Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 7th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Anubhav asks Gungun is she think that he need to ask permission for her dad to go to a trip with her boyfriend. Gungun says yes. Anubhav touches her forehead and asks is she feeling alright or the temperature is again increased because she is talking stupid. Gungun and Anubhav gets into an argument. Anubhav asks Gungun that Ridesh knows about her trip with her boyfriend. Gungun says if he knows that then he won’t let her even go out of her boyfriend. Anubhav decides to leave the room but Gungun stops and asks him to help her to go on a trip with her friends and boyfriend. Anubhav tells that he won’t and asks her to ask her boyfriend to talk to Ridesh or else her friends.

Gungun tells that if they ask then Ridesh will never let her go to the trip. She further adds that Ridesh likes him that’s the reason he is asking his help. Anubhav tells Gungun why should he has to help her because he is neither her friend nor a part of her cool friends group. Gungun laughs at Anubhav saying he can never be a part of her friends group and asks him whether he ever had a tattoo. He says no. She asks him is he ever crossed the speed limit even while playing video games. Anubhav says no. Gungun mocks at him and calls him Anubhav.

Anubhav tells Gungun in earlier days people used to write a name on their utensils makes Gungun to call that as a tacky one to which Anubhav tells that’s similar to the tattoo. He further adds that not crossing the speed limit as a responsible citizen so it’s not meant that he is boring one. Gungun asks Anubhav to ignore this and asks her to help him go on a trip saying that she planned this trip when they announced the marriage is being called off now it’s going to happen anyway so atealst she wants to enjoy this trip. Anubhav tells Gungun that how could he ask permission to her father for her to go on a trip with her boyfriend being an soon to be husband of hers.

Gungun suggests him to lie but Anubhav refuses saying he cant. He then tells Gungun that she is right that she needs to go on a trip because she was happy the marriage called off so he will tell this to Ridesh and ask her permission then leaves the room. Gungun gets shocked and follows Anubhav saying that even he is happy the marriage get cancelled then why he is turning everything against her to make her look like a bad person.

In the living room Anubhav tells the Kulshreshth’s and Ridesh that Gungun wants to go on a trip. Golu and gang wonders what happened to Anubhav that he decides to go on a trip with Gungun because till yesterday he can’t stand her now he is asking permission of the elders. Goli asks Anubhav that don’t he think that he is being too forward to ask permission to take Gungun on a trip before their marriage. Sunanda asks Sargam after marriage couples goes on a trip but why Anubhav planning this before. Charu asks Anubhav what is he saying. Anubhav tells the family members its not him its Gungun who wants to go on a trip with her friends and boyfriend. Everyone gets shocked.

Anubhav smirks. Gungun glares at him. Yug and Golu accuses Anubhav for telling the elders about Gungun’s boyfriend saying she trusted him so much. Gungun calls him a liar. Anubhav tells that he will never lie that’s what taught him since his childhood. Goli tells the family members that she is sure that they both must have had a fight that’s why Anubhav is telling that Gungun is having a boyfriend but she is sure she don’t have one. Gungun tells that she have q boyfriend shocking everyone.

She then starts asking Sunanda and Sargam don’t they had boyfriend making Ridesh to scold her. Anubhav asks Ridesh that Gungun told him he doesn’t like her boyfriend. Ridesh tells Anubhav that he is taking this in a wrong way and defends Gungun having a boyfriend is under pressure to be a part of a friends group and she and her boyfriend is for name sake only. He also tells that anyone can go on a trip with Gungun she won’t mind. Golu and gang asks anyone means them too to which Ridesh says yes and tells the elders even they can join too.

Gungun tells that they can join in the trip except Anubhav. Charu tells that he is giving permission for Gungun to go on a trip with her friends and boyfriend making her happy. Ridesh puts a condition to Gungun that Anubhav also has to be go on a trip with her. Gungun tells if Anubhav wants then she has no problem in it. She then mocks Anubhav for his plan has backfired him.

Golu and gang takes Gungun to Anubhav’s institute. Golu tells that he knows every part of this institute. Gungun asks them why they are here when they actually planned on a shopping. They tells her that they have to ask Anubhav to join them too. Gungun gets shocked and tells that what he is going to do during shopping also expresses how she dont want him to be anywhere near her. Golu and gang acts andtells that they are scared of Anubhav’s anger and tells everyone is scared of that. Gungun tells she is not scared of him.

Golu and gang tells that they are taking Anubhav to shopping only because he is planning on giving her a gift. Gungun tells she dont want a gift from him because Ridesh scold her because of him only. Golu and gang make Gungun to go and talk to Anubhav and Gungun also agrees. Inside the lab Anubhav explains Akruti’s question. Gungun asks permission before entering the lab seeing her Akruti becomes furious so she asks other to leave too and decides to leave but Anubhav stops her and asks her finish her work. Gungun and Akruti get into an argument. Akruti accuses Anubhav.

Anubhav tells Akruti that he isn’t aware about Gungun’s visit. Golu and gang wonders why Akruti is behaving like this towards Gungun. Gungun cleared the misunderstandings between Anubhav and Akruti. Anubhav insults Gungun infront of Akruti making Akruti happy and she hides her smile. Gungun looks at Anubhav with tear filled eyes.

Precap: Neeti asks Anubhav do he have problem that they are visiting him. Anubhav says no. Akruti and Gungun gets into an argument. Gungun tells here after she will never come to this institute but Golu tells she has every rights to visit Anubhav here because she is his soon to be wife and asks Anubhav to make sure all his juniors are aware about this and looks at Akruti.

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