Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2022 upcoming twist and story

Prachi asks Ranbir to get her down. He makes her sit on the couch and asks her not to act like children anymore. Prachi asks if you act like children. Ranbir asks Shahana to bring a first aid kit. Prachi says that Shahana does not know where it is and tells that it is in the room. Ranbir asks Shahana to get it. She asks him not to act like a hero. He says I am Ranbir Kohli and asks her not to act like a baby anymore. Prachi says I didn’t ask you to treat me. Ranbir says ok dear. She asks him not to name her baby. He asks her to stop acting as a baby. Rhea asks why you call her baby, and asks him not to do her treatment. Ranbir asks her to make her sister understand. Prachi says don’t talk to me and if you want, talk to your so-called husband. Ranbir gets angry and goes from there. Prachi says your doings won’t work before my eyes. Shahana asks Prachi why she treats him badly. Prachi says I teach him my worth and says only he will respect me. Rhea goes after him. Dida says he took care of you, what’s wrong if he’s giving you medicine? Prachi thinks she got rid of his habit with great difficulty. Aaliya says Prachi is overreacting. Pallavi says my son helps everyone and says you are not special. Prachi says she doesn’t want anyone’s care, and then they have to pay for it. She says I don’t want anyone’s help. Shahana asks her to sit down. Ranbir enters the room and looks for the first aid kit. Rhea thinks where has he gone and sees him in the room. He thinks what’s the problem, if I want to take care of her. He says I don’t show any rights to her, and finds it annoying to see her like this. Rhea gets there and asks why are you doing this? She says I care about you. Ranbir says I care about her. Rhea asks him not to lose his self-esteem, if he has even a little bit of it left. She says she won’t be quiet if she insults him. Ranbir asks her to go to sleep and asks her to give another solution. Rhea asks him not to come before Prachi, if she doesn’t want to. Ranbir says he feels pain when he sees Prachi in pain. She goes. Rhea thinks I thought she wouldn’t come back after her name was ruined with Siddharth, but she came back. She says she will do something and her mind works faster in sleep. She says Prachi, just wait and see.

Ranbir comes to the hall. Prachi warns him not to touch her. Ranbir asks her to sit quietly until he bandages her foot. Prachi says if you touch me, I’ll call the police. Dida asks what you say? Prachi says it is not my wish, and says I tried to refuse him, warned him and now threatened him, and says if you touch me I will call the police. Pallavi asks Ranbir to leave her and says she will sign up. Aaliya says that Pallavi is right, she does a lot of drama and asks Ranbir to leave her. Shahana asks if you want to call the police on Lohri Day. Dida says yes. Prachi says I don’t want his help, care and concern and says that if he doesn’t give me medicine I will get more pain and not be able to walk, what more will happen. She says if you touch me, I’ll call the police. Ranbir says then call the police. He holds her foot. Prachi calls the police. Pallavi asks if you are crazy, did you actually call the police? Ranbir says she should call the police. The inspector dials the call. Prachi tells that she is Prachi and stays in Kohli Mansion, says there is something wrong with her, which is against her wish. The inspector says we’re coming. Ranbir applies medicine to her foot. Pallavi takes Vikram aside and asks him to do something. She says that Prachi is having trouble taking care of Ranbir. Vikram asks her to calm down and says it’s like typical quarrels between husband and wife and says that at some point they see each other’s flaws. Pallavi says you won’t do anything. Vikram asks what you want me to do. He says that Prachi won’t have him arrested. Pallavi says that your faith in Prachi is wrong and that you are taking the wrong side.

Ranbir asks Prachi why she is staring at him. He holds her hand. She wipes his hand and asks what he was doing? Ranbir says I took you to the room. Prachi says she won’t believe him, even if he walks on burning coals. Dida thinks when their fight will end. Pallavi asks Ranbir to stop it. Ranbir says Prachi creates drama. Prachi says even I can say this and stands up. She falls. He holds her hand. Kamli song plays… Inspector comes with his team and asks who is Prachi. Ranbir says your friends came, do as you please. He asks Shahana to hold Prachi. The inspector asks who is Prachi? Rhea says my husband helped her, and she called you here. Aaliya says she is angry and called the police. Ranbir asks to tell her that he touched her inappropriately and stared at her etc. He says you get a strong case against me and says you have eyewitness. Prachi says sorry. Ranbir tells Inspector that helping a woman is molestation and says he didn’t do it for her, but for his wife. They have an eye lock. Galliyan plays… Ranbir says to my wife Rhea. Rhea becomes happy. Prachi becomes angry and shocked. Ranbir asks Prachi to have him arrested and challenges her. Prachi says don’t provoke me. Ranbir says I should go to jail. He says you can’t have me arrested because I know I’m not mistaken. She says you meant nothing to me, and therefore your thoughts and actions do not touch me. Ranbir calls Rhea as Rhea baby and says have you understood why I and for whom I did this. He says I did this because I’m taking care of my wife Rhea. He says that Prachi has a lot of problems with my wife Rhea, and he says that when her foot was burned, I thought she would blame Rhea, and that’s why it helped her. The inspector says that helping is not the crime and says that their fight seems to be a fight between the lovers. Rhea says he’s my husband. The inspector apologizes and tells Prachi that she can be dealt with severely, and asks her to apologize to Ranbir and end the case. Ranbir says I don’t think you’ll say sorry, so I’ll end this case myself. Song plays….Ali…

Precap: Prachi feels pain in her stomach and calls the doctor. The doctor asks her to come at 11 am. Later, the doctor calls Ranbir and asks him to come at 11am to get the medicine from his mother. Ranbir says okay.

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