Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Prithvi calls Nagre and asks to meet him. Sherlyn wonders that why Prithvi is confusing her by not confessing that it’s him who stole the property papers. Natasha asks her why the latter stole the property papers. Sherlyn tells her that she didn’t steal it and she thinks that the latter stole it. Natasha tells her that the latter can’t lie. She defends herself saying that she didn’t steal the property papers and the latter knows that who stole the property papers. She says that it’s Prithvi who stole the property papers and leaves from there. Sherlyn thinks to handle Natasha later.

On the other hand, Kareena tells Dadi and Rakhi that Karan changed so much. She informs them that it’s Karan who stole the property papers. Rakhi says to her that Karan is not theif and he won’t do something like that. She asks her that how can the latter accuse Karan. Dadi asks Kareena that why the latter thinking like this. Kareena tells them that she thinks that Karan gave the property papers to lawyer already.

Karan hears everything and enters the room. Kareena tells him that they can do anything to protect him and she knows that he did it for family. He tells her that he really didn’t steal the property papers. He says that Preeta trust him more than them. Rakhi tells him that they trust him and it’s just that Kareena misunderstood him. He leaves from there. Dadi scolds Kareena.

Karan follows Prithvi. Prithvi meets Nagre. He tells him that he stole Preeta’s property papers. Nagre asks Prithvi to handover the property papers to him. Prithvi tells him that tomorrow he will visit his office with property papers. Nagre leaves from there. Karan overhears their conversation. He calls Police inspector and tells him that it’s Prithvi who stole the property papers. Police inspector tells him that he will reach Luthra mansion with his special team.

Kritika and Kareena taunts Preeta indirectly. Srishti tells Preeta that everyone is afraid of her that’s why no one has the guts to say all this to her directly. Sherlyn and Natasha also taunts Preeta. Srishti tells Preeta that she can’t stay silent anymore. She mocks Kritika, Sherlyn and Natasha. She tells them that Preeta is the owner of Luthra properties still she didn’t disrespect anyone. She says that everyone should be happy that Preeta saved them from Prithvi. Preeta asks her to stay silent. Srishti tells them that they are living happily in this house after Preeta’s arrival and if they can’t keep her happy then also fine. But they should not insult her.

Preeta tells her that she is not doing anything for them. Srishti tells her that they should respect her. She says that they deserves punishment. She tells Natasha to handle kitchen work. Dadi tells her that the latter trying to prove that they are ungrateful. Karan questions Prithvi about Preeta’s property papers. Police inspector comes there with his special team. Prithvi asks them that what’s happening here. Sameer tells him that Karan called the Police. Police inspector goes to Prithvi’s room to search it.

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