Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 28th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Maya tells Akruti that what she is capable of doing in this party to ruin the self respect of Kulshreshth’s which is more important to them. After this party Kulshreshth’s will never show their face to other’s. She then gets shocked seeing Gungun. She cuts the call. Gungun asks her who she is talking to. Maya tells its Akruti who she is talking to. Gungun asks what and removes the earphones from her ear and tells that she was hearing a song. She then tells that she want a pain reliever for her head ache. Maya insists that she will do a head massage and makes her sit beside her and starts doing a head massage for her.

Gungun asks who she was talking to when she entered the room. Maya tells its Akruti shocking Gungun. Gungun gets shocked and asks Maya is Akruti called her or it’s her who called Akruti. Maya tells its Akruti and tells that she called to apologises to her for her behavior. Gungun asks Maya is she bought any magic medicine because both her and Akruti changed all of sudden. Maya tells Gungun that she and Akruti needed self love that’s why they were selfish but now they understand that they needed their love for family members.

Gungun decides to leave the room to go to sleep but Maya asks her to sleep with her in the room but Gungun refuses saying that she dont want to get used to all this because after so much efforts she started sleeping alone since the day she left even Ridesh and Garima can’t able to give her the motherly love she missed and yearned. Maya tells Gungun Gungun atleast she had Garima and Ridesh by her side but she was all alone in USA. She then asked her not to talk about the past and enjoy the present and put Gungun’s head on her lap and starts singing a lullaby. Gungun falls asleep. Maya looks on.

The next day in Kulshreshth’s house Sunanda and others talks about the dress they are going to wear for the party. Goli comes there and learns that everyone prepared for the party except her so she decides to go and select her saree. On her way she bumps into Anubhav and questions him where he is going. Golu and Yug comes there.

Golu imitates Gungun. Anubhav asks him to stop this act of his. He then tells that he is going to institute to complete his work. Golu and Goli stops him and tells him not to go to work. They also asks Charu to make him understand. Charu asks Anubhav to not to go to work but Anubhav tells that he has already taken leave for this marriage also even if he takes leave he have to sit ideally instead of that he can go and complete few of his work. Chandru agrees with Anubhav and asks him up return home on time.

Anubhav nods okay. Golu protests saying if he and Yug can take leave for this party then why not. Charu scolds him and calls him as a lazy person making everyone laugh. Yug defends himself for taking an off from work today saying that he decides to help Ridesh in party arrangements by going to the party earlier. Anubhav tells it’s not needed because he is sure they must have hired a party planner. Charu tells they are family now so they have to help them in this arrangements too.

Sunanda mocks at Charu. Anubhav decides to leave for work promising to his family members to return earlier. He then asks Golu and gang to not to annoy him with their repeated calls. Golu promises not to but threatens to let Gungun marry someone else if he fail to reach the party on time. Anubhav tells that he will deliberately come to the party late then shocking Golu and leaves the place making the family members to laugh at Golu.

Anubhav is in the lab working but he gets interrupted by Gungun’s call who is getting ready for the party. He first ignores but Gungun calls him repeatedly so he answers her call. Gungun scolds him for going to work today also. She then asks him what he is planning to wear for the party. Anubhav tells Kurta and Pyjama which shocks Gungun.

Gungun demands Anubhav to wear a suit that too dark color so that they will look good in the pictures which she will post in on her social media page and it has one lakh followers. Anubhav tells that they dont have similar thought process or nothing in common then why they have to wear a dress which may look to others that they are a happy couple.

Gungun tells that they have to show public display of affection by wearing similar clothes to get their attention. She then talks about the hashtag and asks Anubhav to choose one. Anubhav says #AnuGun #GunBhav but Gungun says that doesn’t sounds good so Anubhav writes the last one #GungAnu which Gungun approves and tells that in this hashtag her name comes first. She then asks Anubhav to reach the party on time and cuts the face time call. Anubhav tears the paper in which he wrote the hashtags. Akruti enters the room and sees Anubhav is throwing a paper away. She tells that she gave workers leave so they can reach his party on time.

Anubhav asks Akruti is she really planning on coming to his party to which Akruti says yes and tells him that he may not love her but she loves him and she will happy to see him happy in his life and wont miss the opportunity to see him happy surprising Anubhav. She also asks Anubhav to leave saying she will take care of the remaining work but Anubhav refuses saying she will blame him again. Akruti apologises to Anubhav for her behavior the other day and asks him to go asking him to consider this as his wedding gift from her side. Anubhav agrees and decides to leave but Akruti smirks and tells that she will stop Anubhav to reach the party on time.

Precap: Gungun asks Yug about Anubhav’s whereabouts and learns he is not answering the calls. Anubhav gets shocked seeing the lab is in fire. He decides to leave but stops when Akruti calls him asking for help. He takes her in her arms and comes out of the lab. Gungun searches for Anubhav. Akruti smirks at Anubhav.

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