Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 2nd March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Anubhav tells Golu they have so much time to find the thief and asks Golu to think him saying in his office who would do this. Golu tells when the mistake is happened because of him how could he point fingers at other’s. He then looks at Gungun and grows silent. Anubhav looks at Gungun and asks what is she doing here. Gungun asks Golu why he is crying. Golu wipes the tears and tells that he isn’t crying he is just acting. Gungun asks for what reason also which role he is playing. Golu tells it’s an innocent clerk role. Gungun asks him to act so Golu acts saying that he never even been dishonest in his life during ludo game then how could he be dishonest in his work.

Gungun tells the acting is intense and it seems more real than just an act. She then decides to leave but Golu stops her and asks her to stay with them. Gungun tells Golu that she knows well he is tensed about something which they all are hiding from her too so its better if she leaves the place. Golu tells its not like that which leads Gungun to demand the reason behind their worry filled face. Kushi lies to Gungun they are acting for the sangeet ceremony. Gungun tells the marriage is cancelled then why did they have to prepare for sangeet ceremony.

Anubhav asks Gungun what she can able to do even if she learns what is bothering them. Gungun tells that she may try to help them find a solution. Anubhav tells she cant able to help them out to which Gungun tells to know that they have to tell her the truth first then decide whether she can able to help them or not. She once again asks Golu to tell her reason behind him being sad. Golu tells he has work to do and leaves the place. His gang also follows him one by one.

Anubhav tells Neeti the conversation is not over yet but the latter tells him sometimes it’s better to leave this just like that and leaves the place. Anubhav looks at Gungun. Gungun tells that she wanted to leave but they are the one who stopped her though. She then asks Anubhav thr reason behind what is making Golu sad to which Anubhac tells it’s their family matter so he can’t able to tell her. Anubhav asks Gungun for what reason she came to his house.

Gungun tells that she is happy that their marriage got cancelled so she comes to thank the Kulshreshth’s for solving her life’s biggest problem. She asks Anubhav is he not happy. Anubhav tells that he is happy their marriage get cancelled but he is not happy for what reason the marriage get cancelled. He further says that for a middle class family cancelling the wedding is a huge think unlike her who is happy and expressing it. Gungun says maybe that’s the reason why Ridesh and Garima is also upset.

Ridesh asks Charu to tell him the reason behind their decision to cancel this wedding considering him as his family. Charu thinks that he can’t because its about his family’s reputation. Ridesh stands up to leave saying they wont tell him because they dont even consider him as a part of the family. Chandru stops him and tells that they are in a place where we can’t able to tell him anything so asks him to understand them. Charu tells Ridesh that they are breaking this alliance but they are postponing the marriage because of something else.

Ridesh thinks when someone wants to cancel the wedding the people will make excuses like that only. He then asks Charu ans family whether he and Gungun made any mistake if that’s the case then he will apologise. Sunanda tells it has nothing to do with Gungun. Sargam says that they all are eager to welcome Gungun as their daughter in law but Ridesh didn’t get convinced. Charu pleads with Ridesh saying he dont want his apology all his want is his trust and asks him to do this for them.

Chandru assures once the problem get solved they will go to his house to fix the marriage date. Gungun comes there and thinks to herself that everyone is sad especially Golu and she wishes that she wants a filter in real life through which she can bring a smile on Kulshreshth’s. She then makes a cartoon version of Golu’s photo in her mobile and decides to show it to him thinking this may bring a smile on his face. In Bhatnagar’s house Ridesh tella his assistant over the call to prepone all his surgery to this week and refuses to listen to his assistant who tells he already had the whole schedule filled with full of appointments.

Garima comes there and asks Ridesh to not to punish him. She further tells that maybe Gungun is not meant to go to Kulshreshth’s as a daughter in law. Ridesh tells it’s not easy for a father to accept his daughter’s marriage get cancelled. He further adds the most frustrating part is the Kulshreshth’s refuses to tell him.the reason which means they are in huge trouble. Gungun comes there and tells Ridesh Ridesh and Garima that he is right about his guess and tells that it has something to do with Golu and his work place related. Garima and Ridesh asks what is she saying.

Gungun recalls when she went to show Golu thr cartoon photo she saw him telling his family members all this while he worked hard and not even once he thought this day will come where he not only has to go through this pain but also put his family members to go through as well and through his Identity card.

Gungun takes it in her hand. The FB ends. Gungun tells Ridesh that she dont know the problem but when the product gets defective they will call the customer care first the same way now they have to contact the manager and reveals its Ridesh who done his surgery few months back. Ridesh and Garima gets happy. In Kulshreshth’s house Golu refuses to have food making everyone sad.

Later he calls his lawyer friend aand starts questioning him about how many years a person will get imprisoned when he is accused of theft also asks a lot questions. Vikram on the other call scolds so many questions at him like he spent a part of his life in the prison. Anubhav cuts the call and hugs Golu saying he is not going anywhere and others also hugs him. The next day Golu gives his fingerprints to police. One of the officer asks who handle the cash to which Sharma tells he and Golu so the officer asks him to come inside a room.

He then asks what happened to which Golu tells that he hurriedly left the office after learning through his nephew that the wedding menu is decided but when he comes the next day he learned that the money is not in the locker. The officer says that they have to investigate his house also because he has a reason to steal the money because there is wedding in his house. Golu pleads with the officer to not to do this and asks him to ask him any questions but the officer tells him it’s the procedure which they have to do it. Golu thinks to himself that his family has to face humiliation and false allegations because of him.

Precap: Charu tells Golu that they arranged the money so they will go and meet his manager and handover it to him. Golu tells that police is coming to their house at 4pm for investigation. Kulshreshth’s receives a call from Ridesh. Anubhav talks to Ridesh then informs his family that Ridesh and Gungun are visiting their house at 4pm. Chandru says if Ridesh learns about this then they can never able to face him at all.

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