Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 21st February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Amit thanks Golu for helping him come out of Chandru’s trap. Khushi asks Amit that is he making fun of her father. Amit tells that he is just saying what he had gone through nothing else. Yug asks Amit to stay away from Chandru. Golu asks Neeti to call Gungun and asks her how is she now. Neeti tells that she don’t have Gungun’s number.

Golu says that he have Gungun’s number and asks to take it from him. Khushi asks Golu to call him from his number. Golu tells that Gungun don’t have his number so she may not answer his calls. Gungun asks Anubhav about his work. Anubhav questions from when did she start caring about his work. Gungun tells that she wants to know what kind of work he is doing just like his boring nature. Golu calls Ridesh and asks him about his Gungun’s cut on her finger.

Ridesh tells that her cut is fine but now she is having fever. Golu gets shocked and asks how is she now. Ridesh asks Golu don’t they know as he already informed Anubhav and he is here to see Gungun. Golu puts his mobile on loud speaker to eveyone to hear. He then asks Ridesh did he asked Anubhav to visit Gungun. Ridesh tells no. Golu holds the call and tells his gang that they have to catch Anubhav red handed so they are going to Bhatnagar’s house. Everyone agrees. Golu asks Ridesh that whether they can visit Gungun.

Ridesh agrees and tells that he will let know Anubhav and Gungun about their arrival but Golu stops him and tells that he dont want them to know but if Anubhav decides to leave then asks Ridesh to stop him. Ridesh agrees. Golu tells that Anubhav didn’t tell us about this. Amit tells finally Anubhav and Gungun’s romance started. Golu jokes at Amit and Kushi. Then they all decides to go to Bhatnagar’s house. Gungun asks Anubhav why he came here and asks him not to tell her its because Ridesh told her. They both gets interrupted by a call.

Anubhav answers and on the other line Amit asks Anubhav where he is to which Anubhav tells that he is busy with some important work. Amit asks when he will return saying they want to discuss about his marriage preparation. Anubhav asks him to discuss with elders to which Amit tells his presence is needed and insists on visiting him on institution. Anubhav tells he is not there and doing some important work. Amit cuts the call. Golu asks are they ready to catch Anubhav red handed. Kushi tells that she is going to stay here and hear Chandru’s singing because she loves him so much. Neeti worries that she needs to ask permission but Golu assures her to get ready meanwhile Yug sings a song and Golu and Amit dances.

Anubhav checks Gungun’s temperature and tells they have to wait tell tomorrow it it’s not reduce then they have to do other tests. Gungun asks Anubhav who called him and why did he lied to that person on the other line. Anubhav tells it’s not necessary to tell everyone about everything. Gungun once again asks Anubhav why he visited when neither Ridesh nor her called or messaged him. Anubhav takes a deep breath and tells that he visited because of Ridesh. He then asks Gungun to have soup.

Gungun refuses to which Anubhav tells that she needs to have it for the sake of Ridesh and Garima who is worried about her. He also insists helping her but Gungun pick up a fight by asking do he think that she isn’t capable of holding the soup bowl and have it on her own. Anubhav points out at the cut in her finger but when Gungun remains stubborn he gives her the bowl but Gungun fails to take it. Anubhav asks Gungun to not to be stubborn and asks her to have soup saying she needs energy to fight.

Gungun gets into an argument and again questions Anubhav about his sudden visit. Anubhav tells Gungun that he made a biggest mistake in his life by visiting so he is going to leave right away to rectify that. Gungun tells no one stopped him so Anubhav raises from the bed and decides to leave. Gungun thinks that she is not well yet he is behaving rudely to her. Anubhav thinks that Gungun is thankless that’s why she is acting like this towards him.

Gungun stops Anubhav and asks him to take back the chocolate which she had. Anubhav taunts her saying they can’t keep this in a museum to which Gungu tells that he is not that funny so asks him to not to try. She also holds her hand forward and asks him to take back the chocolate. Anubhav goes and takes it. He then asks Gungun to have soup for the sake of the people who loves her. Gungun agrees to have soup.

Ridesh asks Garima about what Anubhav and Gungun is doing. Garima tells that when she went to keep the soup and tea she saw Anubhav is helping Gungun drink water with so much love and their plan is working perfectly. She also tells now she is going to check what they are doing but Ridesh stops her saying not to disturb them. He also adds that Kulshreshth’s are visiting but they don’t want Anubhav to know because they want to surprise Gungun.

Golu and gang comes to Bhatnagar’s house. Amit decides to ring the bell but Golu stops him and calls Ridesh. Ridesh opens the door for them and greets. They asks Ridesh where is Anubhav to which Ridesh Ridesh tells he is in Gungun’s room making Golu and gang to sign at each other. Garima tells that she will go and bring Anubhav but Golu stops her and tells that they are willing to see Gungun on their own so Garima and Ridesh takes them to Gungun’s room. Anubhav and Gungun accuses each other when the soup falls on Gungun while feeding her. Gungun tells that he is not ner mother to which Anubhav tells if he is then he would have scolded her.

Gungun talks about her mother how she always wanted her to get ready fast because she is in hurry and when she fails to do then she gets scolded by her mother. Anubhav tells that they don’t have to talk about this now. He then starts feeding Gungun asking her to have one more when Gungun tells she had full. Garima opens the door. Golu jokes if the soup is full then he will have it making Anubhav freeze in his place..Anubhav thinks that they cant leave him for the next one week and frustratedly close his eyes. Gungun gets happy seeing Golu and his gang.

Golu and gang indirectly tells Anubhav that they aren’t going to spare him. Neeti tells that they came to visit Gungun after that learnt about her fever and asks how is she feeling now. Gungun replies she is fine after seeing them all. Ridesh asks Garima whether she checked the temperature of Gungun to which Anubhav tells he checked it surprising everyone. He also tells that they have to take blood test if the temperature doesn’t goes down. Gungun thinks that why Anubhav is acting like he cares for her and makes faces at him. Ridesh tells that they will wait till tomorrow morning to see.

Precap: Anubhav gets a call from Gungun who tells that she is feeling better and Ridesh asked her to inform him. She then hears Akruti’s voice so she starts scolding Anubhav which leads Anubhav to give his mobile to Akruti to talk to her. Akruti and Gungun gets into a verbal spat when Gungun tries to make Akruti how much Garima misses her.

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