Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2022 Written Update

Prithvi Pickling The Files From The Bed, Starts Looking At Them Thinking This Was His Dream Project But Preeta Ruined It All For Him, All His Planning Since The Last Two Years Has Gone In Vain, He In Anger Exclaims His Name Is Prithvi Malhotra And Doesnot Loose, He Taking Out A Match Stick Lights All The Papers On Fire, Exclaiming He Has Burned All The Defeats, And In Lordhi He Is Going To Burn All Of His Victories And Even If He Needs Then Will Even Burn Her To Ashes, Prithvi Calls Someone Informing They Need To Conduct A Blast.

Karan In The Room Apologizes To Preeta, She Questions What Did He Say But He At Once Asks What He Said, Preeta Mentions They Both Heard He Apologized But What Was The Reason, Karan Asks If He Apologized But He Did Not Mean It, Preeta Questions Why Does He Have To Tell A Lie And Should Accept That He Apologized, She Is Just Asking The Reason, Karan Asks Why Is She So Desperate For A Single Sorry, Preeta Mentions That Sometimes A Single Sorry Has More Meaning Then Everything Else, Karna Questions Why Should He Apologize, Preeta Says That She Remembers How He Threw Her Out Of The House, Karan Says He Doesnot Remember Anything Like This Because He Neither Threw Her Out And Not Told Her To Leave, She Says Sometimes Not Saying Anything Has A Lot Of Meaning, Karan Refuses To Accept He Did Anything Like This, Karan Holds Her Hand When She Pulls It Back Informing It Is Hurting, He Seeing The Wound Questions How Did It Happen, She Doesnot Reply At First But Then Clarifies It Happened Because Of The Handcuffs, He Suddenly Starts Searching For The Medicine But Is Not Able To Find It, She Questions What Is He Searching For, He In Anger Replies He Is Looking For His Bat, She Informs It Is Behind Him, He Replies She Doesnot Understand Sarcasm, She Replies He Doesnot Even Understand Common Language As The First Aid Box Is On Top Of The Wardrobe. Karan Bring The First Aid Box, Starts Applying The Ointment, They Both Look At Eahcother Recalling The Past Moments When She Applied The Ointment On His Hand, Preeta Questions Why Is He Caring For Her And Being So Nice, He Says She Can Ask Her Heart And Would Get The Answer, Preeta Replies She Is Trying To Questions It But Is Not Able To Get The Answer, Karan Advises Her To Not Cover The Wound For Some Time, He Turns To Leave Then Coming Back Exclaims That He Will Never Forget What She Has Done For His Family, She Has Given His Family The Family, She Has Once Again Given Mahesh Luthra His Daughter, Karan Leaves When Preeta With Tears In Her Eyes Thinks She Desires To Tell Him That The Real Reason She Came Back To This House Is For The Sake Of This Family, To Save Mahesh Papa, Rishab Jee And Especially For Him.

Sameer In The Room Requests Karina To Go And Sleep Ion His Room While He Will Go To The Guest Room, She However Says She Is Fine Since She Got Bored With Her Own Room So It Is Nice To Have A Change, Bani Dadi Informs When Prithvi First Came Into This House He Used To Go And Sleep In The Guest Room But Now Is Living In Her Room, Karina Defending Him Informs There Is Nothing To Be So Worried About Since He Has Done A Lot For Them And Is Even Getting The Treatment Of Mahesh, Dadi Questions What Is She Taking His Side, She Questions If Karina Did Not See How He Infront Of The Media Declared Mahesh As Mental, Karina Accepts That Prithvi Should Not Have Done This But They All Must See It From The Consideration Of Prithvi As He Held This Party For His Own Business And Suddenly Mahesh Luthra Came Running To The Party So He Got Nervous.

Prithvi Thinks That Now These Luthra’s Have Gotten So Much Nerve That They Are Going To Say Against Him But He Is Now Going To Teach Them, Karina Mentions Prithvi Yelled Snake So He Can Cover It Up, Rakhi Questions What Is She Saying As They Cannot Understand It, Karina Replies All This Happened Because Of Prithvi Since He Yelled It When Preeta Got The Chance To Take The Credit For Herself So She Did It And If She Ever Gets To Choose Amongst Preeta And Prithvi, She Is Always Going To Choose Prithvi.

Prithvi Standing Thinks She Is Defending Him But He Would Not Be Able To Do It Himself, He Thinks Now He Has To Take Them All Into Confidence And Going Into The Room Asks How Is The Health Of Mahesh Uncle, He Tries To Inform He Had Invited Such Big Investors In The Party And Got Nervous When Mahesh Uncle Came Running, He Felt It Was His Mistake So Even Tried To Cover It Up By Himself Yelling Snake, Which They All Might Have Heard, He Requests Them To Not Take His Actions In The Wrong Sense, He Apologizes To Them All. Sameer Questions What Has Happened To Him Since He Never Apologized In The Past Two Years So What Has Gotten Into Him Now, Prithvi Replies He Is Always Like This, They All Know How Much He Loves Mahesh Uncle Which Is Why He Named Everything For Him But After That Gave It All To Preeta, He Doesnot Have Any Grudge Against Mahesh Since This Is The Talent Of Preeta, She Can Convince Anyone With Her Words, Sameer Also Warns Him, Rakhi Says She Cannot Hear Anything Against Preeta, Karina Also Responds Saying She Cannot Hear Anything Against Prithvi, He Requests Them To Not Start Fighting Because Of Him, And Leaves Thinking He Will Do What He Was Not Able To Do Before As By Creating Differences Between Them All, He Is Going To Rule.

Preeta Suddenly Wakes Up In The Middle Of The Night Because Of The Alarm, She Realizes She Has To Wake Up Karan For His Practice, She Is Shocked To See That He Is Sleeping In The Sofa And So Decides To Wake Him Up But She Is Not Even Able To Move After Seeing Him, She Starts To Look Him And Is Not Even Able To Move.

Preeta Realizing She Needs To Maintain The Act So Starts Scolding Him Saying He Must Wake Up However Karan Refuses Mentioning He Needs To Sleep, She Informs The Time Doesnot Belong To Him But He Must Go To The Practice And Also Acclaim The Time As His Own, She Pulls Him But They Both Get Out Of Balance And Hug Each Other, Preeta Is Not Able To Believe What Has Just Happened, She Forces Him To Leave Since It Is Time For His Practice, He Agrees But Then Exclaims She Woke Up Early For Him However Preeta Informs She Was Not Even Able To Sleep In The Night Because Of His Groans, He However Explains That He Doesnot Groan So She Is Forced To Send Him Away Informing That He Needs To Practice, She Starts Laughing, Preeta Is Worried Seeing The File Thinking She Needs To Work A Lot As She Is Not Able To Understand The Work Load But If She Prepares Only Then Would She Be Able To Say Anything Tomorrow, Ganesh Brings The Tea For Him When She Informs She Is Going To Have It With Everyone At The Breakfast Table, He Informs No One Has Woken Up, She Is Shocked Informing It Is Nine, Preeta Orders Him To Kill Of All The Fuse Connected To The Room Except For The Room Of Mahesh Papa, So Everyone Wakes Up When The Air Conditioner And Fans Donot Work, He Suggests If He Should Also Turn Off The Water Supply, She Agrees Mentioning She Is Herself Going To Prepare The Tea And Breakfast, Preeta Going Into The Kitchen Starts Preparing The Entire Breakfast, Ganesh Comes Running Informing That Everyone Has Reached The Living Room But Are Really Angry, He Questions What Should He Do Now, Preeta Starts Thinking

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