Kundali Bhagya 16th March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Karan tells Preeta that it’s hard to understand her. She murmurs that he is irritating. He hears that and says to her that his behaviour depends on the person who is standing in front of him. He warns her to not stop Mahesh from eating sweets. He says that people becomes fat after eating lot of laddus. She asks him that if he is saying that she is fat. He nods at her. She tells him that she became slim. He tells her that he noticed while dancing with her and he could not hold her waist. She makes him hold her waist and says to him that he is such a liar. She realises that what she did. He pulls her towards him and holds her tightly ( Sajdaa song plays in the background ).

On the other hand, Natasha asks Mahesh’s opinion about her pairing with Karan. Mahesh yells at her and she runs from there. Meanwhile, Sherlyn notices Prithvi’s smile and says to him that seems like he found a way to win against Preeta. He shook his head. He tells her that Preeta will get heart attack if she saw them together again then. He tries to hug her but she back off. She tells him to find a way to snatch the power from Preeta. He says that he knows that what he has to do. She tells him that he knows nothing but she knows that what she has to do and goes inside. He notices Preeta coming downstairs.

He tells Kareena and Rakhi that yesterday everything happened because of Preeta. He says that no one should visit Mahesh according to Doctor’s order. He asks Rakhi to not go to the basement because she gets emotional seeing Mahesh. He says that everyone suffered because of Preeta. He tells them that Kareena, Kritika and Sherlyn can go to the basement to give medicines to Mahesh. Rakhi cries and goes inside. He smriks looking at Preeta and goes to Sherlyn.

Sherlyn tells Prithvi that she found a solution to throw Preeta out of the house. He asks her that what’s the solution. She informs him that she talked to her Lawyer. She says that they has to forgery the property papers which Preeta have. He tells her that her idea is nonsense and her lawyer is stupid. He says that Preeta kept those papers in bank locker so they can’t do anything. Preeta overhears their conversation. She decides to shift papers location from bank to house. She plans to catch Prithvi red-handed when he tries to steal the papers. Girish tells her that breakfast is ready. She asks him to call everyone to have breakfast.

Rakhi says that she is not hungry and goes to take rest after taking permission from Preeta. Prithvi and Sherlyn comes there. Preeta gets a call from Manogar. She talks about locker and property papers. She tells him that those papers are important for her so she can’t shift those papers. She asks him to contact her lawyer and her lawyer will handover the papers to her. Everyone hears that. She thinks that Prithvi will plan to steal the papers.

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