Kundali Bhagya 2nd December 2021 Written Update Preeta’s Secret

Sherlyn asks Sameer what he is doing in Sonakshi’s room in Kundali Bhagya 2nd December 2021 Written Update Preeta’s Secret. According to him, he has obviously come to care for Sonakshi. He asks her if she has any idea about her. She tells that the kidnapper has seen Sonakshi at the temple. He doesn’t think kidnappers go to the temple. He tells that if kidnappers had the fear of God, then they would have never done wrong. She tells that kidnappers are strange-minded people. He asks how does the kidnappers know about Sonakshi. She tells that the kidnappers find out everything about the family before planning the crime. He tells that she seems to have a lot of experience. She asks him to go and help Karan in saving Pihu.

She tells that she doesn’t know if Sonakshi will be saved. Karan is concerned about Pihu. Karan doesn’t know Preeta is hiding in his car. Pihu wants her to be saved, so Preeta wants to go to her. When Pihu sees her, she will be pleased. Karan’s car is followed by Sonakshi. Using the phone she planted in his car, she calls him. Karan asks her how did she reach his car. She tells that she can reach anywhere. She asks him not to double cross her. She asks him to throw his phone out of the car. Karan tells that he will switch off the phone instead throwing it.

She demands that he throw the phone. He does so.. He realizes that she is looking at him from far. She asks him to stop his car. He asks her how she knows everything. She asks him to put the money in the empty bag and leave the tracker bag there itself. She tells him that she knows about his friend Vinod putting the tracker bug in the bag. Karan follows her instructions. He dumps the money bag in the dustbin. She tells that she is keeping a watch on him. She asks him to leave from there. Sonakshi tells Nitin that she got him along because he doesn’t know about Pihu.

A kidnapping case involving the daughter of Karan is reported to the police by Vinod. The officer requests Inspector’s immediate assistance. Inspector explains Pihu Luthra’s case. Karan has gone to the kidnappers to give them the money, he says. Inspector is asked to pursue Karan’s car so he can help him. Upon promising, Inspector pursues Karan’s car. Vinod tells that the kidnapper has already learnt about him. Inspector tells that the kidnapper will change the address in the last minute and distract him. Vinod sends him Karan’s car number. Inspector tracks Karan’s car. Preeta wants to go to Pihu some how. Sonakshi gets to see the police. She asks Nitin not to lose track of Karan. Inspector gets Karan’s location. Sonakshi hides the gun during the police check.

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