Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Natasha is about to call Sherlin, she asks Karina bua to take the thali before coming to Natasha, she asks what happened when Natasha says she has started doing the duties of a real sister since Prithvi becomes romantic with Kritika, Sherlin says she trusts him completely and she should not try to ruin her trust, Sherlin asks her to go and do what she was asked to do, Natasha explains that she was just warning her that she might be busy being with his mother-in-law as he runs away with her daughter.

Shristhi and Janki wish Rakhi happy lorhi when Karina sees this, get up to explain that Mahesh has come out of the room after a long time, they are all very happy so she doesn’t want them to do anything to ruin the mood, Janki asks wondering why is karina talking like that because its the time to celebrate and stay happy,shristhi sits down in front of mahesh luthra and wishes him happy lorhi, he doesn’t respond much but asks where are the drummers she’s talking about had. Preeta standing thinks he might feel like dancing, if she had known sooner she would have asked Karan to call the drummers early.

Karan enters with the band and he beats a drum himself, the whole family starts dancing with the guests. Mahesh slowly walks over to Karan where he also begins to dance, the announcer announces that the function would come alive as the Bua dances with the grandmother, then exclaims that the stage would be ready when Sherlin dances with her sister, they both start to enjoy but Shristhi is really frustrated, she exclaims now that Shristhi has to dance with Sameer, Shristhi collapses after a while because she no longer gets on the best of terms with Sameer, the announcers also call after a while the son in law of the home come and dance, Kritika runs to pull Prithvi to the dance floor and see him. the stage, but when she saw the opportunity, Natasha also went with them and pushed Preeta away. she leaves after a while which surprises Karan so he follows her too.

Sherlin pulls by the hand of Natasha takes her to the corner and asks what’s going on but Natasha pretends she doesn’t know anything, Sherlin says she’s not blind and can see everything that’s going on, natasha wonders what she wants and should she gives her a shield, natasha tries to leave when natasha wonders how she dared hold her hand like that, if she ever tries anything like that again she’s going to report domestic violence Sherlin wonders what she’s saying when Natasha exclaims she’s human just like all of them so they tend to make a lot of mistakes, she has to calm down, she tries to leave but Sherlin stops her say she is not ready yet NaTasha asks when does she want to talk she praises Sherlin and says she was testing if Sherlin used her brain or strength but she used her brain so this means she used her warning, Natasha explains that she likes Sherlin because she can understand the signs and even N Atasha knows all her plans but how can she answer so many questions of hers when she herself doesn’t know what the next step would be, Sherlin asks if she knows why they brought her to this house, Natasha mentions that she was brought to get close to Karan, but their plan didn’t work, that’s why she thought of using her second plan as she can fix it until such time as the plan doesn’t work.

Sherlin explains that her plan doesn’t work because it brings both Preeta and Karan together. Natasha says these are the differences between rich people like her and people who come off the streets. Natasha says they think there are only two ways to complete a task, but she has many other ways to complete it, Natasha mentions that her first plan was to get close to Karan by using her beauty, but it failed so now she makes Karan believe that if they make Preeta jealous she would get close to him but it will be the opposite as Preeta would leave him because of the misunderstandings she is going to create between them both Natasha mentions that she even has a plan c that would be executed if her plan b fails, sherlin wonders what that plan is but natasha exclaims she just revealed her plan b, sherlin has to make it work so until it fails, she will enjoy her lorhi. Sherlin thinks Natasha is a difficult person to understand.

Preeta walks with the thali while Karan follows her as she eats the peanuts, Preeta sees Karan follows her and he hides behind the pillar, she sees him so go after him, Karan comes out if he can’t find her, she comes from behind, she wonders what is going on, h replies that the wind is blowing and he eats the peanuts, karan says that something is burning which he enjoys, preeta replies that he has many misunderstandings where people envy on being seen him but she is not affected at all he is just arrogant and hot-tempered person, Karan replies that she herself is a jealous person because she said she was not affected but she said a lot of bad things to him, Preeta replies that he is really hard to understand, she can’t ruin the party because of his stupid words, she tries to leave when karan says she says it doesn’t bother her but gets annoyed when she sees him with natasha, preeta asks ​wondering what Natash a is doing g in this house because she doesn’t even live here, Karan wonders what she means, Preeta replies that this is her house so she must know who lives there, Karan says she’s still jealous gets to him, Preeta says they both look good together cause Natasha is stupid and he is angry, Preeta tries to leave when he calls her Hitler from behind, she wonders what he meant when he said he did like it , Preeta sees Shristhi and Janki leave and says she doesn’t need to talk to him.

Karan exclaims that she hasn’t changed a little and is still the same, Preeta Walking also thinks he hasn’t changed and is still a flirt, Preet angrily stands next to Shristhi and Janki, Janki wonders what happened happened when Preeta asks them to ask who she met, she explains that she met Karan who called her Hitler, she wonders how he can say this to her, Janki also says how he dared to Preeta like that as she now owns this house so has to be a bit strict with him, Preeta realizes she won’t be able to, says it’s not that big of a deal to worry about, Shristhi explains explains that he was not wrong as Preeta is now the boss of this house, and some people like the boss while others don’t, after which they tend to give names so he could have called Hitler too, Preeta mentions that he just wanted to irritate her and that’s it rom he called her Hitler, Janki asks if she is mad because he called her Hitler or he gave her nothing else er, Preeta starts to think about Janki’s question.

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