Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Karan and Preeta both perform the pooja, Prithvi stops them both saying they will not perform the pooja together and only Karan will perform the pooja now, while Preeta will do it afterward, Karan wonders who he is to commanding him so when Prithvi says he is not but the Pandit jee who told him that the pooja would now be terminated by the owner, as Preeta is the owner of this house, so will perform it, Karan replies, but if Preeta owns then he is her husband, even Dadi says that pooja is performed in pairs, Prithvi thinks they should do what they want as he just wanted to show that he cares about them but he is really happy because now they both would die with the same attack, Karan thinks he won’t leave her side since he has a terrible feeling that something is wrong with the coconut. Preeta says they will do as the Pandit wishes you, but when Karan asks him, he exclaims that they can both do it as a couple, and he prays that they will stay that way forever.

Karan whispers to Preeta to take the seven circles, Karan as he follows her thinks he still remembers the vows he took during their marriage, he will definitely stay with her and support her in any problem, Preeta also thinks she will always stay with Karan, both Preeta and Karan end the pooja when Preeta sits down to crush the coconut. Sherlin starts to smile, Prithvi pulls back both Sherlin and Kritika what Karan notices and he even sees them laughing, he stops Preeta before she can touch the coconut, everyone startles and even Preeta looks at Karan angrily, she asks why he lets don’t break her the coconut, Karan replies because he will break this coconut, Preeta says he has his own coconut when Karan assures he is going to break all the coconut, Preeta insists on breaking her own coconut when she insists he wronged the coconut already has put on pooja but Karan runs off with both coconuts when everyone is wondering what they are doing, Dadi exclaims that these kids don’t know the meaning of a pooja otherwise they wouldn’t have run away like this, Rakhi mentions they don’t even having changed a little bit but being the same, Janki also exclaims that no one dared to leave the pooja in their days, but now Preeta and Karan have run away.

The doctor exclaims that it is time for him to leave but he wants to meet Mahesh first, he even asks Nagre to go with him as they were both supposed to leave together. but he has to wait and come in because she caused Mahesh to be thrown in the basement again because of what he did, she is sure that he would be a new amusement for them.

Karan runs when Preeta stops him and asks why he is acting like this as this is the coconut she has to perform the pooja with but he runs away with it but Karan wonders why she is following him because it is not well, they both start to argue when she says that he has already wronged the puja but shouldn’t, but Karan leaves without listening to her.

Mona runs downstairs in the house, she texts Sherlin to come in quickly if she wants to see Mahesh’s act, but when she sees him coming after her, she requests Sherlin to come in or else he would kill her, Mahesh manages to hold her by the neck and exclaims that he is not crazy and will kill her, she calls for help, so Sameer comes running and manages to pull Mahesh back, but the doctor wonders why they let Mahesh live in the house like that when he let Mahesh out of the insane asylum he advised them to let Mahesh stay in the basement but they didn’t listen prithvi took Mahesh right away but then wondered why they didn’t go to him listened when he told them to keep Mahesh away from the family. Mahesh would take away from them all.

Karan throws the coconuts into the hill while running but he is about to fall but Preeta manages to catch him, she pulls him back and hugs him on her face with tension, Karan feels really good since she put him in front of the hugged first, they both don’t let go for a while then she finally takes a step back, he still looks at her crying, he holds her face but she steps back and wipes her tears, she turns turns around but he stops her to hold her hand but she releases it from his grasp, Karan is also crying in the corner.

Prithvi and Sameer force Mahesh into the basement when Rakhi asks Prithvi not to use so much force as he could get hurt but when he uses the force Mahesh pushes him and then is forced on the bed. the shock treatment where he asked the doctors to use as many shock treatments as possible after which Prithvi also ordered them to use more electric shocks, he hits Nagre with his feet but Sameer again manages to stop Mahesh, prompts the arrival of the doctor Mona to bring the sedative injection, he asks Mona to put the shackles on Mahesh because he doesn’t know what he could do when Rakhi asks if it’s necessary but the doctor says it’s some time because they will assess Mahesh’s condition to find out the truth.

Entering the house, Preeta thinks about what has happened to her since Karan found out she still has feelings for him. what about the hug, she exclaims that it had no meaning, but he pulls her again, but she pushes him on the order that he must keep one meter away because she is in charge.

Entering the house, Preeta is shocked and wonders what happened. Dadi informs Karan that Mahesh saved another attack, he interrogates them when Prithvi closes the cellar door thinking she saved herself again because sometimes she is saved by Bhagwan or Karan and herself but he needs her to to leave his Kundali, otherwise it would be useless, but he thinks he must do his best for the time being, because it is the only way.

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