Karthika Deepam 21st December 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Karthik searches for Hima Nd Sourya, he tells to Deepa that kids are missing. Deepa asks if he searched in the outside. Karthik agrees than thry goes out and searches for kids and they saw them sitting under tree.javascript:false

Deepa asks what are they doing. Kids stays silent than Karthik asks reason for their silence. Hima and Sourya says lets let’s to Grandmother place and did you know one girl mocked us saying we don’t have anyone. Sourya asks Karthik why to stay here leaving their luxuries. Deepa and Karthik tells to them thry have stay here for sometimes. Hima and Sourya request to send them to school.

Rudrarani slaps beard man than says Srivalli did good work by bringing baby. Beard man says what’s the connection with them? You have to adopt baby. Rudrarani tells him he will understand soon about her plan. Deepa assures to kids that she will manage kids and she asks Karthik to return home as she can’t walk for long. Karthik says he can walk with her. Deepa tells him she didn’t know what to call him as he is not liking if she call him as Doctor babu. That time they hears song. Deepa tells him she will call him as Swamy and makes him leave to home than she thinks she don’t want to him to be with her when she is mortaging her jewellery.

Soundarya asks Sp to trace Karthik location. Anandrao takes the phone and asks him to not publishise this matter with Enquiry so let us know if you find any clues. Soundarya asks why he is denying for enquiry. Anandrao says Karthik stayed away from Mounitha which is good for his mental health and Karthik will return to us when he want so think it like they went to Us trip. Soundarya asks how he get this strength. Anandrao says Deepa is my strength and I know she can protect Karthik and kids.

Deepa cries while removing her jewellery and she tries to mortgage the jewellery but he denies saying he don’t have money recalling Rudrarani warning. Deepa asks if Rudrarani warned him. Gold shop owner agrees. Deepa asks him to call Rudrarani saying she will talk with her. Rudrarani receives call and warns her men to write the accounts properly. Rudrarani asks why she called her. Deepa says you didn’t let me join work and you want my pain and I’m feeling pained to mortgage my Jewellery. Rudrarani asks him owner to give her loan and she plans something against her.

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