Kundali Bhagya 8th February 2022 Written Update

Prithvi Stops Shristhi As She Is About To Pick The Thali, He Exclaims He Will Hand It To Her, She Praises That He Is Doing Good When He Says She Should Also Move Ahead, Shristhi Sees Both Preeta And Karan Quarreling, Preeta Seeing Her Immediately Leaves, Karan Requests Shristhi To Patch Up With Sameer But She Refuses However He Insists So She Agrees To Think About It, Karan Also Follows Preeta.

Preeta Stands Infront Of Prithvi He However Gives The Thali To Karan, She Gets Angry But Prithvi Replies He Forgot That She Is Now The Owner Of This Mansion, Karan Says It Is Nothing To Be Worried About Since They Can Perform The Pooja With Just A Single Thali, Preeta Exclaims They Should Perform The Pooja With Their Own Thali, Karan Gets Suspicious About The Actions Of Prithvi, He Handing The Thali To Another Guest Leaves.

The Mechanic Is Talking With His Mother When He Sees The Coconut On The Floor So Asks Why Did They Bring Two Of Them, He Calls His Workers, One Of Them Recognizes That It Is The One Which He Brought For Their Own Pooja, They Inform That It Is The Coconut Which Is Actually The Bomb, He In Anger Is About To Throw It But They Stop Him, He Is Tensed Because They Delivered The Wrong Coconut Even After Being Late.

Prithvi Is Looking At Preeta Who Is Preparing The Thali, He Exclaims Now She Would Die Really Soon, Prithvi Goes Outside When He Receives A Call From The Mechanic, He Says He Doesnot Have Much Time Since The Climax Is About To Start But The Mechanic Informs The Bomb Will Not Blast Since They Have Made A Mistake, Prithvi In Anger Exclaims They Were Not Able To Do A Simple Task And Informs That He Will Not Give Them Even A Single Penny, The Mechanic Mentions He Is Going To Bring It Within Ten Minutes.
Preeta Along With Everyone Is Preparing The Thali, Bani Dadi Asks The Pandit Jee If They Can Start The Pooja However The Pandit Jee Stops Them Informing That The Auspicious Time Is After Half An Hour So They Must Wait For Some Time, Prithvi Thinks How He Took The Pandit Jee To The Corner Informing That The It Is Not The Correct Time But He Insisted On Starting The Pooja, Only To Agree After Prithvi Gave Him Some Money, Prithvi Coming Forward Mentions Half An Hour Is Not That Long So They Can Wait For The Pooja, Till That Time They Can Play A Game, Natasha Quickly Mentions There Would Be Two Teams One Of Preeta And The Other Of Prithvi, Dadi Immediately Mentions It Would Be Fun, Sherlin Going To Prithvi Questions Why Is He Giving The Suggestion Of Playing The Game, Prithvi Reveals That The Coconut On The Thali Of Preeta Is Not A Bomb Since That Shubu Made A Mistake, So In Order To Get Some Time He Made Sure The Pooja Doesnot Start, Sherlin Leaves With A Smile.

Dadi Says There Are Less Members In The Team Of Prithvi, She Asks Shristhi And Sameer To Come With Them, Sameer However Refuses That They Are Fine Here And Even Sherlin Is With Them, Dadi Replies Team Is Not Made With Just Three Participants, Shristhi Also Refuses Saying They Should Take Natasha, She Leaves But Even Then Dadi Exclaims That They Are Not Equal. Preeta Questions What The Need Is To Make A Team Since They Can All Play For Themselves, Natasha Questions Then What Is The Game, Dadi Informs They Are Going To Play Truth And Dare.

Shristhi Agrees She Will Do What Dadi Says, She Starts Introducing The Game Mentioning They Have Decided Some Of Their Own Rules, She Mentions That Anyone Who Gets The Turn Will Take Up The Sugar Cane, By Taking The Name Of The Person With Whom They Want To Play The Game Like She Is Going To Choose Janki Aunti, After That Person Comes Then She Will Choose What The Person Has To Do Either Truth Or Dare, They All Cheer For Janki Aunti When Janki Mentions She Can Take Up Any Challenge, Shristhi Replies She Is Going To See What Happens But The Rules Are That If She Is Not Satisfied With Her Answer Then Would Break The Sugar Cane And Throw It Aside But In The Other Case She Will Throw It In The Angi, She Asks Janki Who Does She Love The Most Either Her Or Preeta, Janki After Thinking For A While Exclaims She Loves Her Sister Peeta A Lot More, Janki And Shristhi After Dancing Sit Down When Janki Questions Why Did She Cause So Much Tension, Shristhi Assures There Is Nothing To Be Worried About Since She Knows Those Who Love Preeta The Most As Her Favourite, Dadi Calls Sameer Saying He Must Take The Turn.

Sameer Picking The Sugar Cane Calls Shristhi, Karan Exclaims He Knew Sameer Would Call Her, Sameer Asks If She Would Be Able To Forgive Such A Person Who Has Realized His Mistake And Knows What It Is Like To Not Have Her In His Life, Preeta Knows That He Is Asking About Himself, Karan Thinks That Now The Truth Will Come Out, Karina In Anger Think That He Is Still Doing The Same Actions, Prithvi Mentions They Are Causing A Lot Of Boredom. Shristhi Turns Away In Anger When He Exclaims Does She Not Have The Courage To Speak The Truth, She In Anger Says She Cannot Forgive Such A Person Because She Is Not Like Other Girls, She Does What She Has Thought About, Sameer Breaking The Sugar Cane Throws It Outside The Angi, Shristhi Questions Why Did He Throw It Here Since She Spoke The Truth, He Refuses To Accept It Saying She Is Lying, They Both Go To Sit Down In Anger, Sherlin Thinks Their Love Story Is Happening Infront Of Everyone But Karina Is Not Doing Anything, Karina Thinks That She Will Have To Talk With Sameer, Karan Praises Him When Sameer Exclaims That She Is Showing Such Attitude Even On The Celebration.

Shristhi Goes To Take The Sugar Cane When She Asks Natasha To Come On The Stage As She Is Going To Give Her The Dare, Sherlin Mentions That She Has To Perform For The Entire Family So They Rejoice But Natasha Thinks She Knows The Plan Of Shelrin As She Wants Her To Make Sure Karan Dances With Her, Natasha Exclaims She Cannot Dance Alone So Needs A Partner, She Requests Karan To Dance With Her But He Refuses, Natasha After Starting The Performance Forcefully Brings Karan With Her, He Is Not At All Interested But She Is Constantly Pulling Closer, Preeta Is Not Able To Bear The Sight, Natasha Is Constantly Going Really Close To Karan. Shristhi Leans To Janki Saying That Natasha Is Not Even Leaving The Side Of Karan So They Should Teach Her A Lesson, Shristhi Exclaims They Should Now Do What Needs To Be Done, Shristhi Brings Rakhi While Janki Pulls Sameer To The Dance Floor, They Both Very Carefully Manage To Push Natasha Away From Karan, Sherlin Gets Really Angry Thinking Both Of Them Would Not Leave Such Tricks To Ruin Their Plan, Karan Dances With Preeta Bu8t Then Acts As If He Is About To Fall, Preeta Catches Him When He Informs He Was Just Acting To See If She Would Catch Him But She Has Passed With Flying Colors

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