Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 23rd March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Maya tells the Kulshreshth’s every parents will have some hope about their children’s wedding just like she wishes. Charu tells that if she wishes then he approves for her to throw a party. He also adds that they will contribute in this party. Maya tells Charu that Anubhav refused to let her gift them so they will be the one who take care of its expenses of this party.

Ridesh supports Maya and tells the Kulshreshth’s that they will take care of the expenses. Charu asks Maya to that they are ready to help them in arrangements but Maya refuses saying she will take care of it. All she want is that their presence in the party. Charu agrees and asks his family members to give sweets to Ridesh and Maya. Ridesh takes a sweet but Maya stops him saying he has diabetic and her care for hil surprises everyone. Charu asks Golu to take the youngsters to room saying the elders are going to discuss about wedding arrangements. Gungun asks why they cant discuss infront of them.

Golu jokes saying they will never able to decide one because both Anubhav and Gungun argue with each other making everyone laugh. Golu and gang goes to Anubhav’s room. Golu tells Gungun this is her room hereafter. Gungun says no. Yug tells its not her room yet but it will be after she gets married to Anubhav. Gungun refuses and tells that she wont share a room with Anubhav. Amit tells after marriage everything that husband has belongs to wife so technically the room also belongs to Gungun.

Anubhav asks them to stop saying after marriage he will sleep in the living room. Kushi teases Anubhav for started caring for Gungun now itself. Yug teases saying it’s a love he has for Gungun. Golu tells Anubhav must be scared of Maya’s anger. Gungun asks them not to make fun of Maya. Golu and gang shares their suspicious towards Maya’s behavior to Gungun. Gungun tells them that Maya genuinely wants to change herself for her. Anubhav asks Gungun is she know that Maya truly changed. Yug and other’s supports Gungun which makes Anubhav shut.

Gungun tells them that she won’t let Maya create any problem in this wedding anymore. Golu and gang teases Gungun saying that she want to get married to Anubhav and she may have started liking Anubhav that’s why she is determine to not to let her mother create any problem. Gungun denies it and tells that she is doing all this so that the both the family’s can remain happy and together always.

Also she will be the happiest person if the wedding called off. Anubhav questions Gungun why she always there to solve the problems because of which the marriage is about to call off. They both gets into an argument. Golu and gang stops them from arguing. Gungun tells hereafter if any problem arises then she won’t try to solve it. Golu asks Gungun to not to say something like this anymore and calls her an angel. They all starts dancing around Anubhav and Gungun making Gungun laugh. Anubhav glares at her and Gungun makes faces at him.

Gungun comes to her room and finds a hair band along with a note in which it written My angel. Maya comes there and tells Gungun that she is her angel. Gungun looks away and asks Maya why she is doing all this and what she wants. Maya asks Gungun to accept her gift.

Gungun refuses and gives it back to her and goes to her balcony. Maya follows her and tells her how she was wrong that the expensive gifts will tell the person about their love for them but later learnt it’s the intentions behind it. She also tells Gungun the time when she left Gungun she used to wear this type of hair band and she wants to relive those memories and cries. Gungun becomes emotional. Maya tells that she understands the pain which she gave her and she truly deserves this and decides to leave the room. Gungun wears the hair band and calls Maya then thanks her for the gift.

Maya gets happy and thanks her for accepting her gift. She also pleads Gungun to call her as her mother once but Gungun remains silent so Maya once again manipulates her which lead Gungun to call her as Mom. Maya hugs Gungun. She then sits with Gungun and tells her that they will go for a shopping together. She also adds after that they will have lunch together. She then tells after that they will go to Spa making Gungun happy. Maya also tells Gungun that she will prove her that she changed.

She will do anything for her. Gungun gets emotional and hugs Maya. Maya receives a call from someone and she gets worried. She sends Gungun out asking her to get ready. Gungun agrees and leaves the place. Maya types a message to that person asking not to call her like this but gets interrupted when Ridesh asks her why she is here and what she wants. Maya lies to Ridesh that she came here just like that. She also tells that her mistake is leaving this house and Gungun’s life.

Maya tells Ridesh that she wants to invite Akruti to this party. Ridesh asks her not to saying Akruti won’t come. Maya asks the reason to which Ridesh tells that Akruti thinks that Garima chooses luxurious life over her. Maya tells it’s not true. Ridesh tells Akruti isn’t understanding this.

Garima comes there. Maya asks her to call Akruti. Both Ridesh and Garima refuses saying Akruti won’t answer even if she answers then she will say hurtful words but Maya persuades which leads Garima to call Akruti. First Akruti doesn’t answers but the second time she answers and asks Garima to not to disturb her and cuts the call. Maya tells Garima that she isn’t aware about Akruti’s hate for her but she will bring Akruti to this party and will try to solve their misunderstandings then leaves the room.

Ridesh tells Garima if Maya does this then he will be thankful towards her for her entire life. Gungun follows Maya and tells her not to invite Akruti and tells her about Akruti’s behavior. She also questions her about her sudden love for Garima who she always hate. Maya tells that she didnt hate Garima she is jealous of her because she able to talk and spend time with Gungun but not her. She also tells that when she realised her mistake it’s her ego and Gungun’s hate for her stopped her from coming to meet her. Gungun falls into Maya’s lies. Maya asks Gungun to allow her to love and fulfill the duty of a mother. Gungun nods okay and hugs Maya.

Precap: Gungun calls Anubhav and asks him to come out of his room. Anubhav gets shocked seeing Gungun is outside his house. Gungun shows him icecream and tells him that he wants his help in something. Anubhav asks Gungu is he once again need to ask permission from Ridesh for her. Gungun says no and tells that she needs help that’s related to Maya.

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