Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Vikram tells Ranbir that he can proudly say that he is a good husband, but that he is not a good father. Ranbir says it’s not, you’re drunk. Vikram says this drink gives our hearts courage to speak the truth and says it opened all my senses. He asks him to listen carefully. Ranbir says my ears are open too, I want to hear everything. Vikram says you’re the best son in the world, but I’m not the best father. Ranbir says you are the best daddy in this world and have done so much for me. Vikram says that when you needed my support, I couldn’t support you when you took Prachi home. He says you thought of our happiness. Ranbir says we will forget everything and start over. He says young Kohli will drink with you. He drinks with him and asks how you drank this, my senses are gone. Vikram says my beer-drinking son is drinking whiskey with his father today. Ranbir says very mischievously. Vikram says I had a girlfriend at my school, don’t tell your mother. Ranbir gets drunk and says he will go to sleep. He says good night. Vikram says the same. Ranbir says I hear the same thing. Vikram asks him not to say what he is going to say. Ranbir says good night and says: let’s go, or Mama will hit us. Vikram says that’s my room. Ranbir says good night. He goes to his room and finds the room locked. He says I will take care of my chikchiki. He opens the door and steps inside. He sees her sleeping and comes to her bed, says she looks cute and lovely like an angel. He looks at her. Phir Kabhi song plays……

He is about to kiss her on the forehead and thinks it’s wrong, I’ll kiss you when you wake up. He says you didn’t feel anything when I hugged you. He tells you not to hate me, and says you fight me for everything. He says daddy drinks whiskey, hiding from mommy, but i won’t touch wine if you tell me one time. He says I love you the most and asks her to tell her that she loves him once.

He has a headache and thinks he is taking medication. He thinks where did I keep the medicine and thinks to look in the drawer. He sits on the bed and opens the drawer where Prachi had kept the file. She wakes up and asks what do you want? Ranbir falls on her lap and falls asleep immediately. Prachi smiles and lets him sleep on her lap. Jaanisar’s song plays…..she locks the drawer and keeps the keys with her.

Aaliya comes to the kitchen and finds the window open. She says leave it open and look for the water in the fridge. She picks up the bottle and thinks the house is quiet as if a storm is coming. She says Prachi will wake up and find a reason to make my Rhea cry.

She looks at Ranbir and Prachi sleeping in his room and thinks they have had an argument and even then they are in the room together. She calls Pallavi. Pallavi wakes up and sees Aaliya’s call. Vikram wakes up and asks whose call it is? Pallavi says it’s her boyfriend’s call and asks him to sleep. She comes out and asks Aaliya why you called me, I’m not single. Aaliya, of course, says I know, and tells me that even my Rhea isn’t single. Pallavi says that Vikram woke up when he heard the call. Aaliya asks her to come to Prachi’s room and says you will understand when you get there. Pallavi comes there and says that if you don’t sleep, it doesn’t mean you’re waking others. Aaliya signs her with Prachi and Ranbir in the room. Pallavi says this can’t happen, I can’t see this, this is terrible, there is a limit to shamelessness. Aaliya says that Prachi is shameless and ill-mannered and she proves that she is. She says we should separate them. Pallavi says I thought they wouldn’t look at each other after the big fight. Aaliya asks her to bring Rhea and Ranbir closer together, if she cannot separate Ranbir and Prachi. Pallavi says you’re right and says she’ll talk to them in the morning. Aaliya asks what was your plan?

Prachi wakes up in the morning and sees Ranbir sitting on the couch. She asks what are you doing here? Ranbir asks her not to get up from bed and brings her tea. He says I thought I’d have tea with you when Neeti brought it. He asks her to drink tea. Prachi says I don’t want to drink. He asks why? Prachi asks why did you drink wine? Ranbir says I drank it so that my senses were opened and I could see what was hidden from me. Prachi looks at the keys she had hidden. He says you hid these keys and says you locked the drawer. Prachi asks him to leave her room. He shows her the drug strip and asks what it is? Prachi says I don’t want to answer you. Ranbir says that’s why I brought evidence. According to the internet, this drug is used for the growth of the baby and whoever takes it is pregnant. He shows the info on the tablet. Prachi is shocked.

Precap: Aaliya tells Rhea that you are going on a honeymoon. Rhea becomes happy. Prachi says you thought I was characterless and says if you think I’m pregnant you’ll ask if I’m pregnant with Siddharth’s baby. Ranbir gets angry and raises his hand to her, but stops himself. Prachi is shocked.

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