Kundali Bhagya 22nd December 2021 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 22nd December 2021 Written Update The End Sherlyn compliments Prithvi that he is looking more dashing and turned really smart since he got over his craze for Preeta. She tells that she used to hate the fact that he likes Preeta. She is really happy to see his serious and focussed side. He asks her to begin Karan and Natasha’s marriage arrangements. He asserts that once Karan gets married to Natasha, Preeta’s chapter will get closed forever, Preeta will be out of this house forever, it will be the end for Preeta.

Prithvi is confident that Karan will marry Natasha for the family’s sake. Sherlyn tries to convince Rakhi to get Karan remarried, because there is no hope of Preeta’s return. Will Karan agree to marry Natasha and fall into Prithvi’s trap? Will Preeta plan her re-entry in time in the Luthra mansion and save Mahesh, Rakhi and Luthras from the evil reigning duo Sherlyn and Prithvi? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Sarla tells that Preeta had gone away for two years, but after her return, she started thinking of Luthras in one day. She feels Luthras never deserved Preeta, Karan held Preeta responsible for Pihu’s loss and broke his relation with her. She never thought that she will need to tell Preeta. Preeta apologizes to Sarla.

Sarla advises her to not feel sorry for herself. She wants to tell her something about her elder sister Pragya. She doesn’t want Preeta to do the same mistake and undergo the same pain. Rakhi and Kritika meet Sherlyn in the kitchen. Rakhi apologizes to her. Kritika finds Rakhi hurt. She stops Rakhi from doing the work. She tells that she will assist Sherlyn in the work. Sherlyn asks Kritika to take Rakhi to the clinic. Rakhi refuses. Sherlyn insists them to go. Kritika takes Rakhi with her. Prithvi gets angry on Sherlyn’s move. Stay tuned.

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