Kundali Bhagya 14th December 2021 Written Update Track closure

Kundali Bhagya 14th December 2021 Written Update Track closure Preeta is ousted from the house. She sits weeping outside the door and makes herself audible to the family. She pleads to the Luthras to believe her. She is affected that even Karan, Rakhi and Mahesh don’t trust her now. She never imagined that Rakhi will take the initiative to throw her out of the house. Preeta requests Karan to listen to her once, she isn’t responsible for Pihu’s death, Sonakshi is the culprit, who made so many people testify against her. Karan hears Preeta and cries. Preeta asks Karan not to separate her from himself. Karan cries for Pihu. He turns stone-hearted for Preeta.

Later, Sonakshi tries to win Karan when she finds him sunken in sorrow. She thinks its the best time to woo him and make him of her. Karan loses his cool on Sonakshi on realizing her motives of winning him over in his weak moment of pain. He drags Sonakshi outside to make her leave the house. Sonakshi tells him that its not her mistake, only Preeta was at fault and now she has left from their lives. Karan asks her to stop her nonsense and leave. Sonakshi asks him if he is rejecting her for that Preeta, who snatched the happiness of the entire family, Preeta has snatched Pihu, Preeta has got Pihu kidnapped and killed.

She angers him further by telling Preeta’s crimes. The family tries to stop Karan from throwing Sonakshi out of the house. Karan ousts Sonakshi from his house. He yells at her in anger. He refuses to accept her so called love. Sonakshi curses him that since he pushed her away, he will get such a bad jerk from his life one day and then he will think of his big mistake of ousting her. Karan cares a damn about her curse and asks her to never show her face again. Sherlyn didn’t think Sonakshi will fail so badly on approaching Karan.

Sherlyn plays safe and don’t intervene, seeing Karan’s rage. Kareena and Rakhi get upset with Karan’s move, and get worried for him, after Sonakshi’s curse. Sonakshi’s chapter gets a closure finally. It marks the entry of Prithvi again. Prithvi and Sherlyn team up to form the evil duo and destroy the Luthras, when Mahesh and Karan are sunk in depression and Rishabh being away in London. Keep reading.

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