Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 24th February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Golu tells the family members that they will not force Charu because they went against Charu on Kushi’s wedding. But who will tell Anu about this. Yug tells even he wont tell. Neeti says that Charu will say. Charu asks what he needs to tell Anubhav. Golu tells that Anubhav wants his sangeet ceremony to happy in a grand way but they will inform Anu it won’t happen as per his wish because Anu is a understanding one and he will understand this too. Charu tells his family members that Anu never asked anything to his family till now but if he want his sangeet to happen in a grand way then it will happen. Sargam asks the family members when did Anu told such things.

Divya tells that they are lying to Charu to make him approve for grand sangeet ceremony. Sunanda tells that they have to support Golu and his gang. She acts and tells the family members to not to force Charu and asks Charu to do as per his wish. Charu asks the wedding planner to tell the cost. He tells that he will take two and half lakhs. Charu agrees for that which makes everyone happy. Charu wonders whether he get fooled by his family members and spent money unnecessarily. Anubhav comes there. Charu tells Anu that he wished for a grand sangeet ceremony which he agreed and tells the price for the sangeet ceremony preparation. Anu gets confused and tells he didn’t asked anything such. Golu and his gang worried that Charu may find their truth. Charu tells Anu that family members only told him he want a grand sangeet to which Anubhav asks Charu do he really think that he is that kind of person. He further adds that he gets trapped by Golu and his gang. Golu tells that Anubhav forget but he did told them. Yug and Neeti also supports Golu.

Anubhav says he never wished for such thing. Charu realises that he get fooled by Golu and his gang so he tells that he will never forgive them for this. Kushi comes with Amit and tells Amit parents asked them to help Kulshreshth’s in Anubhav’s wedding preparation. Amit also supports Golu and gang and tells Charu that Anubhav wished for a grand sangeet. Anubhav tells that he never lied or hide anything from them. Golu and gang surrounds him and asks Anubhav what about the other day he went to meet someone. Charu asks who it is. In Bhatnagar’s house Garima tells Gungun that she was upset that Anubhav didn’t talked to her after learning that she was sick but he came to meet her also requested her to have soup for that she should think grateful. She also asks Gungun to visit the Kulshreshth’s also asks her to inform Anubhav the same. Gungun jokes that she will go and meet her boyfriend first. She then tells that she is not interested to meet her friends or boyfriend but she will meet the Kulshreshth’s also it’s a lunch time so Anubhav will not there and leaves the place.

In Kulshreshth’s house Goli tells Divya that Charu will calm down after drinking the tea which is made by her. Charu accuses his family members for lying to him also tells that he never thought that he gave such upbringing to his family. Golu tells Charu that Anubhav forget it. Charu mocks at Golu saying Anubhav is a Scientist so what he is saying is not true so asks him not to lie. Anubhav laughs at Charu which makes Yug to instigate Golu against Anubhav sayimg that he saved him yet he is laughing at him. Anubhav gets confused and asks when did Golu saved him. They all reminds him about his meeting with Gungun. Later Anubhav gets a message from institution so he leaves saying he will return to the house in the late evening. Kushi learns that Gungun is coming to theye house so she informs the same to Golu and his gang. They all gets upset that Anubhav left for institution. They all decides to do something to make Anubhav return to the house. Chavi informs Gungun is on her way. Golu and his gang asks Chavi to bring Gungun to this room first. Golu asks Kushi to inform them when Anubhav reaches the house. Kushi agrees. Neeti tells Golu that she will send a message from Gungun’s mobile to which Golu asks what will she tell Gungun Neeti tells that she will make an excuse she further says that she used to open Yug’s mobile using password so its easy for her to do the same with Gungun. Chavi brings Gungun to the room. Gungun tells Golu and his gang that she was happy that they visited her when she was sick. Neeti tells that they love her so much which makes Gungun happy.

Neeti asks Gungun that they are going to be sister in law’s so they need to take selfie. Gungun agrees and unlock her phone using the password which Neeti memorises it. Golu and his gang gets happy. Gungun takes a selfie with Neeti. Neeti takes the phone saying she needs to see the photo. Chavi comes there and tells that she will take Gungun with her to her room which leads Gungun to take her phone from Neeti. Golu and gang makes an excuse to make Gungun’s stay with them a little longer. They asks Chavi to bring snacks for Gungun. Chavi gets upset but goes to bring. Neeti takes Gungun’s Gungun’s mobile and goes and sits on a nearby chair. Yug covers her. Yug and Golu makes Gungun busy with their talks. Neeti types a message then thinks that Gungun will never say please also she needs to send a message which will lead Anubhav to reach here fast and types a message.

Gungun recalls that she needs to inform Garima that she reached the house safely but when she searches for her mobile she couldn’t find. Anubhav receives a message stating that Gungun is in his house also she is having a severe head ache so need his help. It further states that she misses him. Anubhav gets confused and wonders what Gungun is doing in his house. He decides not to reply neither visit but then thinks that if he dont then it will be disrespectful. Gungun sees Neetiis having her mobile so she takes it. Neeti tells her mobile cover is so pretty. Gungun tells its cost only five thousand which is not that expensive shocking Golu and his gang. They all take selfies. Gungun tells them that she dont like wearing saree which never wore before and asks them do she need to wear one during her marriage. They all says yes making Gungun upset.

Precap: Gungun tells that they can play. Anubhav tells he is not interested also he needs to go to his institution. Amit tells that he needs to stay here. Golu tells that they will cover Anubhav and Gungun’s eyes and asks them to find all of them. Gungun agrees. Golu and gang covers Anubhav Gungun’s eyes and leaves the place. Gungun hugs Anubhav and tells that she catched one of them. They both remove the cloth from their eyes and looks at each other.

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