Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 7th February 2022 Written Update

Anu Saying Gungun And I Aren’t Happy With This Marriage, She Will Break It After A Year. Golu Asks Him Is He Joking. Anu Says No, Gungun Doesn’t Want To Marry, Her Family Didn’t Listen To Her, She Is Helpless, She Can’t Survive Without Riddhesh, So She Kept The Condition, That She Will Break The Marriage If She Comes First In BA, If She Comes First, Then I Will Be The Most Happy Person, She Is So Dumb, She Took My Sign On A4 Size Paper. Golu Says It Means Deal Isn’t Legal. Anu Says We Will Break This Marriage After One Year. Golu And Everyone Say They Can Fall In Love And Change. Anu Says No, She Has A BF, I Have Seen That Idiot, She Asked Me Not To Interfere In Her Personal Life. Neeti Asks Did You Agree. Anu Says Yes, I Don’t Care, Can She Come First In BA Or Not. Neeti Says She Won’t Leave You. Ankit Says I Can’t Stay Away From Khushi. Golu Says Its Called Love. Khushi Comes. They Tease Khushi. Khushi Says Riddhesh Has Come Downstairs. She Asks Anu To Come Downstairs. Golu Says Because Riddhesh Has Come. Anu Says I Will Change And Come. Yug Says You Look Good. They Go. Anu Says It’s A Matter Of One Year. Riddhesh Says I Had To Tell Something, I Had Much Hopes From Gungun, Anu Has Given Me This Happiness, He Has Won The Big Award At A Young Age. Sunanda Says Come In The Award Ceremony. Chandru Says Come With The Family. Sargam Says Its On 10th. Goli Says We Are Sure That Gungun Will Pass With First Class. Riddhesh Says I Don’t Want Her To Fail In Her Life’s Exam. Charu Says Gungun Is Lucky For Us, Anu Is Getting This Award When The Alliance Got Fixed. Riddhesh Says She Is Lucky To Get A Family Like Her, She Has Many Flaws, You Accepted Her, I M Thankful. Sunanda Says We Don’t Differentiate Between Children. Riddhesh Says She Doesn’t Know Joint Family Customs. Charu Says Don’t Worry, Thinking Is Always Limited To Heart And Values Reach The Soul. Golu Asks Riddhesh To Have Sweets.

Anu Comes. Riddhesh Gifts Him A Bouquet And A Special Gift. Anu Checks The Gift. He Sees A Watch. He Says Sorry, I Can’t Take This Gift. Riddhesh Asks Why, Don’t You Like It. Anu Says Not Everything Is For Everyone, It’s A Costly Thing, I Don’t Have Like Or Habit Of Using Costly Things, We Are Simple People. Riddhesh Says I Didn’t See The Price Tag And Just Bought It. Anu Says We See Price Tag Before Buying, Time Has A Value, Not The Watch, Take It Back. Charu Says Riddhesh Will Feel Bad If You Return It. Anu Says I Can’t Wear It, When My Elders Didn’t Wear Such. Riddhesh Says I Can Understand. Yug Says We Will Like It If You Wear A Costly Watch. Anu Says Sorry, I Will Never Wear It, Why Shall I Take It, Don’t Feel Bad. Riddhesh Says Don’t Say Sorry For Saying Truth. He Praises The Family And Anu. He Says You Were Right, Thinking Is Till The Heart And Values Reach The Soul. Anu Says Sorry, Please Don’t Give Such Gifts Next Time. Riddhesh Nods. Charu Says I Spoke To Pandit About Marriage Mahurat, He Gave The Next Month Date. Riddhesh Says As You Like It, We Are Ready, Get The Baraat. Golu Feeds Him The Sweets.

Riddhesh Says I Had To Talk To Anu In Private. They All Say Anu Is Your Son In Law Now. Riddhesh Says I Have To Talk About The Marriage. He Leaves. Charu Asks Did Your Words Made Him Upset. Anu Says Sorry, That Watch Was Costly, Worth 60000rs. They Ask What. He Says It Was Branded. Charu Says Think He Would Have Felt Bad. Chandru Says Yes, Maybe It Was His Way To Express His Happiness. Anu Says I Didn’t Like His Way, Maybe He Spoilt Gungun This Way. He Jokes On Gungun.

Golu Teases Anu. Goli Says Anu Did What We Taught Him, We Should Be Happy That He Didn’t Forget Our Teachings Seeing The Gift. Charu Says Riddhesh Wasn’t Wrong, We Should See The Gift By Feelings, Not The Price. Golu Says We Should Talk About Award Ceremony Also. Golu Arranges A Bus For Taking Relatives To The Award Function. Charu Says Arrangements Should Be Good For Senior Citizens. They All Smile.

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