Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 22nd March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Garima tells Ridesh that Maya isn’t having dinner. Ridesh tells it’s her wish also she must be in diet. Garima tells Ridesh that Maya is punishing herself because she starts regretting her actions towards the Kulshreshth’s also she wants to meet her. Ridesh tells if Maya truly feels that way then it’s good for her. Garima tells that Maya wants to apologise to Kulshreshth’s also she decides to not to have any food to punish herself for her behavior. Ridesh asks Garima is she truly going to believe Maya’s words. Garima defends Maya saying her intentions are right. Ridesh asks Gungun to go and enjoy her party he will handle the rest here. Gungun leaves the house to go to party.

Ridesh decides to go to his room but Garima stops him and pleads him to give Maya one chance. Ridesh tells Garima that he don’t think that Maya changed. She is just trying to fool everyone and he is not going to fall into her trap. Garima tells its not like that and asks Ridesh how he is so sure that Maya isn’t regretting her actions . Ridesh tells that he is her husband and he knows her very well. Garima tells Ridesh that she is a mother and she knows well what it is to feel like when their own daughter hate them so she knows that Maya wants to change for Gungun so asks Ridesh to give her a chance.

Ridesh tells Garima that he will take Maya to the Kulshreshth’s to apologise to them but before that he wants to talk to her first. Maya in her room busy wiping her mouth and face. Ridesh enters her room and asks Maya her intentions about creating all these drama. Maya tells Ridesh that she truly feels guilty that’s why she decides not to have food to punish herself. Ridesh tells Maya that he will ask Garima to not to give her any food for the next two days because she told that she wants to punish her right.

Maya asks Ridesh to not to joke around like this. She also tells Ridesh that she knows well her behavior towards the Kulshreshth’s aren’t right and she wants to apologises to them. She adds that she judged them thinking they are typical middle class family who wants to let their son marry a rich girl so that they can live a luxurious life and Gungun won’t be happy there. Ridesh asks Maya do she really think that he will choose such family for their daughter. Maya tells that she knows he must have done his research but she also wants to do the same and when she did it she become a villain. Even she wants her daughter’s happiness only.

Ridesh asks Maya to play a victim card saying whatever is happening she is the sole reason of it. He also reminds her how they dreamed about having a baby together but when they had her dream changed and she left her family to achieve her dream to become a successful doctor. Maya tells Ridesh that she isn’t playing victim card she become one because of her ambitions.

She also tells that she realised this a long time back but thats too late Gungun not even want to talk to her. When she received a call from Ridesh saying Gungun is getting married she came here to reconcile her relationship with Gungun because she may be a successful doctor but there is no one by her side to share her happiness and success. She further tells Ridesh to not to snatch her last chance to reconcile her relationship with Gungun.

Ridesh looks on. Maya wipes her tears and smirks. The next day Maya tells the Kulshreshth’s that she is ashamed of her behavior and asks them to forgive her. Charu tells Maya it’s not necessary. Maya tells the Kulshreshth’s to not punish Gungun for her actions. Sargam tells Maya that Gungun is their everything so they will never get upset with Gungun nor punish her. Chandru tells they aren’t upset with her but they are just sad. Goli asks Maya to leave the past. Maya tells the Kulshreshth’s that Gungun is really lucky to have them as her in law’s but she is not lucky because she is her mother.

Anubhav tells Golu that he don’t think that whatever Maya saying is true. Golu scolds him to stop saying anything against Maya because Charu wont spare him if he hears it. Sargam and Sunanda asks Maya to not to say such words and tells they understand her love and care for Gungun and any mother will do the same when it comes to their children happiness. Maya tells the Kulshreshth’s that all she is asking them is not to forgive the women who misbehaved with them but to forgive the mother who worried about her daughters happiness. Kulshreshth’s accepts Maya’s apology. Charu tells a Maha Kavi’s lines about a mother and they all smiles happily.

Maya apologises to Anubhav for her behavior. Anubhav also apologizes to Maya for his behavior. Maya praises Anubhav for his stand for his family the other day. Maya asks Sunanda dont they give her sweets surprising everyone.

Sunanda asks Sargam do they have chocolate because Maya wont eat sweets. Maya tells her that she will eat sweets also asks Neeti to bring her a glass of sarbhadh too. Golu and gang surrounds together and asks one another do they have any idea what’s happening here. They all says that there is something really fishy about Maya’s behavior though. Maya drinks the juice also have sweet. She then tells the Kulshreshth’s that she wants to throw a party for Gungun and Anubhav before marriage so requests them to let her conduct it. She also adds this party will let them understand each other more. Charu tells that they never done this and its against their morals. Maya tells them this party is nothing but similar to Haldi and Mehendi ceremony. Anubhav says then why they have to conduct the party.

Maya tells those functions happen separately but this party will unite both the families. She also tells the Kulshreshth’s let Anubhav and Gungun experiences their life how it is all around the world and there is no harm in accepting these few things just like the way they adapted to mobile usage. Sunanda agrees with Maya and looks at Charu. Kulshreshth’s looks worried.

Precap: Golu and gang tells Gungun after marriage this will be her room. Anubhav tells them that he will sleep in the living room. Kushi teases him saying he started worrying about Gungun now itself. Gungun assures them that she wont let Maya do something to stop this marriage. Golu teases Gungun about her interest towards getting married to Anubhav. Gungun gets shocked.

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