Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 7th February 2022 Written Update

the ladies cook some snacks. They prepare everything. Everyone is looking for Anu. Yug says that Anu went with his friend Vicky. Anu is taken somewhere. Vicky says this is the imp work. Anu says I think I’m an electrician, you guys always let me fix the fuse. Vicky asks him to give it a try. Anu turns on the power. Everyone shouts surprise and claps for Anu. Vicky says this party is for you. Anu asks if you guys had this party. He meets a girl Akriti. Akriti says it’s me, sir. He asks what it took for that. She says I wanted to do this for you, I mean, we all wanted to do this. Vicky says thank you. Anu thanks her. Anu cuts the cake and feeds it to his friends. Gungun and family come to Kulshresht’s house. Gungun says maybe something happened here, we’ll go. Riddhesh says no, come with me. He meets everyone. Charu says I was waiting for you. Gungun asks if a robbery happened here. Sargam says no. Charu says they are all friends, relatives and neighbors, they will come with us to attend Anu’s award ceremony. Gungun says you speak good English, why don’t you speak. Charu says children are happy in mother’s womb, in the same way we like to speak in our own language. Gungun meets everyone. Golu says we rented two buses. Yug asks Charu to go in the car with Ankit. Charu says no, I’m going with everyone on the bus. Chandru says I want you to get in the car. Charu says you’re going by car. Gungun laughs. Riddhesh says do one thing, you both come with me, we have two car seats available in the car. Golu says yes, you can do that. He jokes about Goli. Goli yells at him.

Goli says I’m going on the bus with everyone. Gungun says I’m going with them too. Golu says you’re going to worry. Riddhesh says I have no problem, you can go. Chavi tells you to sit in the window seat. Yug says there’s a lot of time. Charu says we have to be there on time. Sunanda says I remember Anu came first in the 12th standard, he said he would take the award in front of the whole family otherwise not. Sargam says he’s still the same. Ankit and Khushi arrive. Golu says we have to leave now.

Charu says that Gungun could have come in the car, but she goes on the bus, she understood that it is convenience to be alone, but happiness is with everyone. Goli says yes, we understand, there will be no problem for her. Riddhesh asks Goli to go with them in the car. Goli says no, my colleagues will be angry. Riddhesh says everyone is happy for Anu. Charu says sadness is given half of sharing, and happiness is doubled. Riddhesh says I’ve seen many getting jealous, I see everyone getting happy for you. Charu says yes, we earned love, not much money.

Akriti talks to her friends about Anu. She says Anu is my oldest. They ask if he is special to you. She says of course, he can be special. She smiles. Anu says thank you for all the effort, I know you are a hard working student and want to get a PhD, don’t waste your energy on these things, there is a whole life to party, just focus on studies. She says yes sir. He says we should go now. Vicky says yes. Anu asks Akriti to come. Everyone reaches the location. They are in the hall. Gungun says I like your family, but not Anu. Chavi says he will be the scientist of the year. Chavi says he’s not bad at heart. Gungun says his attitude and behavior have a problem. Chavi asks why you came. Gungun say I failed, and papa and Bua torture me, I’m not bored with you, but in this award show he shouldn’t see me, otherwise he’ll show attitude, don’t talk about him in front of me, you’re my friend . Chavi says okay. The man asks everyone to sit down. He praises Anu. There he calls the institute team. Golu says that Anu will now come on stage. The man calls Anu on stage. Anu comes on stage. Everyone claps for him. Anu sees Gungun. She makes a face.

front hood:
Anu says I don’t think I would have had the courage to fulfill this dream if my family hadn’t been with me. He thanks his family. He sings Yeh hounsle…. Gungun claps for him. Everyone is watching.

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