Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2022 Written Update

Janki Asks Preeta If She Is Angry That He Called Her Hitler Or He Did Not Say Her Any Other Name, She Replies She Doesnot Know, Rakhi Calls Janki To Her When Shristhi Asks What Is She Doing As She Needs To Control Her Emotions Which Can Be Seen From The Face When Preeta Replies That Today Is Lorhi And She Can Hug Rakhi Is She Likes But Shristhi Mentions She Herself Told Her To Warn If She Does Something Like This, Rakhi Comes To Janki, Preeta Leaves Without Talking To Rakhi, She Gets Really Worried. Shristhi Informs That She Has Changed With Time So Has Gotten A Bit Like Hitler, Rkahi Says Shristhi Should Also Hear What She Has To Say And She Knows Preeta Would Never Do Anything That Will Harm The Family, Since She Always Thought Good For The Family, Janki Assures Rakhi That Everything Would Be Fine, Shrishti Thinks She Must Not Express Her Care So Openly.

Shristhi Walks To The Party Where She Greets The Guests And Even Starts A Conversation With Them, Sameer Seeing Her Thinks Of Talking With Her But Is Really Confused Wondering If He Should Actually Talk With Her, Sameer Decides To Not Give Up So Easily As He Is Always Waiting For The Perfect Moment But It Never Arrives, He Is Standing Behind Her Thinking What Can He Do As Karan Advised Him To Keep Trying, He Is Walking When She Bumps Into Him And Is About To Fall, He However Catches Her So They Both Start Getting Into A Romantic Moment, Shristhi Slowly Walks Away And Turns To Leave But He Holds Her Hand, Pulling Her Back Once Again After Which Even She Is Not Able To Control Her Emotions But Pulls Off Her Hand, He Wishes Her Happy Lorhi, Mentioning He Felt Really Nice That She Came, Sameer Questions Why Is She Not Talking To Him At The Lorhi Function, She Replies She Is Not Saying Anything But Did Not Forget What Happened Two Years Ago, How He Ended Everything That Was Between Them Just Because He Needed To Be With His Brother, Sameer Goes After Her Thinking That He Will Not Give Up.

Prithvi Looking At The Coconuts Thinks Where Is Shumbu, Since He Doesnot Have Time And Is Waiting For The Special Gift For Preeta, Shrishti Coming From Behind Asks If He Believed In Bhagwan From The Start Or Did He Get Scared Of Preeta So Is Trying To Seek Forgiveness, Prithvi Replies He Is Not Scared Of Anyone But People Are Scared Of Him, He Questions How Does She Has So Much Poison Filled Inside Of Her Since He Feels She Should Be A Nagin, Shristhi Exclaims He Is Really Special Since She Starts Getting Poison After Seeing Him And Is Not Calm And Composed Like Her Sister, And She Is Not Able To Remain Calm So Whatever Is In Her Heart Is On Her Mouth, She Saw Him Here So Thought That He Would Have Gotten Better But She Knows How He Really Is So He Must Not Even Think Of Doing Anything Wrong Against Her Sister, Prithvi Asks Her To Calm Down Since She Was Never Able To Do Anything Against Him In The Past And It Will Not Change Any Time Soon, Shristhi Asks If He Forgot Who Sent Him To Jail, As A Matter Of Fact It Was Preeta Di Asking If He Remembered Anything, He Mentions He Lives In The Present So She Is Forgetting What Is He At The Moment, She Is Forgetting Why She Is Saved From His Anger Since He Has To Tackle A Lot Of People, He Warns Her To Not Even Misbehave With Him As He Will Make Her Pay For What She Tries To Do With Him, He Leaves When She Questions Who Is He Threatening, Shristhi Sees Sherlin Leaving When She Tries To Make Her Fall, Sherlin Questions Why Is She Always Trying To Make Her Fall, Shristhi Questions When Has She Refused That She Tried To Harm Her, Sherlin Tries To Go After Her But Is Stopped When The Guests Wish Her Happy Lorhi.
Shristhi Walking Bumps Into Karan, She Immediately Wishes Him And He Asks How Has She Been In The Past Two Years, She Assures She Was Fine But Her Sister Is A Lot Better Then Her, Karan Mentions She Is Good But Has Got Promoted And Is Now Even Frustrated While Being The Bittercourd, Shristhi Says He Meant Hitler, Karan Mentions This Means She Has Complained To Her About Him, But Explains It Is Nothing To Be Worried About Since She Is His Sister In Law. Shristhi Informs No Matter What Happens Her Sister Is The Best In This World, She Asks If He Was Trying To Instigate Her Against Preeta, Karan Asks If Things Cannot Be The Same As Before, She Mentions She Can Be On His Team But If She Has To Choose Between Him And Her Sister Then Would Always Take The Side Of Her Sister, Karan Mentions That He Has Given Her The Permission To Take The Side Of Her Sister, She Starts Laughing With Excitement But Gets Really Tensed After Seeing Sameer, Karan Asks Her To At Least Talk With Sameer For Once, She Informs That The Injury Which She Received Two Years Ago Has Not Filled Till Now Since It Is Still Fresh, He Hears What She Is Saying, Shristhi Immediately Calls Preeta When Karan Asks Her To Talk With Sameer Just Once For His Sake While He Talks With Preeta. Shristhi Leaves When Sameer Tries To Come Near Her.

Prithvi Is Waiting While Shumbu Comes Handing Him The Coconut, Prithvi Is Really Impressed Mentioning That He Made It Exactly He Was Asked To, He Asks Shumbu What If Their Coconut Is Mixed With Someone Else’s So How Will They Mange To Find It, Shumbu Informs He Has Made A Mark So They Can Never Mix It, Prithvi Assures He Is Going To Give Him The Amount Which He Desires Since He Has Completed, He Asks Shumbu To Leave Before Anyone Sees Him, Prithvi Gets Worried As The Coconut Is About To Fall.

Karan Is Talking With The Guests When He Sees Preeta So Goes After Her, She Tries To Leave When He Questions Why Is She Ignoring Him, She Says She Doesnot Want To Him To Fight With Her As She Has A Lot Of Work To Do, He Says He Wants To Ask Her Something And She Must Reply Honestly, He Asks If She Got Jealous After Seeing Him With Natasha, Preeta Replies That She Doesnot Get Jealous At All, The Girls Leave Saying That It Is Time For Pooja, Preeta Also Leaves Saying When Karan Also Accompanies Her.

Prithvi Secretly Places The Coconut Bomb In The Thali When He Is Shocked To See Two Girls Coming For The Thali, He Starts Handing Them To The Girls One By One, After A While Sherlin Also Comes, So Asks Why Is He Handing Them Out, Prithvi Questions If She Can See Which Thali Has The Coconut Bomb, This Is Why He Is Standing So Only Preeta Takes It After Which She Suffers A Blast.

Sherlin Is Walking Back With The Thali When She Accidentally Hits It, Sherlin Mentions That She Was Really Happy When Shristhi Was Not Present In Their House Since The Last Two Years, Shristhi Replies But Now She Ahs Come And Is Going To Make Her Pay For All The Wrong Doings, She Feels Sorry For The Luthra’s Who Are Not Able To See How Clever She Actually Is, But Now She Is Going To Ruins Her Every Plan Just Like What She Did To Her Today For Trying To Harm Janki, Sherlin Tries To Explain Herself When Shristhi Says She Never Asked For It. Shristhi Herself Goes To Pick A Thali But Is Stopped By Prithvi.

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