Kundali Bhagya 20th December 2021 Written Update Natasha entry

Kundali Bhagya 20th December 2021 Written Update Natasha entry Sherlyn fakes a good bahu avatar in front of Rakhi. She tells Rakhi that Preeta has done wrong with them by snatching Pihu, which led to Mahesh’s mental instability. She tells that Preeta will never come back to them, knowing she is wrong and not able to face them. She asks Rakhi not to wait for Preeta, who is a bad time for them. She asks Rakhi to be thankful that their bad time has passed. She tells that Prithvi is handling the business since Karan was in depression, its also because of Preeta. She accuses Preeta for their miseries. She asks Rakhi to get Karan remarried. She takes the responsibility of finding a girl for Karan.

Preeta overhears their conversation and is enraged. Sherlyn has brought Prithvi back in the Luthra family, after fulfilling revenge on Preeta. Sherlyn and Prithvi fake a fight in front of the Luthras to convince them that they aren’t together, but they are still together in their evil plans. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Mahesh might die by his torture, and then he will lose the entire property to Luthras again. Prithvi tells that he will keep Mahesh alive as long as he wants, and he has a back up plan as well to get the Luthra property.

He tells her that she will get 50% percent of the property which is on Rishabh’s name, since she is Mrs. Rishabh Luthra. She asks about Karan’s share, if Preeta will come back and claim it. He asks her to get Karan remarried to the girl they plant for the property purpose. He tells his plan that she will plant her fake sister Natasha in Karan’s life. He tells that Natasha will get the 50% property after marrying Karan. He asks her to tell Natasha to meet Karan and try to get close to his heart, just to convince him for marriage.

He tells that once Karan marries Natasha, then Sherlyn and he/Prithvi will get all the 100% of the Luthra family property. Preeta will get back to the family to claim her rights as Karan’s wife, and pose a huge problem to Sherlyn and Prithvi. Who is Natasha? Will Karan agree to marry Natasha or will Preeta hinder her in time? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Prithvi tells that if Mahesh dies, then Karan and Rishabh will get the property back, that’s why he will keep Mahesh alive and keep the authority in his hands. He knows that Karan loves Mahesh and wants him alive. He also wants Mahesh to stay alive. He asks the family to explain Karan his limits. Preeta cries watching the Luthras in much pain. Prithvi stops Kritika and reminds her that he is her husband. He doesn’t forgive her for the big cheat that she supported Preeta against him.

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