Kumkum Bhagya 20th December 2021 Written Update Prachi’s battle

Kumkum Bhagya 20th Dec 2021 Written Update of Prachi’s fight Ranbir talks to Prachi during Rhea’s absence. He informs Prachi that he is sure that she is aware that she loves him deeply. Prachi becomes emotional and admits that she is in love with him. Ranbir offers her a hug. embrace. Prachi responds to his affection. It turns out to be another of Prachi’s dreams of longing for love. Aaliya is home and is able to speak to Kohlis. Her niece defends Rhea to defend Rhea’s rights. She informs Ranbir that he has to remove Prachi out of the house because he is married to Rhea in the present.

Prachi fights with Aaliya to defend her rights. She claims that she is the wife of Ranbir and that she is his wife, she is entitled to his home and the house he lives in. She claims that she is here to assert her rights against Ranbir. She is not willing to leave the house based on any one’s word. Rhea has posed a challenge to Prachi to get her out within two days. Prachi has also blasted Rhea to remove Rhea within three days. Both are determined to be able to surpass each other and get the sole rights to Ranbir. Who will take the fight? Prachi is determined to fight the evil on her own. Can Prachi be successful in her quest to defeat the evil to eliminate her evil twin? Continue going.

The show’s opening scene, Rhea tells Prachi that Ranbir is married to her according to his wishes, Prachi had lost her husband and it’s no good fighting for him. She argues that she’ll eliminate Prachi within two days. Prachi wants to know when she will be able to win if she spends her life doing these things. Ranbir is reunited with his old friend Jay after several years. Jay thank the man for being kind toward his older brother Shiv. Ranbir requests Jay to be their personal supervisor until Shiv returns. He provides updates on his meeting. Jay informs him that he will review the files until they are in the hotel. Prachi attends the appointment in the hospital. She is able to hear his heartbeat. She gets upset because Ranbir isn’t here The baby is isolated as she is. She does not want Ranbir to be in her presence, but instead with their child.

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