Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 9th February 2022 Written Update

the man who says our life can be boring but we are not, Anu is a good singer, he is very shy, I will personally ask to sing and make this evening more beautiful. Anu says no, I can’t sing today. The man says he is very shy, now you all have to let him sing. Everyone asks Anu to sing. Akriti smiles. The lady asks Anu to sing or else he will not be able to calm the crowd. Anu says I won’t refuse the dean. Gungun says he will sing an old song. Chavi says he will sing his favorite song. Anu sings Yeh hounsle….

Gungun makes faces first and then enjoys the song. Everyone laughs and claps for him. Gungun also claps for him. Chandru says he is my son, I taught him to sing. Golu says I taught him to eat. Charu jokes about his brothers. Sunanda stops him. Everyone sits back. Gungun still claps. Everyone looks on in amazement.

Chavi strokes him. Gungun sits. Riddhesh says wow, Gungun got lost in his singing. Garima says that Gungun liked something in Anu. Anu looks at Gungun. Gungun asks if you want to play the song game on return, we go straight home, you go home with us. Chavi says, promise me you won’t mistreat Anu, you don’t like him. Gungun says I hate him. Chavi asks why you clap so much. Gungun says no, I killed mosquitoes, I didn’t like his song.

Riddhesh asks Gungun to come. He says I’m just coming. He says I was glad Anu got the award, success is intoxicated when achieved at a young age, but it becomes a habit when there is family, I am proud of him, he sings so well. He praises Anu. Golu says I wish he would sing at the party too. Riddhesh says sorry, I had my evening appointments scheduled for this position, I can’t come to the party. He sees Garima and goes to her. She says we’ll find Akriti. He says this is not the right place. She asks why you’re holding me back. He says that Akriti and her hatred will meet you too. She says she might want to meet me too. He says she would have tried to meet you then, I’m worried about you, I promise I’ll let you meet her, be patient. She says I can’t hold it now. He says Anu knows Akriti, we will use his help.

Golu says Riddhesh loves Anu so much, I think we should keep some name for them too. Anou is coming. They all joke about Riddhesh praising Anu so much. Anu goes to his friends. Gungun says no one likes Anu, he has come. Chavi says wait, talk to him sometime, he’s sweet. Anna passes by. Gungun says look how he ignored me, I wanted to ignore him too. Akriti stops Anu. Garima and Riddhesh see her. Akriti asks if I can keep your medal in the bus. Anu says yes, thanks. Garima says, please let me meet her. Riddhesh says fine, I’ll meet her first.

He goes to Akriti and asks if you identify me, your uncle. Everyone watches and jokes. Anu goes to Riddhesh and introduces Akriti as his junior. Riddhesh says I know her well. She says, but I don’t know her. Garima says Akriti, my daughter. Gungun says hello, I’m Gungun your cousin, we meet today after primary school, I’m so glad to see you. Akriti becomes rude to Garima. Riddhesh says your mother cries a lot in your memory. She says sorry, this is my personal space, I don’t want to talk to strangers. Anu and his family watch. Akriti asks Garima not to come anymore and goes. Garima and Riddhesh cry. He says that’s why I asked you not to talk here. Anu and Chavi go. Garima says I’m her mother, she saw me with hatred, but at least she looked at me. Yug and Neeti ask what’s going on. Anu says it’s their family issue, it’s their personal issue. Golu says the family has a share in the grief, we’re going to talk to them. Golu and Yug ask Riddhesh why Garima is crying. Riddhesh says Akriti is Garima’s daughter, she lives with her father, she doesn’t talk to Garima. Gungun comforts Garima.

Neeti says it’s strange, one daughter made Garima cry and another daughter comforts her. Gungun cries and gets emotional. She says a mother is like you. She calms Garima. Anne smiles.

front hood:
Gungun asks Anu to help her, Garima has locked herself in the room, she is crying all thanks to his junior, go talk to Akriti.

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