Kumkum Bhagya 16th December 2021 Written Update Romance

Kumkum Bhagya 16th December 2021 Written Update Romance Prachi collides with Ranbir and lands in his arms. He holds her tightly to save her from falling. Prachi too doesn’t want to fall down, because of her pregnancy and takes his help. They both have a romantic moment. Prachi finds Rhea cooking the food and impressing the family. Its Rhea’s first rasoi. She makes the sweets to fulfill the rituals. She goes to call Ranbir. She finds him with Prachi.

Prachi angers Rhea by revealing how close Ranbir and she were. She tells that there is a world outside the kitchen as well, Rhea could see it, if she comes out of her zone. Rhea asks Ranbir what is Prachi saying. Prachi tells her that Ranbir doesn’t want to tell her anything, else it will be like adding the salt in her sweetdish. She further adds that Ranbir just held her tightly in his arms. Rhea is shocked to know this. Prachi ruins Rhea’s happy mood. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Prachi warns Rhea that she will show her right place again. She asks Rhea to pack her bags and leave in the morning. Rhea tells that Prachi is day dreaming. Prachi insults her. She tells Rhea that she will throw out Rhea in just 3 days from now. She adds that Rhea can’t do anything against her. Rhea finds her really strong, a completely changed person. She decides to change her game plan. She wakes up in the morning. She wants the family to support her, and show their hatred towards Prachi. Ranbir wakes up Prachi. He tells that its his room, he needs his things. She tells that she has taken back her room which was snatched from her. Stay tuned.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th December 2021 Written Update Romance:

Ranbir tells Prachi that he is getting late, he has to get ready. Prachi asks him not to use her washroom. Ranbir tells that the cupboard, bed and washroom, everything belongs to him. He tells her that she can’t stop him from using the washroom. She tells that her orders will be taken. He tells that he has the major rights on his room. She asks him to prove it. He shows his stuff in the room, and tells that the room is more of him than her. He tells that the decorations were meant for his wedding night. He asks her to let him take a bath in the washroom, because he is comfortable in his room.

Prachi tells that she will go for the bath first. He runs to the washroom. She yells at him. Rhea attempts to impress the family by cooking food for them. She gets Pallavi’s blessings. Pallavi asks Rhea to make sweets first. She tells that she will accept Rhea as her bahu, she loves her a lot. Rhea gets happy. Pallavi hugs her. After she leaves, Rhea asks the helper to make the sweets. Helper asks her to make it, its her first rasoi. Rhea tells that she will not make it, she just wants the family’s love, she can give more money to the helper for the work.

Helper tells her that Bahu should make the sweets to bring sweetness in the relations. Rhea tells hat she doesn’t believe in such traditions. She recalls Prachi’s words and decides to make the sweets. Dida meets Prachi and hugs her happily. She likes to see a strong Prachi. Prachi apologizes that she couldn’t meet her. She is thankful that Dida supported her. Dida tells that she wanted to throw out Rhea from the house, but she failed. She tells that Pallavi isn’t letting her do her wishful. Prachi asks Dida just to bless her. She tells that Ranbir was going to marry Rhea, and married as well. She is upset.

Dida tells that Rhea threatened of suicide, Ranbir got helpless to marry her. Prachi tells that its just an excuse, Ranbir married Rhea by his wish, he knows that Rhea is a liar. She doesn’t want to forgive him. Dida tells that Ranbir was unwilling to marry, he was helpless. She asks Prachi why did she come back in Ranbir’s life if she doesn’t want to forgive him. Ranbir gets ready for his office. He asks Dida not to stay in an illusion, Prachi has changed. Prachi and Ranbir argue a lot. Prachi tells that he got Rhea in his life, he has done wrong. He tells that he doesn’t want to hurt her. She tells that his actions are very hurtful. Dida finds love between them. She gets a hope of their union.

Ranbir tells that he can’t tolerate Prachi. He asks Dida to come with him. Dida meets Pallavi and tells that she is happy that her bahu is back. Rhea takes Dida’s blessings. Rhea asks her to give the good blessing that she prospers in her marital life. Dida tells that she blessed her as she wanted. Rhea gets angry on her. She asks Pallavi to have sweets. Pallavi asks her to serve it to everyone. She sends Rhea to call Ranbir. Pallavi asks Dida not to show unhappiness. Dida asks Pallavi not to drag her in this matter. She tells that Prachi is the bahu in her eyes. She wants to bless just Prachi. Pallavi asks Dida if Prachi has brainwashed her.

Dida tells that Prachi didn’t teach her anything, she is doing her wishful. Pallavi is surprised. Ranbir feels something happens to him when Prachi is in front of him. He doesn’t feel angry on Prachi, but himself that he is still thinking of her when he knows that Prachi has come in his life to take revenge. He wishes that she stays back for another reason, that’s their togetherness.

Ranbir and Prachi collide and land into a romantic moment. They recalls their romantic times and also their bitter separation. Prachi doesn’t want to recollect their good moments. She just wants to remember his betrayal. She remembers his challenge. Rhea asks Ranbir to come and have the sweetdish. She tells about the new bahu’s ritual of making sweets, it brings sweetness in relations. Ranbir tells that there is another ritual in the house, they all dine together. Prachi thanks him for the invite. Rhea gets upset.

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  1. pranchi please you don’t make upest for ranbir now please pranchi try to understand that what i am saying for you pranchi you can love for ranbir you can do it.
    rhea if you talk like this to pranchi otherwise she will gets upest because of you rhea please you don’t do that understand that rhea please go down do some work in the kitchen work and don’t waste the time.
    now itself.
    pallavi we should not talk like that to pranchi understand that what i am saying for you pallavi please try to understand that.
    ranbir this pranchi she is pregnant ranbir please try to understand that ranbir you please take care for pranchi you can do it.
    ranbir please go to pranchi gust room sleep there you are safe for you.


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