KumKum Bhagya Kumkum Bhagya 27th December 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th December 2021 Written Update Ranbir’s test Dida tells Pallavi that Prachi will create a scene in the party, because Prachi is Ranbir’s real wife. Pallavi asks Dida to let Prachi do anything out of desperation. She doesn’t care for Prachi. Dida tells that they shall not make this party of Rhea and Ranbir’s reception, else Prachi will not like it. Pallavi tells that she is waiting for Prachi’s drama. She tells that Prachi has come to trouble her, and now they will trouble her. Ranbir is in a dilemma over Prachi’s feelings for him. He wants to hear from her that she still loves him, because he still loves her. He wishes that she takes one step towards him, then he will whole heartedly accept her.Pallavi goes to announce the blindfold game to know true love, where the husbands will participate, get blindfolded and then identify their wives. She tells that the husband who finds his wife in the crowd will be the winner. She tries to bring Rhea closer to Ranbir. Rhea gets madly happy, while Prachi stands expressionless. Still, Ranbir identifies Prachi as his wife. Rhea plans to provoke Prachi and make her sign the guilt admittance papers. Will Prachi know Ranbir’s innocence in the hotel incident and understand Rhea’s plans? Keep reading.Earlier in the show, Pallavi introduces Ranbir and Rhea as a couple. She tells that its Ranbir and Rhea’s wedding reception. Ranbir makes a phone call excuse and goes away to Prachi. She asks him why did he leave the reception party. He asks did she know it, he didn’t know it. She asks would he cancel the party if he knew it. He tells that he would have not cancelled it.

She tells that it would have been better if it got cancelled. Ranbir thinks Prachi always scolds him. Pallavi asks Prachi why did she come in the party, its not for outsiders. Prachi asks her to stop outsiders. She tells that she is the part of the family. Pallavi tells that she isn’t here to listen to her nonsense. Prachi promises that she won’t spoil the party. She tells that she can’t hide her face, because she isn’t wrong, like Pallavi. She stuns Pallavi. Stay tuned.

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