Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 4th February 2022 Written Update

Anu and Gungun decide to meet. Yug asks why she wants to meet up. Anu says you three come with me and ask her. Golu says we don’t want to interfere. Anu is going to change. Anu is waiting for Gungun in the cafe. She comes late. He asks if you have seen the time. She says you’re not late. He says you’re late. They start arguing. He asks why you called me here. She says your family is equally involved in our wedding conversations. He says I know, so I came here. Waiter comes to take their order. She says I didn’t come on a date. Anu orders coffee. Gungun asks him to get to the point. He asks her to talk to her father, it was his idea. She says it’s not necessary, I don’t want to marry you. He jokes with her. She says I’ve tried a lot, but Dad doesn’t agree. Anu says I tried too I asked Bade Papa not to let me marry you He left food and tortured me emotionally I love them so I had to agree I have a lot of you , you just yell and cry, go have dinner, threaten to leave the house. She says I’ve tried all this but I failed, I agreed with daddy because I don’t have a job, I haven’t lost heart like you, I’ll do my best.

He says very well. She says so I said yes. He asks what, why, you said you didn’t want to marry me. She says I won’t be with you all my life. He says you’re going to run off with the jewelry. She asks what. He says you think I’m a thief, I agreed with daddy and kept a condition, if I get first in BA next year then I will break this marriage. He smiles. He says you think you’re going to win this bet. She says I think studying is boring, so I failed, but you’re even more boring, I have to come first to get rid of you. He asks if you can do this miracle. She says yes. He asks if your father agreed. She says yes, he also thinks I shouldn’t be the first. He says great, I will pray you come first next year, imagine, I know good teachers, they count well. She says daddy will pay. He asks if you come first. She says yes. He tells you to keep your promise. She says it’s a deal, we’ll sign this, you don’t have to do drama after a year, read it and sign it. He says you’re not that foolish. She asks him to sign. He signs the papers. She smiles. He asks where my copy is. She asks him to click on a picture.

He thanks her. She says only 365 days between us and our freedom. He says I will get my peace back. She says I have a boyfriend. He says poor boy. She says boyfriends keep changing, I warn you not to talk to me when I’m feeling bad. He says I won’t talk even if your mood is right, I knew you would talk about breaking this marriage, so I got a chocolate as a token of thanks. She says keep it back, I’ve got a chocolate for you too, I knew you’d sign the papers, I hate you. He says I hate you too. She says perfectly. She’s going to order a milkshake. She says we want this hatred in the relationship, your family is too good, you stay away and don’t interfere with my personal life. He also tells you. She picks the chocolate and goes. Anu thinks the day is not bad, I have to tolerate her for a year. He takes the chocolate. She thinks I should concentrate on my studies now.

Anna comes home. He sees everyone in his room. They see the chocolate on him and tease him. They ask Anu to explain in detail what happened. Anu says you really want to know. He starts telling them. He says that Gungun was late. Golu says beautiful girls don’t come on time, she would have said sorry and given the chocolate. Anu says no, I scolded her. Neeti asks what, you scolded her, what did you assume for her. Anu says I brought her chocolate too. Golu teases him. He asks him to put romance and love into the story. Anu says it’s not your dinosaur story, it’s the truth, it’s boring. Golu says think, Anu and Gungun reached there before the time. Anu says this didn’t happen, she came too late. They all imagine a romantic story. Anne leaves. Golu asks him to stop. Ankit says I left Khushi downstairs and came here to hear the good story, I was disappointed. Golu says to thank Ankit, he took Khushi outside and then Riddhesh came home so Gungun came into Anu’s life. Ankit says I’m the cupid. Anu says I did something for Gungun, so she gave me the chocolate. They ask what you did. Anu says I signed a paper for her. Golu says it would be a court marriage form, we will have a grand marriage. Yug and Golu dance. Anu says she took the step to break up the marriage, I signed the deal to break up the marriage, so she gave me the chocolate.

front hood:
Anu is called on stage. Everyone claps for him. Gungun says he’s flying high today. Anna sings. Gungun loves his singing. Everyone claps and stops. Gungun continues to clap for him. Everyone looks at her.

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