Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 25th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Maya talks about her work related to party. Gungun tells lunch is pending. Maya says to Gungun that she will finish the work then have lunch. Gungun threatens Maya then goes to bring a lunch for her. Garima goes to Maya and tells that because of her only Gungun is very happy and she is so happy seeing Gungun’s happiness.

Maya tells that she hope her and Akruti also reconcile their relationship. She then asks whether she can able to talk to Akruti and invited her for Anubhav-Gungun’s pre wedding party. Garima tells that she called Akruti but she is upset with her that’s why she not even answered the call. Gungun comes there with a lunch and tells that she will call Akruti. She calls Akruti but Akruti doesnt answer the call so Gungun tells the same to Maya and Garima. She also says that Akruti is too stubborn. Maya asks Akruti’s number from Garima and calls her from her mobile. Akruti answers it.

Maya tells Akruti that she is her aunt also Gungun’s mother. Akruti gets confused and asks Maya why she is talking to her like that she is first time talking to her. Maya forces a smile and thinks to herself that she never thought Akruti will be dumb like this. She then acts and tells Akruti that she called her to talk to her something important and acts saying calm down Akruti. Akruti realises that Garima and Gungun is around her so she starts praising Maya’s acting. Maya tells Akruti that she want to invite her for Anubhav-Gungun’s pre wedding party.

She then cuts the call. Akruti wonders why did Maya cut the call. Maya tells Garima and Gungun that Akruti cut the call. Gungun tells that she told already that Akruti will behave this way only. Garima tells Maya that Akruti is so upset with her that made her to misbehave with Ridesh also she slapped Gungun the other day shocking Maya. Maya asks what is she saying. Gungun tells Maya that day Akruti is having a fever that’s why she reacted like that and she also insulted her back so leave it. Maya asks is she know where Akruti is.

Gungun says yes. Maya tells that they will meet Akruti and invite her personally for Anubhav-Gungun’s pre wedding party. Gungun gets surprised. In Kulshreshth’s house Charu invites Amit’s parents for the party. Chavi comes there and asks Charu to not to shout on the call but Charu tells her about his father’s words to share the happiness loudly that’s what he is doing. Amit parents agrees with Charu and accepts his invitation to attend the party.

Charu calls the family members and goes to living room. Sunanda comes there and asks him what happened. He asks her are they forget to invite any of their relatives. Sunanda tells that Goli didn’t marry so there is no in laws of hers also talks about their daughter who is in abroad after marriage.

Goli comes there and jokes about Maya’s reaction seeing their relatives count. Divya agrees with her. Sargam and Sunanda defends Maya’s insults towards them the other day. Golu gets happy seeing the mangoes and starts eating it. Yug asks Charu do he really think its necessary to invite all the relatives for this party because nowadays people invites only closed relatives and talks about destination wedding. Neeti explains Sunanda about destination wedding.

Charu mocks Golu for thinking about the relatives might get upset with them but not thinking about his brother also have to had mangoes which he is having making everyone laugh. Gungun and Maya goes to meet Akruti in Anubhav’s institute. Gungun asks the peon help to find Anubhav’s room where Akruti is. She takes Maya with her. Akruti sees Gungun and looks way asks what is she doing here. Gungun tells Akruti that there is someone who wants to meet her. Akruti tells that she wont meet anyone that’s related to her. Maya comes there. Akruti acts and asks who is she to Gungun.

Maya tells that she is Gungun’s mother and tells her that how could she say such things like she don’t have any relationship with them because they all are related to blood. Akruti tells that blood relation has no meaning to her. She the insults Gungun. Maya warns her not to say anything against her daughter or else will slap her for her misbehavior towards Gungun. Anubhav overhears this and stops from entering the room.

Maya tells Akruti that she knows what it feels like to live when her daughter is upset with her and refuses to talk to her. She asks Akruti to give a chance to Garima and let her explain why she left her the way Gungun gave her a chance. Anubhav thinks that may be Maya truly trying to change herself for Gungun. Maya asks Akruti to come to the party. Akruti agrees surprising Gungun. They both leaves the place.

Anubhav enters the room and asks Akruti is she okay. Akruti tells Anubhav that he let her go through Maya’s wrath alone. Anubhav tells Akruti that he already told that he wont mix his personal and profession life. He then questions why she agreed to attend this party.

Akruti tells that Maya insisted. Anubhav asks her to tell the real reason. Akruti tells Anubhav that she will attend this wedding party to see how he is happy also make him realise his mistake for not choosing her love. Anubhav tells Akruti that his marriage is decided by his family members and he wont go against them.jo matter what. He also asks Akruti to think about Maya’s words about reconciling her relationship with Garima when Akruti tells him that she will try till the end to find a loophole to enter his life.

Gungun comes to the house and tells Ridesh and Garima about Akruti accepting Maya’s invitation to attend the party. They both gets happy. Gungun assures Garima that soon Akruti will accept her. Maya comes there and tells her that she realised the value of relationship by staying alone Akruti will also realise the same. Garima thanks her but Maya tells they are family so its not needed.

Precap: Ridesh tells Maya if she realised this a long time back then Gungun must not have endure the pain of not having a mother by her side. Maya reveals her plan to have a pre wedding party to Kulshreshth’s. Maya tells Akruti that they both can help each other to stop Anubhav-Gungun’s marriage.

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