Karthika Deepam 22nd December 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Mounitha thinks where Anandrao went and curses the person who kidnapped her baby than she thinks she will definitely find him, she sees Aditya and Shravya coming than she asks if they need coffee. Aditya tries to tell her to change her ways but Mounitha says she won’t change and ask him to tell her baby location to make her leave from their house. Aditya asks how can he know. Mounitha says than I won’t leave until I find the baby.javascript:false

Srivalli fails to control the baby cry. Than Karthik takes the baby, he stops his crying immediately. Kids says how he stopped the crying. Karthik says we have to know Baby discomfort to sooth him and he tells her ways. Srivalli asks how he knows about it. Sourya about to say he is Doctor but he stops her and tells her that he knows it because of his kids. Karthik gives Baby to Srivalli but he again starts crying. Kids asks him to take the baby again. Baby stops crying in Karthik hands. Kotesh comes to home and takes the baby to make him have drops. Babu again starts to get. Kids asks Karthik why he is doing in this way. Karthik says babies are like that only.

Deepa recalls everything and thinks Karthik will understand even if he knows about Mortgage. Srivalli tells to her husband that she is feeling lucky to have a baby and good family support. They sees Rudrarani car and tries to avoid her than Rudrarani stops him saying I get to know that you adopted baby, so bring me here and show me. Koteshu shows her the baby. Rudrarani says he is good but don’t forget the fear of seeing me as you guys have to live in this village.

Karthik thinks what work he have to do to repay the Rudrarani loan than he sees Doctor is not treating patients properly because of the low fees. He thinks these people don’t have good Doctor.

Soundarya asks Varanasi if he gets to know about Deepa. Varanasi says no. Mounitha comes to them and tells her that she deserves best award as Good mother in law and you’re enquiring for them leaving my son, why can’t you enquiry about my son as he is your grandson. Soundarya says you’re not mother as if you’re good mother you might be searching for him but you look normal and do you know what’s mother love. Mounitha says you may kidnapped my baby like you kidnapped Deepa’s baby. Soundarya asks her to shut up.
Episode ends.

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