Kundali Bhagya 31st December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Manav In The Night Reaches His Home, He Steps Out Of The Car, Worrying What Would He Do Now, He Hears That Someone Is Singing A Song Sitting On The Bench, Manav Goes To Him, Calling Him As Pankaj Asking What Is He Doing Here At This Time, Pankaj Is Stunned To See That It Is Four In The Morning, He Asks What Is Manav Doing At This Time, Manav Replies That This Is His Compound But He Lives In Another City, Pankaj Explains That Vinay Is Going For The Trip So He Brought Some New Things For Him, Including New Shoes And T Shirt, However Ever Since The Divorce Amita Does Not Let Him Meet Vinay, Manav Thinks How Yatho Asked That When The Parents Fight Do They Tend To Get Separated, Manav Is Really Worried. Manav Explains There Is Nothing To Be Worried About Since He Would Do It, Pankaj Says He Can Give It To Yatho Who Would Directly Hand Them To Vinay, Manav Explains That Yatho Is Not Going To The Trip, Pankaj Asks About The Health When Manav Explains That It Is Because He Doesnot Have The Finances, Manav Stands To Leave When Pankaj Offers To Give The Money However Manav Sitting Refuses Saying Ever Since He Came To This City He Has Taken A Lot Loan From Others So He Could Not Take Any Money, Pankaj Explains That Manav Is The Hero Of His Son And If He Is Not Able To Fulfil The Desire Then Would Not Be Able To Look Yatho In The Eyes, Manav Explains That If He Really Desires To Help Then He Can Buy His Car, Pankaj Exclaims That Then This Car Belongs To Him, Pankaj Mentions He Would Now Drive His Car, Manav However Says That The Showroom From Which He Bought His Car Has Given Him The Driver Free For One Day, Manav Is Standing Out The ATM When Pankaj Brings The Money.

In The Morning Manav Wakes Up Yatho, Who Is Really Excited To See Him, Yatho Seeing The Gifts Questions Who Do They Belong To, Manav Exclaims Since They Are On His Bed Then Belong To Him, Yatho With Excitement Hugs Manav, He Mentions How He Knew That His Father Is A Hero And Would Be Able To Do Anything, Manav Walks Out With Yatho Who Informs Akanksha That He Is Going To The Trip, They Both Go To Brush Their Teeth, Akanksha Says That Manav Has Not Taken Money From Her, They Both Help Yatho Get Ready, Manav Picks Up Both The Bags, Yatho Questions Who Does The Other One Belong To, Manav Informs It Is Of Vinay, Yatho Questions How Did It Come So Manav Explains He Is A Magician And Can Even Bring Out Vinay From This Bag, He Asks Yatho To Give It To Vinay.

Manav Advises Yatho To Stay With The Teacher And Not Take Anything From The Stranger, Yatho Questions Where Is Their Car, Manav Explains That Since There Was About To Be Cleaning Then He Parked It Under The Building Of Khushal Jee, Manav Sees The Van Go Once Again Informs Him About Everything, The Teacher Steps Out Of The Car When Manav Hands Her The Entire Amount, They Leave When He Goes To Mishra Jee For His Newspaper, Manav Sees The Photo Of Akanksha From The Ad, He Starts Searching The News Paper Which Are All Covered With The Ads Of Akanksha, He Buys The Copies Of Each One Of The Newspaper.

Akanksha Opens The Door When Bublie Enters In Excitement Exclaiming That She Has Got Fifty Thousand Likes And Her Entire Post Has Not Got So Many Likes, Bublie Is Shocked When The Likes Reach Seventy Thousand, Akanksha Asks Her To Not Talk Like This, Bublie Exclaims That She Is Sure The Post Would Get More Likes, Karan Calls Her When He Asks Where Is Akanksha, She Explains That She Is In The House, Karan Shows The Billboard Which Has The Ad Of Akanksha, Karan Exclaims He Would Not Take No For An Answer And Wants A Party, Manav Also Enters The House, Bublie Also Asks Him To Come And Take A Selfie With Akanksha, She Says That She Needs To Prepare Lunch For Manav. Bublie Also Leaves Saying That Karan Would Come Back Home.

Manav Is Packing His Bag When Akanksha Questions Even If He Is Not Happy Then Should Not Make It So Obvious, He Replies He Never Has Any Problem With Her Achievement But Just Doesnot Like The Name Of That Person, Akanksha Replies She Doesnot Have Any Control Over Who Hires Her As She Is Just A Model, Akanksha Questions How Did He Arrange The Money For The Trip, Manav Explains He Sold The Car, She Questions Who Did He Sell The Car To And At Which Price, Manav Says That He Sold The Car To Pankaj For Thirty Thousand, She Gets Angry Saying That She Did Not Like The Car But It Never Meant He Should Sell It, Manav Says He Will Go To The Office Like Everyone Else By The Bus, He Assures He Doesnot Have Any Problem With Her Earning But The Name Of Vibhav Kapoor, He Never Desires That Any Money From Him Should Be Used In Their House.

Manav Leaves, Akanksha Goes Into The Room When She Receives A Call From Vibhav Kapoor, She Doesnot Know Who Is It, She Asks Who Is He When He Reveals He Is Vibhav Kapoor, She Asks How Is He When He Replies That He Is Like Any Other Who Would Be After Getting Blocked, Vibhav Explains He Has Found Out She Did An Ad For Him But He Is Going To Remove It From The Entire Market, She Asks Why Is He Doing It When He Replies That He Is Not Involved In Marking As This Is Done By His Company, Vibhav Mentions He Was Surprised By The Behaviour Of Her Husband When He Came To Meet Her At The Bungalow, And Also Doesnot Know How He Reacted With Maya Because Everyone Associated With This Project Has A Problem With His Anger Problems, He Knows That This Ad Is A Really Good And There Would Be Many Loses But He Would Have To Pull It Back, He Ends The Call Exclaiming That He Would Have To Do It So She Doesnot Misunderstand Him, Akanksha Exclaims Everything Is Happening Because Of Manav, She Hates Him For This, Vibhav Sits Down With A Smile But Akanksha Is Really Tensed.

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