Kundali Bhagya 22nd March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Rakhi screams for help. Everyone runs to the kitchen. Kritika asks Rakhi to don’t go near fire. Prithvi asks that how it happened. He tells Rakhi to not worry because they will save her. Sherlyn murmurs to him that from when he started caring about Rakhi. Karan and Preeta rescues Rakhi. They takes Rakhi to the hall. Kritika goes to bring the first aid box. Kareena and Dadi returns from shopping. Dadi asks them that now what Preeta did. Sherlyn informs her about fire accident and also how Preeta saved Rakhi. Kareena asks Rakhi that if she is fine. Preeta tells Rakhi that the latter is safe now.

Dadi asks Rakhi that why the latter crying. Rakhi tells her that she thought she is going to die and she can’t die when her family is in this condition. She says that she is glad Preeta and Karan saved her. She thanks them and hugs them. Prithvi comes there and says that he got rid of fire. Karan tells Sameer to call the Doctor. Preeta says that she will put ointment on bruises then Rakhi will be fine. Prithvi thinks that Preeta must be wondering that why he didn’t steal the property papers. Preeta goes to the kitchen and consoles the crying Girish. He hopes that it didn’t happen because of his carelessness. She tells him that everyone is fine so he need not to worry.

Srishti calls Sameer and tells him that Preeta is not picking the call. He informs her about fire accident and also about Rakhi. He gives the mobile to Preeta. Srishti tells Preeta that the property papers got stolen. Preeta confirms that the property papers are missing in her room. They smiles. Srishti tells Preeta that it’s time to start their act. Preeta tells her that Prithvi finally stole the property papers. She asks Sameer to go downstairs so she can execute their plan.

She thinks that she won’t attack Prithvi directly. She calls Police inspector and complaints that someone stole her property papers. Everyone hears that. Dadi and Kareena doubts each other. Sherlyn thinks that Prithvi stole the property papers. Prithvi thinks that Karan stole the property papers. Preeta tells them that she brought the property papers to house thinking it will be safe place but here too it got stolen. Karan asks her to check the cupboard again. Sherlyn tells Preeta that they are not theif to steal her property papers. Preeta tells her that police will find out the culprit.

Janki asks Srishti that where the latter went. She scolds her for not picking the call and also leaving the house without informing her. She says to Srishti that she is her responsibility now but she is not telling her anything.

Meanwhile, police arrives at Luthra mansion. Preeta tells Police inspector that she brought her property papers to house but now those papers are missing. She says that someone from this house only would have stole it. Sherlyn tells them that she saw Karan leaving from Preeta’s room so he must have stole it which shocks everyone.

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