahlawat tells her he will bring organic colour and applies it to her. Sunaina denies. Meet thinks how to know about the danger and she thinks Hawa Singh might send her men.

Ram and Lakhan apply color on Sunaina. Sunaina scolds them. Tej tells her he is the one who sends them. Sunaina leaves asking how can he do it when he knows that she doesn’t like it. Ram and Lakhan ask why he took the blame on himself. Tej says it’s the elders’ responsibility to save kids. He hugs them. Meet stop Meet Ahlawat from having Pani puri and he checks the things. Meet Ahlawat asks why she is getting touchy. Meet says you’re my boyfriend so I won’t leave you alone. He agrees. She ties his scarf with her saree pallu then she feeds Panipuri to him and thinks she won’t let any danger come near him.

Isha asks everyone to join the celebrations. Ahlawat’s enjoys with their rocking dance. Meet observes the surroundings. Ram signs Dhol person to do his work. Meet thinks which thing has danger. Meet Ahlwat goes far from Meet removing the knot. Meet searches for him. Dhol person comes near Meet Ahlawat. He takes out a packet from his Dhol. Meet catches him and asks who sent him. Dhol person says he doesn’t know the name and tells her he is part of the party. Meet thinks Hawa Singh didn’t arrive at parry and she asks him who’s that person. Dhol person points a person. Ram runs inside the house covering himself in a blanket.

Meet follows him and she catches the person in the kitchen, it turns out to be Raj. Meet asks what’s he doing. Raj tells how someone threw a blanket at him. He asks her to not tell Babita that he is eating sweets. Meet thinks it means that person came inside the house and she thinks to be careful. Ram sees her and recalls how he asked his men to scare Meet Hoodah with chemical color and he warns him to not hurt their Meet. Meet wakes up in tension that how she catches man with chemical color and she feels scared and holds her husband hand.

Next day Meet gives tea to her husband. He apologises to her for drinking so much of Bhaang and he asks her to join him for jogging. Meet tells him she doesn’t want to become a Police officer. Meet Ahlawat asks what happened to her. Meet shows him a threat note and tells him that she can’t take risk of his life. Later Meet and Meet Ahlawat come to the dining table. Ram thinks they might decide to drop the idea of Meet joining the police force and he declines Hawa Singh’s call. Meet tells family members that she realised that her strength and weakness is her family which makes her fill the form and she tells them that she have physical training in 7 days. Ram gets shocked.

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