Kundali Bhagya 8th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Natasha tells both Shristhi and Janki that they pulled her out of the dance, Shristhi informs that it was their plan and so they succeeded, Natasha leaves in anger exclaiming that they are really mean, Natasha joins Sherlin, Dadi and sitting rakhi. praise hr and said she did very well then Sherlin breaks the stick and puts it in the agni.

Prithvi gets up to pick a sugar cane, he calls Karan but he answers why prithvi speaks in such a loud voice as they can hear him. Prithvi says he wants to challenge Karan when he answers or Prithvi wants to play cricket, the whole family starts laughing but Kritika is really embarrassed, Prithvi gestures him for arm wrestling match, Karan accepts his challenge, everyone starts cheering for Karan but Kritika prays for her husband.

The Luthras cheer on Karan including Preeta, Prithvi is constantly looking in the eyes of Karan who is about to beat him, but they both start to get into a really tough competition, Karan manages to beat him after a while, they all clap for him, Shristhi and Sameer go dancing with Karan on his win, Karan leans against Prithvi and says he forgot to remember who he challenged because he is the Karan Luthra and never lose a challenge, Karan starts the traditional dance off while Prithvi walks to the agni with the sugar cane, breaking it he throws it into the fire, Sherlin sees that he is still very frustrated. Karina runs to pick a sugar cane, and she calls Sameer to come for her, he tries to reason by saying that he has done his turn when Karina says he did the truth with Shrishti but mustn’t dare, he wonders what to do when he does, she asks him to sing a song but he is shy because of his voice, Karina asks him to throw the stick on the floor ten times and accepts his defeat, he agrees to sing the song and asks them not to judge him for his voice, Sameer starts to play guitar and even start to sing a beautiful song that everyone enjoys a lot, he is constantly watching Shrishti, Karina finds it getting really frustrated and angry, Shristhi also feels like something is wrong when he finally puts an end to it, Rakhi and Dadi is both going to praise him for his singing, Sameer sits down next to Karan when Karina breaks the sugar cane and the throws into the fire

Karan picks it up and exclaims that now it’s The Karan Luthra’s turn. =, he calls on Preeta to come on stage and hear that Sherlin and prithvi are getting really tense, Preeta is forced to stand in front of him, Karan exclaims that he is not going to give her the truth because no one is answering her can understand so he is going to dare to give her and they both have to look into each other’s eyes because whoever blinks first will lose, Preeta says there is no need to be happy because she does not accept his challenge, Karan says it is not so was a big job she refuses to do because she gave her something great then she couldn’t have done it, Shristhi wonders why she refuses a fight before it even started, wonders Preeta why he doesn’t give her something worthy of her, since this was a small task. Karan says he didn’t give her a big job because he thought she could do it, but Preeta shows him attitude now, he asks Sameer to bring it, but he is also reluctant s Because she might not be able will be to do it, Shrishti also forces him to bring it, saying that she is tired of hearing that girls are weak because it is not right. today is a festival so they need to show the real power, Sameer exclaims again that guys tend to talk nice to girls but they still don’t care about their support, he reveals how they praised Natasha for the dance, because this is all girls can do when Natasha replies that he shouldn’t talk to her like that because this is not the truth, Sameer bringing the rope reveals that whoever pulls the other side first will be the winner, Shristhi after a while is shocked to see Preeta lose so she helps Preeta, Sameer is going to help Karan too, Janki sees this and feels the boys will win then so she helps Preeta too but Natasha rushes to Karan. Sherlin wonders who is going in, she follows the person. Prithvi also wonders where Shubu is, as he can’t wait any longer.

Sherlin stops Mona from asking where she is going, Mona shows the injection she brought for Mahesh, she sees it Sherlin smiles when Mona reveals she knows what to do as she is paid a lot for her work, she knows she unable to get these injections really easy so she goes to the hospital when they are available, Mona turns to the room when Sherlin calls because Preeta has returned so Mahesh is in his room, Mona asks Sherlin for her staff.

Mahesh is sleeping in the room, Mona enters the room but he panics after seeing her and even tries to hit her with a tray, Sherlin quickly throws a fighter at Mona, Mahesh immediately runs back to the bed and pleads them with him Failing to hit, Mona manages to inject him, knocking him unconscious.

Mona leaves the room, Sherlin says she can go to her son now, but Mona replies that she has already met him. Sherlin asks her to call her when Mahesh starts running around the house.

Shristhi asks Janki to hold him tight, but she loses her grip so they all lose the challenge. Preeta falls on Karan while Shristhi falls on Sameer they all can’t move but after a while Shristhi asks Sameer to let her go he says she is on top of him so she has to go away but she insists that he first should be to ask what he is doing. Preeta and Karan still look each other in the eye.

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