Karthika Deepam 23rd December 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Mounitha says what’s your superiority as you took Baby from Deepa to unite them so you might be kidnapped my baby to separate us. Soundarya says their is no comparison between us so stop your nonsense and search for your baby and if you behave in this way than I will burn you with hot stick. Mounitha leaves. Soundarya asks Varanasi to inform her if they gets any information.javascript:false

Kids asks Karthik what’s the purpose of planting trees as it takes many years to get fruits from them. Karthik says we have to be selfless like trees and In future you may feel good thinking you planted trees at Srivalli pinni house. Deepa returns to home and she says she too will plant trees and she asks Srivalli if Her baby is sleeping. Srivalli says yes than she notices Deepa’s jewellery is missing than she asks what happened to her jewellery. Karthik looks on. Deepa stands silent. Than Srivalli says she understood and she and Kids goes inside hearing baby cry.

Karthik asks how can she sell her mother memories. Deepa says we can release them as I was just Mortgaged them. Karthik says his inner self is saying he is useless. Deepa says sometimes our hands gets dusted in good works too and it’s not your mistake. She cleans his hands. Karthik says you’re correcting my mistakes. Deepa smiles.

Mounitha recalls Soundarya’s words than she thinks why can’t she js feeling any pain even thought her baby is Missing than she plans to prove what’s Mounitha to them and she misses her baby. Gold shop owner handovers Deepa’s jewellery to Rudrarani. Rudrarani asks him to tell Deepa that he sold the jewellery to Rudrarani if she came to release her jewellery. Owner agrees and leaves.

Deepa thinks she have to think solution for Rudrarani problem. Hima asks Karthik to tell her story but he asks her to sleep. Sourya too asks Deepa to tell something. Deepa says stories eint good everytime. Sourya says baby is crying hearing his voice than she tells to Deepa that baby brother is staying silent with Dad and Kotesh uncle said he sensed the goodness in Dad, so tell us what’s good. Deepa says we have to give everything we had when someone needed it that’s the goodness. Karthik recalls how he donated everything. Deepa asks them to sleep.

Next day Shravya worriedly informs to Soundarya that Deepu is missing. Soundarya too searches with her but they didn’t get him. Shravya sees Mounitha and asks her to tell where she hided Deepu. Soundarya to asks her to tell Deepu location. Mounitha says I’m already in pain of losing my son and Karthik soets leave to police station to complaint. Shravya begs Mounitha to tell about her baby by holding her feet.

Soundarya asks her to don’t do it. Shravya assures Mounitha that she will give what she needed. Mounitha sits in the steps and asks if she get it how mother will feel the pain if she lost hik than she asks Shravya to get her baby from her room. Shravya leaves.
Episode ends.

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