Kumkum Bhagya 10th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Rhea tells Prachi that Mom has booked honeymoon tickets for Ranbir and me because she doesn’t consider you her bahu. She says Mom and I have a heart relationship, and even Ranbir and I have a heart relationship. Prachi says Mama likes you like she doesn’t like me. She says you don’t have a heart relationship with her, and says Ranbir and you have a anger relationship, says he was mad at me and that’s why he married you. She says: don’t think he’s coming closer to you, but in fact he’s going far away from me. Rhea says you have a good explanation to make your heart understand. Prachi says that if a tree refuses to shelter, people will buy an umbrella and say that you are that umbrella. She says it breaks something with the wind. Rhea says tomorrow is my wedding night with him and you will be thrown out of here. She says until I come back, you can be peaceful here, and then you can go, and say Aunt Sushma is not with you, and only Shahana is there. She says I can help you, and says I can complain to the police, you get shelter and food and ask her to take Shahana. She goes. Prachi becomes restless.

She comes to Dida and Shahana. She hugs Dida. Dida says don’t worry, Ranbir isn’t like that, he doesn’t want a honeymoon with Rhea. She says I won’t let it happen. Dida asks Shahana why you said Prachi won’t stop Ranbir and Rhea’s wedding night. Prachi says I decided not to stop them, but Rhea said something and joked about my love and relationship, and I got mad and challenged her that she can’t have a honeymoon, I won’t allow her. Shahana and Dida become happy. Prachi says we need to do something else and says I’ll do this alone. Shahana says, think with us and say that the plan is all made. Prachi says I’ll only make a plan and says I’m doing this because I need to win this challenge from Rhea, not because I have feelings for Ranbir. Shahana and Dida look at Prachi. Prachi asks for the name of the hotel and goes. Shahana performs Prachi for Dida. Dida laughs and says that she wants Ranbir back and therefore doesn’t want him near Rhea. Shahana says Ranbir is lying too. Dida says both are liars. Prachi comes back and hears them. She says I’ll make my own plan and scold her for making fun of her. Dida asks why you are lying to us. Shahana says you love Ranbir. Prachi says I don’t love him and I’m doing this to win this challenge. Dida asks her to quickly think of something else, otherwise Vikram’s driver will take Ranbir and Rhea.

Ranbir looks at the sky in front of the window and remembers Prachi’s words. He remembers Rhea’s words that she will help him fulfill his third dream. Prachi also stands at the window and thinks of Ranbir’s words. He says I can’t keep Prachi happy, I move far from her so she stays happy. Prachi says I won’t let Rhea take you. Rhea looks at the photo of Ranbir and says that we are not going on honeymoon, but away from Prachi, where we will unite forever.

Prachi slips. Ranbir holds her. They have an eye lock. Prachi asks him to leave her and says I don’t need you. Ranbir says I don’t want to help you. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. Ranbir asks if I will try to take it off. Ali Maula plays…..They free it and each go their own way. Ranbir thinks what’s wrong with me, I have to move on, but my heart stops me. Prachi thinks I won’t forget what he did to me, he’s nothing to me.

The next day, Pallavi asks Neeti to get all the stuff in the car. She does Ranbir and Rhea’s aarti. Aaliya says they will not go to war. Pallavi says I bless them for a safe and happy journey. Rhea asks for Aaliya’s blessings. Aaliya says it’s always with you. Ranbir asks where Dida is? Dida says I came and thinks Aaliya manipulated Pallavi. Vikram asks Dida to act. Dida asks why I can’t do what I wanted. Vikram says that the war is going on between Ranbir and Prachi and when they realize their mistake everything will be fine. Neeti returns after saving the stuff. Pallavi says Driver will drop you both off and says she would have sent them abroad. She tells that the manager is her friend and asks her to call her if there is a problem. Rhea thanks her. Aaliya asks Rhea not to leave Ranbir’s hand. Dida says yes, you could fall. Rhea looks for Prachi and thinks she’s coming to see us off. She says I forgot something and goes. Ranbir thinks she has done other work. Rhea comes to Prachi’s room and calls her, thinking she herself is gone. She says what she said yesterday, and says that Ranbir herself is going on honeymoon with me. She says you couldn’t have slept all night and therefore accepted the defeat and went. She says I’m going to relax and honeymoon, and prepare myself to win. He says Ranbir and my honeymoon is now more special. Ranbir calls Rhea. Rhea goes. Prachi comes to her room and sees her go.

Vikram comes to the room and tells Pallavi to send urgent mail and then calls. Pallavi says that Ranbir and Rhea have not left yet and asks him to invite them. Vikram says Aaliya is with you. Aaliya comes there. Pallavi says they’ll feel bad, we’ll go see. She says I need to talk to you. Vikram certainly says. Pallavi asks Neeti to call everyone downstairs.

Rhea tells Aaliya that she went to Prachi’s room to salt her wounds, as my good shagun. She says Prachi was not in the room. Aaliya says where did she go? Rhea says I’m sure she’s accepted defeat. Everyone sees Prachi standing by the car.

Precap: Prachi tells Rhea that your honeymoon and my challenge starts here, I just spoil your honeymoon and ask her to think for a while that she had a chance to postpone their honeymoon. Rhea gets angry. Pallavi tells Aaliya to take advantage of Rhea and Ranbir’s absence, and Prachi will learn a lesson.

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