Kundali Bhagya 23rd December 2021 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 23rd December 2021 Written Update Preeta’s entry Pandit tells Prithvi and Luthras that a Devi will be coming to stay in their house. Preeta comes home at the same time. She opens the gate. Pandit tells the family that the wind has changed its direction, the nature will also mend, and the house will get its good luck back, the house Laxmi will be returning to them soon. Rakhi gets puzzled and thinks of Preeta. Pandit’s prediction makes Prithvi and Sherlyn too worries, and the Luthras hopeful. Preeta steps inside the house to pose a big challenge for evil Prithvi. Preeta’s dramatic entry will be happening, and new battle between Preeta and Prithvi begins.

Earlier in the show, Preeta cries for Rakhi and Mahesh. She prays at the temple. She wants to know how will she save the family from the big problem. She doesn’t know why he fate brought her back. She still feels for the family. She tells that her heart has melted seeing the family back. She tells Mata rani that she is so just seeing the family in pain. She doesn’t understand why she is losing her sleep, she dreams of the people who hate her, who once loved her, but Mahesh and Rakhi still love her, if not Karan. She doesn’t think she can do anything against Prithvi, when the entire Luthra family isn’t able to do anything against him.

She wants to go back and save them, but she can’t go against Sarla, who is worried for her. She doesn’t understand why that family is calling her back. She doesn’t know if she should become a good daughter for Sarla, or a good Bahu for Mahesh and Rakhi. She asks Mata rani to guide her and bring her out of this dilemma. She prays for some help. She gets the sindoor on her forehead. She realizes that Matarani has guided her to return to Karan. She tells that she understood which way to go now. She thanks Mata rani for guiding her. She decides to go back to the Luthra family.

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