Kumkum Bhagya 17th December 2021 Written Update Rhea warned

Kumkum Bhagya 17th Dec 2021 Update on Written Rhea cautioned Prachi and resents Rhea intentionally with a remark that Ranbir has concealed to Rhea that he held her with her tightly within her arms. Rhea stares at Ranbir with a lot of anger. Prachi is able to make Rhea look sad and disappears. Rhea informs Ranbir that Prachi is trying to get between them. Ranbir responds that Prachi is just trying to trouble Rhea and Rhea is causing the latter to succeed by acting so uninformed. He demands Rhea to not bother Prachi.

Rhea visits Prachi and asks Prachi to leave the home. She is expecting Prachi to follow her instructions. This is a mistake by Rhea. Prachi informs her that she’s able to leave the home in the event that Rhea will also leave simultaneously. She says she is aware the level of joy Rhea will experience upon her departure and that’s the only thing she will not allow to happen. She says that she will not go , and she will make sure that Rhea enjoy any kind of moment of joy. Rhea receives a severe warning. What should Prachi take next? Continue going.

The show’s opening scene shows Ranbir and Prachi meet and create an emotional moment. They talk about their past romance and their bitter breakup. Prachi isn’t looking to recall the good times they shared. She wants to recall his deceit. She is reminded of his challenges. Rhea requests Ranbir to visit and taste the sweets. She explains the new tradition of the bahu to make sweets. It can bring sweetness to relationships. Ranbir says that there is another tradition in the home where they all eat together. Prachi thank him for the invitation. Rhea is upset.

Kumkum Bhagya 17th December 2021 Written Update Rhea warned:

Prachi is furious with Rhea when she tells her of Ranbir his romantic encounter. Prachi acknowledges Ranbir and leaves. Rhea confronts Ranbir. Ranbir informs her she that Prachi was falling but he helped her. She tells him to not lower himself to the level of Prachi. He also asks Rhea to not fight with him or else she’ll aid Prachi in this manner. Aaliya calls Rhea. Rhea informs her she has been completely transformed. Aaliya says that she is employed by an organization, she been on a trip abroad and is returning to the city. She inquires about what she mean by the message. Rhea says that Prachi has returned, and there’s plenty of tension in her home. She recounts the story of what Prachi did to steal Ranbir away from her. She fears she’s going to be a victim. Aaliya insists that she not be worried, she’s coming to help. Rhea does not want to be a loser to Prachi.

Pallavi discovers Prachi following her to Ranbir to breakfast. Prachi does not like anyoneelse, and just sits down to eat the food. Rhea promises to serve meals to Ranbir. Pallavi says the audience that she has been waiting on Rhea. Prachi declares that she did not sit around waiting for Rhea. She demands Rhea to bring meals to her, too. Dida is fascinated by Prachi’s methods of disturbing Rhea. Prachi says that she’s within the family only to Ranbir and he knows this well. Rhea gives the sweets to the couple. Pallavi requests Dida to take a bite. Dida informs her that Rhea has displayed her talents in the past. She is not a fan of sweets. She wants Pallavi to take it.

Pallavi is awed by the sweets. Rhea gives the sweets to Prachi but Prachi refuses the sweets. Rhea demands Ranbir to take the sweets with her so that it appears more delicious. Ranbir is not happy with it, just like Dida. Rhea is asking Pallavi why Ranbir being so obnoxious. She also has a taste of the sweets. She is shocked by it. Ranbir claims that it’s sugary. Pallavi says that they must applaud Rhea’s work. Prachi laughs at Rhea’s sweet touch. Pallavi is requesting Ranbir to discipline Prachi. Prachi requests that Pallavi not have arguments between a husband the wife.

She believes it is unfair. She demands Ranbir not to disturb his mood, and also not to have food in the office. She demonstrates her rights to Ranbir. She gives the cubes of sugar and the curd prior to his crucial meeting. Ranbir does not know whether she is seeking her revenge or to enforce her rights against him. He is confused by her actions. Prachi demands that he leave to head to the office. Rhea is furious with him. Ranbir insists on Rhea not to be disturbed. Rhea inquires whether he’s not troubled and if he is enjoying whatever Prachi is doing. Ranbir isn’t able to answer and leaves.

Rhea is stopped by Prachi in the middle of her and tells her to stay clear of the husband Ranbir. Prachi says to Rhea she needs to go shopping. She demands Rhea not to waste time. Rhea demands that she leave the home. They argue in a heated manner. Rhea wants Prachi to die, and why she’s alive, as if she is a reason for living. Prachi uses the baby as a motive to live her life. She informs Rhea that she won’t allow her to remain happy today. She also says that while she loved Rhea much before, but she was blinded and now she knows the truth. She admits that she observed Rhea’s poor sight on Ranbir and was aware of the plans of Rhea but she was unable to pay at all due to her trust. She reveals that they share no relationship at present and that she is going to resolve their differences.

Rhea says she believes that Ranbir has proposed to her according to his wishes, Prachi was already divorced from her husband, so it’s not worth fighting for Prachi. She says she’ll eliminate Prachi in just two days. Prachi is asking when she will be able to win if she spends her time and energy in these activities. Ranbir reconnects with his old pal Jay after an extended period. Jay thank Jay for having been so kind towards his younger brother Shiv. Ranbir wants Jay to be the personal assistant until Shiv returns. He provides updates on his meeting. Jay says he’ll go through the documents until they are in the hotel. Prachi attends the appointment in the hospital. She is able to hear her baby’s heartbeat. She gets upset because Ranbir isn’t here and the baby is in her own world, just as she is. She isn’t happy for Ranbir to be together, but she wants him to be their child.

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