Kundali Bhagya 7th January 2022 Written Update

Preeta Walking Down The Stairs Wonders What Is The Decoration For, Rakhi Comes Asking If She Slept Peacefully Last Night, Preeta After Some Time Mentions She Slept Peacefully Since The Room Is Filled With All The Utilities, Even The Servants Come With The Ringing Of A Single Bell, She Even Warns Her To Not Talk So Politely With Her, Rakhi Questions If She Would Now Tell Her How To Talk, Preeta In Her Heart Requests That She Should Not Be So Polite Since She Would Not Show Any Leniency Towards Her, Rakhi Replies She Doesnot Even Expect It But Just Desired Her Preeta So She Has Got It, Preeta Questions Where Is She Taking The Food, Rakhi Replies She Is Going To Mahesh, She Asks If Preeta Would Take It, Rakhi Explains That After She Left He Got Really Angry And Even Refused To Talk With Any Of Them, He Blamed Them All For What They Did, He Got Angry Because They All Threw Her Out Of The House, Preeta Agrees To Take The Thali Saying That She Can Do It As He Was The Only One In This House Who Supported Her And Even Then Gave Her The Entire Wealth, She Can Do This For Him.

Karan Is Standing When Natasha Also Exclaims That She Wants To See Him Crying, He Should Do It Once Again. Kritika Asks Him To Turn Towards Her Since She Feels He Is Lying But Karan Says That He Indeed Scolded Her So Hard That She Was Not Able To Bear It, He Now Has Some Work So Will Leave, But They All Stop Him, Dadi Says That There Is Nothing More Important Then Seeing Him Scold Preeta, Karan Replies That When He Scolded Her, She Started Crying Hearing This Dadi Says She Would Surely Want To See It So They All Must Leave But Karan Manages To Convince Them That He Came Out When She Was Crying, They All Must Not Go Since He Is The Karan Luthra So Got Sympathetic, Kritika Gets Relieved Saying That She Felt Something Was Wrong But Will Now Give Them Sweets.

Mahesh Is Sleeping In His Room When He Hears Someone Coming So Immediately Sits In The Corner Covering His Face, Preeta Opens The Door, She Is Shocked To See That No One Is In The Room, She Is Stunned To See Him Sitting On The Floor, Preeta Tries To Touch Him But He Doesnot Let Her, She Calmly Reveals That She Is Preeta And Has Come Back For Him, She Asks If He Recognizes Her Assuring Everything Will Be Fine Since She Has Come Back So Would Not Let Anyone Harm Him, She Will Surely Correct Everything And Has Even Brought Food For Him, She Makes Him Eat The Food, Mahesh Starts Shivering And Then Takes The Thali From Her, She Starts Crying, Mahesh Starts Eating, Preeta Seeing His Condition Leaves.

Mahesh Is Sitting When Mona Comes Asking Who Gave Him The Food, She Questions Why He Threw The Food, Mahesh Tries To Hit Her When She Questions How He Dared Try To Hit Her, She Takes The Hunter And Is About To Hit Him When Preeta Stops Her.

Sherlin Asks Prithvi To Not Call Nagre, Prithvi Exclaims That This Is The Right Time To Call Him Since He Will Reveal The Truth, Prithvi Mentions That He Is A Really Clever Person And Professionally Is The Lawyer But Personally Criminal, He Can Reveal The Truth Behind The Papers Of Preeta, Prithvi Mentions He Met Nagre In The Jail, Prithvi Explains Nagre Doesnot Take The Case Of Anyone But Just The Criminals As He Even In The Jail Made Sure That The Person Who Had Embezzled A Lot Of Money Was Evicted From The Case, Sherlin Says That Someone Who Can Teach Preeta A Lesson Is Coming.

Preeta Pulls The Hunter From The Hands Of Mona, She Questions How Did He Dare Try To Hurt Mahesh, Preeta Explains It Would Not Take Her A Second To Hit Mona But She Will Not Do It Sine She Knows What Is Right Or Wrong, She Is Doing This On Orders But Will Now Follow Her Orders, She Will Not Try To Harm Mahesh Ever Again And Will Only Take Care Of Him, And If She Even Tries To Harm Mahesh Then Preeta Would Surely Use This On Her, Mahesh Also Starts To Clap When Preeta Exclaims That She Would Not Reveal Anything To Someone Else Otherwise If She Does Anything Then No One Knows Where She Would Be Sent, Preeta Leaves While Mona Gets Scared.
Preeta Goes To Shristhi Who Asks What Has Happened And How Did Everyone React, Preeta Thinks About Lying When Sherlin Warns Her To Only Speak The Truth, Preeta Reveals That No One Except Rakhi Maa Is Happy With Her Arrival, Shristhi Says That Preeta Is Her Lion Sister And They Do Not Give Up So Easily, Preeta Explains They Have Kept Mahesh In The Basement And Prithvi Doesnot Even Treat Him Nicely And The Nurse Also Hits Him With The Hunter, Shristhi Gets Worried When Preeta Replies That She Has Come Back And Would Now Tech Prithvi How One Should Treat Someone, Shristhi Replies That She Feels This Time It Would Be Really Dangerous So She Should Be Careful, Shristhi Asks About Karan, Preeta Replies That He Is Fine But She Feels The Attitude Which He Had Is Lost Somewhere, He Still Shows Her The Attitude When Shristhi Explains How She Feel Karan Should Once Again See The Truth In Her, Preeta Replies That Not This Time As She Has Only Come To Make Sure The Luthra’s Get Back Their Lost Position While After It Is Done, She Will Also Leave, Preeta Mentions Shristhi Can Take The Advice From Sameer.

Shristhi Thinks When She Met With Sameer And She Tried To Request Him To Try And Talk Some Sense Into Karan As He Is Wrong, But Sameer Said That He Saw The Proof Which Sherlin And Sonakshi Presented, Shristhi Questioned Why Is Not Believing That Her Sister Is Innocent When Sameer Said That He Feels His Brother Is Speaking The Truth, Shristhi Recalls How They That Night Ended Every Relation Which Existed Between Them, Both, She With Tears In Her Eyes Managed To End Everything That Was Between Them Both, They Said Their Last Good Bye And Left. Preeta Asks What Has Happened, Shristhi Explains That She Doesnot Know They Both Do Not Talk, Preeta Replies That He Is A Really Nice Person, Shrishti Says She Doesnot Want Anyone Who Would Break The Relation Because Of Either Karina Or Karan, She Says That She Would Take The Updates From Preeta, She Has Promised That She Will Not Call Him And Even He Has Not Called Her, She Just Prays That Preeta Shoyuld Win Her Mission, If She Ever Needs Her Help Then Should Call Her As She Would Come Running To Meet Her Even If She Doesnot Need Anything, Preeta Hugs Shristhi, As She Is Her Younger Sister.

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  1. prithvi malthora if you do like this plan i don’t like it stop that enough is enough and you also sherlyn if you talk like this to dr preeta otherwise she will gets upest because of you sherlyn you just keep it your mind.
    natasha if you go near to karan that dr preeta she will gets upest because of you natasha so please you don’t do that understand what i am saying for you natasha if you talk like this to dr preeta now see what i will do now.
    sammy why you talk like that to shirti she gets upest because of that sammy please you don’t hurt shirti please sammy try to understand that. please you must say sorry for shirti now itself.
    shiriti please you don’t make upest for sammy he will not do like that shirti please i promise you that you can do it.
    shiriti please you must say sorry for sammy i hope that you can do it.


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