Karthika Deepam 27th December 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Soundarya receives call from Bharathi and she informs to Soundarya that Mounitha sold her clinic, seems like she is also leaving like Karthik. Soundarya says she is at my house. Than she asks Shravya shout Mounitha than she says Mounitha went out in the morning. Soundarya thinks If Mounitha find about Karthik’s location.
Karthik tells to Deepa that he is not understanding Rudrarani mindset. Deepa asks him to avoid her as they avoid the spoiler veggies. Karthik tells to Deepa that he wants to help her in selling her sweets. Deepa says I can’t let you do those works. Karthik asks what he want him to do. Deepa tells he have to start hospital for people as Praja vaidhyasala.javascript:false

Mounitha buys house in Basti and she starts Vantalakka praja vaidhyasala. Basti people warns her to leave saying they don’t need her service but she says Deepa and Karthik went somewhere that’s i came here for you guys so let’s search them in unity.

Soundarya feels bad recalling her moments with kids. Aditya consoles her than he asks her where is Mounitha. Soundarya says Mounitha went somewhere and I’m scared she may create problem if she finds out about Karthik’s location. Ratna Sita came to Soundarya’s house and informs them that Mounitha shifted to Basti buying the house and started hospital with Deepa and Karthik name. Mounitha people asks Basti people to see Deepa in her but they denies amd leave from their.

Narsamma came to help Mounitha in hospital and house duties. Mounitha tells her that she sent Priyamani to her home town which is the place Karthik and Deepa are staying. Koteshu says let’s leave outside Srivalli as we have to meet Pandit. Srivalli says people are admiring baby so I don’t want any evil eye fell on them so let’s wait until Deepa akka arrives so we can keep him with her. Karthik assures them he will take care of their baby and sends them to Pandit.

Mounitha returns to home and she tells to Soundarya and Anandrao that she started hospital in Basti and asks them to have sweets but they won’t take it. Mounitha says seems like their heart and stomach are filled with happiness of this news and she enjoys the gulab jamun and says wish Karthik is here with me. Soundarya says you’re doing extras. Mounitha says she is creating history by keeping hospital with Karthik and Deepa name and I’m making them have the blessings of Patients and their is no great lover in this world like me.

Soundarya says Loving married man is first mistake and trying to create differences between them is second mistake and third mistake is cornering us and you’re doing mistake by mistake and you can’t win the hearts of Basti people as they love Deepa and Karthik and one must treat with service mind unlike you and they leaves.

Srivalli tells to Deepa and Karthik about their baby naming ceremony which they arranged tomorrow. Deepa says she will prepare food. Karthik says he will decorate the place. Koteshu thanks them for the help.

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