Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 22nd February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Anubhav tells Ridesh that they need to Gungun’s blood test. Gungun thinks that Anubhav needs to get an actor of the award. Ridesh tells that they will wait till next day. Gungun thinks that Anubhav must be thinking that she has to die. Golu asks Anubhav to not to worry saying she will be fine. Anubhav tells that he is not worry about but stops seeing Gungun and her family.

Garima tells that she will bring coffee to everyone but Golu and his gang tells that they have to leave because it’s getting late. Gungun asks Golu and his gang to wait. Ridesh and Garima tells Golu and his gang that they have to have coffee atleast because when they visit their house. Garima goes to bring coffee. Gungun pleads Golu and his gang to stay with her. Neeti sits beside her and asks how is she now.

Gungun tells that she is feeling better now. Gungun tells how her day was boring because of fever. Golu teases her evening must be too good. Anubhav warns him. Ridesh and Garima leaves the place. Golu asks Anubhav how is his experiment to which Anubhav asks what is he saying. Amit tells that he is the one who told them over the call. Gungun asks Anubhav is he the lies to his family.

Anubhav glares at her thinking because of this he has to go through so much. Gungun asks Anubhav why he is glaring at her like this when she didn’t do anything. Golu and gang tells that he is looking at her lovingly. They all teases him. Yug Golu and Amit asks Anubhav why did he lied and hide it from them that he is visiting Gungun. Anubhav tells for this reason only and points at everyone.

Gungun receives a message from her boyfriend but she gets upset when she realizes her friends and boyfriend cares about to party with her only. Anubhav tells that he is leaving so Golu and gang decides to leave which makes Gungun upset. Gungun calls Anubhav as a selfish person for snatching Golu and gang from her. Golu and gang tells it’s not like that they have to go to the house before the door get closed if it gets closed then they can’t able to get their answers and asks Gungun to take care of herself and leaves the house with Anubhav.

The next day Anubhav is in his work place. Akruti comes there and tells Anubhav that he is right because her previous work there is some calculation missed but she now rectify it. She also sent a mail too. Anubhav asks through which mail id she sent. Akruti tells through an official website. Anubhav asks Akruti to stay when the latter decides to leave. Akruti tells that she has so much work to if she fails to do it on time then she will get panicked also he will scold her. Anubhav asks her to relax and sit beside him. Akruti obliges. He tells that he likes people those who rectify their mistake not only accept and leave it.

Akruti asks Anubhav how is Gungun now to which Anubhav asks her why she is asking him saying they both are cousins and she should asks her. Akruti tells that she is asking not because Gungun is her cousin but because he told yesterday that she is not feeling well. Anubhav tells Akruti that yesterday night she had a high fever and tells that he hope she recovers soon. Akruti gets shocked and asks Anubhav is he went to see her. Anubhav says yes. Akruti gets angry at Anubhav and tells that she thought he knows what he wants and likes in his life but he is confused. Anubhav gets confused.

Akruti asks Anubhav to apologise to her for lying. She also tells that why did he went to meet her when he clearly told that he is not going to. Anubhav stops Akruti and warns her not to cross the line. He also tells that he answered her questions because she wanted to know it that doesn’t mean she can cross the line. He further adds that he went to meet Gungun because he felt guilty that Gungun get hurt when she visited her family also get hurt.

Anubhav tells Akruti to not to react like that saying that he feels for some reason she doesn’t like his marriage with Gungun but it doesn’t mean she can interfere in his personal life and space. Akruti apologises to him and tells that she didn’t mean to make him feel like that she is interfering in his personal life also tells that she will make sure not to cross the line again. She then decides to leave the place saying she has so much work to do. Anubhav asks her to sit saying he told her not to cross the line but didn’t asked her to leave the place. Akruti sits beside Anubhav again.

Anubhav apologises to Akruti for his behavior towards her. Akruti tells that she understands where she stand in his life also thanks him for making it clear. Anubhav tells Akruti that he didn’t mean to get angry at her. He also tells that his institution is like his own house and the colleagues here are like a family to him. Akruti asks is he think about her as his family too. Anubhav says yes and tells that he reacted that way because he dont want to mix his professional and personal life. He then tells that he went to meet Gungun because that’s what his family members taught him. Akruti admires Anubhav and thinks that he looks so handsome also if he asks her to have coffee with him then she will be on cloud nine.

Anubhav makes Akruti come out of her thoughts and asks what is she thinking. Akruti lies and tells she has to leave but Anubhav stops her and tells that they can have a coffee together and calls the worker to bring two coffee making Akruti happy. Anubhav receives a call from Gungun so he excuses himself and answers the call. Gungun tells Anubhav that Ridesh want her to call him to tell how she is feeling now. Anubhav asks her how is she now to which Gungun tells that just now only she told him and calls him idiot. Anubhav gets angry so tells her that she didnt told how she is feeling. Gungun says she is feeling better now.

Akruti tells that she is leaving but Anubhav stops her. Gungun asks Anubhav is Akruti is with him and starts whining that she is having time to spend someone like him but not with her mother and asks Anubhav to talk to Akruti about Garima. Anubhav asks Gungun to talk to Akruti on her own and gives a call to Akruti but the latter refuses saying she dont want to talk to her also asks Anubhav to tell Gungun to not to think that she will accept her or Garima because she is getting married to Anubhav. Anubhav asks Akruti to not to pull him in their matter and asks Akruti to talk to Gungun.

Akruti asks Gungun to say what she wants to tell. Gungun tells Akruti that Garima misses her a lot even on her birthday she cried a lot and pleads Akruti to talk to Garima over a phone call for once. Akruti lashes out at Gungun saying she has no interest to talk to Garima and Gungun should not interfere. She also asks Gungun to not to talk to Anubhav about her because he is her senior and she don’t want her personal and professional life to get mixed. Gungun gets angry and tells Akruti that she is not dying to marry Anu but she is forced to. She also tells that she is not using Anubhav to repair their relationship.

Precap: Anubhav gets a message from Gungun saying she is not feeling well so he hurries to his house and gets shocked seeing Gungun is having samosa. Anubhav scolds Gungun for fooling him but Gungun tells that she didn’t send him any message. Anubhav shows the message and Gungun gets shocked seeing it.

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