Kundali Bhagya 7th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Srishti asking Dadi to zip up her dress. Dadi thinks that Srishti will find out that she drunk cough syrup and will tell others, so she leaves without telling Srishti. Sameer passes by that side. He sees Srishti asking to help zip up her dress. Sameer tries to zip up her dress. Srishti turns around and gets shocked finding Sameer. She asks what he is doing here and scolds him. Sameer says that she asked his help. Srishti says that she asked her dadi. Sameer offers to help her, but Srishti refuses to take a his help and asks him to leave.

Nagre says to Prithvi that he can be thrown out this house only if Mahesh Malhotra gets well. It’s that Mona was thrown out, but Prithvi is capable to bring a new Mano. Prithvi is glad that Nagre praises him. Nagre advises Prithvi to be more alert and observes what’s happening around him. Sherlyn says to Prithvi that Nagre is right. Preeta has called the judge just to scare Prithvi. She leaves. Nagre asks how he manages to hide his close relationship with Sherlyn from the family. Prithvi says that because he’s smart.

Karan comes. Natacha goes to him and compliments his look. Karan thanks her. Natacha asks if he won’t compliment her back. He compliments her for name’s sake. Preeta comes to them and asks what they are talking about. Karan says that she is complimenting him. He asks if she’s jealous. Preeta asks if Karan hasn’t told their secret. She says that Karan kissed her in the room. She is upset with him for doing this when they have arranged for the party. Preeta leaves. Karan goes after Preeta. Natacha wonders that Preeta told they romanced in the room while she thought there is a tiff between them. She can’t understand their relationship.

Karan goes to Preeta and asks why she told Natacha about their private moments. He asks why she gets jealous when any girl talks to him. Preeta says that she’s not jealous. She says that Karan belongs to her and she hates if anyone flirts with him. Karan teases Preeta. Just then Pakhi and Dadi bring Mahesh downstairs. All sing happy song for Mahesh. The latter calls out Karan and goes to Karan. He kisses Karan’s forehead. Karan gets emotional and hugs Mahesh. Preeta looks on smiling. Karan wishes Mahesh a happy birthday. Mahesh asks Karan why he is crying. Karan says nothing. Mahesh asks where Preeta is. Karan looks around and doesn’t find her. Karan goes to find her. Nagre stops Prithvi from going to Mahesh. He says that on seeing Prithvi Mahesh will remember all things Prithvi did to him and he may get in trouble. He asks Prithvi to wait.

The judge arrives at the party. The judge wishes Mahesh a happy birthday. Prithvi and Nagre look on shocked. Prithvi asks Nagre that he told the judge doesn’t attend any party then why he has come here. He seems to have to enjoy the party. Preeta is crying remembering Mahesh kissing Karan. She thinks that tonight everyone will learn that Mahesh isn’t mentally. Karan comes to Preeta. He says that he is happy today and has come to thank her which surprises Preeta. Karan says that Mahesh happily hugged him because of Preeta. He doesn’t know how long he will be normal, but he is happy for now. He hugs Preeta thanking her for that. He breaks the hug. He says that he doesn’t like her, but he loves her. Preeta says that she doesn’t understand his contradictory talks. Karan says that love is difficult to express, prove or hide. He says that he got angry when she told him about the party, but he got happy when his love came out his heart. Preeta says that she can never understand his talks and she never saw a boy like him. Karan says that she can’t find any as he is the best. Dadi comes there. Dadi and Karan join and they tease Preeta. Preeta receives Srishti’s message that the judge has come. Preeta leaves.

Sherlyn says to Prithvi and Nagre that Preeta called the judge to the party so that he can declare Mahesh normal and that’s why she brought Mahesh out in the party. Prithvi says that Preeta isn’t fool, if she proves Mahesh normal through this judge, he will not be the only who will lose, but Preerta too since everything will be snatched from Preeta. Sherlyn asks then why Preeta called the judge and does this party drama. Prithvi scolds Sherlyn. The latter says that whether he agrees or not the fact is Preeta called the judge to declare Mahesh normal. She leaves. Nagre says that Sherlyn is right. Prithvi asks Nagre to use brain and asks why Preeta will dig her own grave by calling the judge. Preeta comes there. Prithvi says that Preeta’s confidence shows that her intentions aren’t good. Nagre asks what he will do now. Prithvi says that he will set the fire. Nagre asks what.

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