Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 1st March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Golu tella because of his carelessness someone stole the money from the bank. He further says its 82 lakhs also he is the one who he had the key for the 7locker and he is the one who repay the money. Divya asks Golu to not to joke. Golu gets angry at her and says that he is not joking. Divya about to scold Golu but Anubhav stops her and asks Golu is he sure that he is the one who kept the keys with him.

Golu says yes and tells that he dont remember whether he locked the locker properly and take the key with him or not but when he went to bank today he was shocked to see the money is not there also the locker is unlocked and he don’t have the key with him. He tells that he dont know what else to do now. Anubhav asks Golu is anyone from his bank can do such things.

Golu says that everyone in the bank is so nice so he dont think anyone could stoop low to trouble him like this. He also says if they fails to find the thief or repay before Monday then police will get involved in this matter shocking the family. Charu scolds Golu for being irresponsible and careless. Sunanda asks Charu to not to scold Golu because he is already sad. Goli tells that she will take a loan on her name. Yug also says that he will also take loan for Golu. Anubhav says that they have to use his prize money of ten lakhs. Amit says that he will also take loan. Golu says that he can’t take money from them especially from Amit because he is their son in law. Amit tells that they calls me son then asks them to treat him as one too and let him help them. Anubhav tells Golu that Charu always tells that family comes first and they will be there in both happiness also when they faces trouble so asks him not to worry about it saying they will find a solution.

Golu tells that because of him only his family is in trouble also he dont want anyone to help him. If they fails to find the thief then he is ready to go to jail. Goli scolds him for thinking this way also asks him to recall when they were in school and he need to fight they all together went with him and fought together against their problem just like that now also they all will not let anything happen to him for that if she had to sell everything she had too. Kulshreshth’s gets emotional.Anubhav tells the family members that they have to cancel his wedding. Everyone gets shocked.

Charu tells that they will not cancel his wedding. Golu tells that he donr want this wedding to get cancelled because of his mistake. Anubhav asks them to think by cancelling this wedding they can save some money. Charu agrees with him and tells that he will inform Ridesh Ridesh the same. In Bhatnagar’s house the guests who is arrived there praises Anubhav after got to know Gungun’s marriage is fixed with him only. Gungun mocks hearing Anubhav is getting praises. One of the guest asks Gungun to sit with them. She then asks about Anubhav’s personality to which Gungun tells he is crazy shocking everyone.

Garima tells the guests that Anubhav is crazy about Gungun that’s what she meant. She further adds how he has taken care of Gungun when she fall sick making Gungun to roll her eyes. Gungun thinks that her fate is not that good when it comes to her marriage but she turned it on her favor by striking a deal with Anubhav. Ridesh receives a call from Charu. He asks him thr reason behind his call. Charu tells Ridesh that they have to cancel the wedding. Ridesh gets shocked and asks the reason behind it but Charu refuses to tell him and cuts the call. Garima asks Ridesh what happened. Ridesh stares at Gungun. Gungun questions him the reason behind the way he looks at her. In Kulshreshth’s house Chandru tells that he made sure the kids don’t leave Golu alone. He then worriedly asks what they are going to do. Goli tells she will take a personal loan on her name for ten lakhs.

Chandru tells he can also take loan. Charu tells they can able to arrange twenty lakhs but what about the remaining sixty lakhs. Divya gives her jewellery and asks Charu to sell it but Chari refuses saying he is not a pride less person to use the Jewellery of this house daughter in law. Divya gives it to Sunanda who takes it and gives it Charu saying for a women jewellery is not for show off and adorn but it’s like fixed deposit when they are in trouble it will help them. Goli asks to take her jewellery too. Charu tells even though they can only able to arrange forty lakhs but what do about the remaining amount. He then tells that they will sell this house. The family members gets shocked.

Chandru tells that’s not needed but Charu tells house and family is two important thing for a person but its family which comes first always so he will sell the house. Charu tells they don’t have much time. Goli tells they can mortgage the house but Charu tells the process will take time.

Chandru tells Charu that they can take help from Ridesh. Charu scolds Chandru for even thinking like that way. Chandru tells that Ridesh Ridesh knows so many people so they can take his help to arrange money but Charu refuses saying that he will never put their self respect at stake. They all gets shocked seeing Ridesh comes there with Gungun. He asks Charu to tell the reason behind his decision to cancel the wedding. The FB shows where Ridesh accuses Gungun for Charu’s decision to cancel her wedding with Anubhav.

Gungun tells that she doesn’t know the reason. She further asks him to ask the Kulshreshth’s. The FB ends. Ridesh tells Kulshreshth’s if it is anything to do with Gungun’s behavior or mistake then he apologises to them on behalf of her. The family members says no and says Gungun is a sweetest girl. Gungun thanks them. She then decides to go upstairs when Goli asks her to. In upstairs Golu Golu cries and blames himself for troubling his family like this. He tells that he should have died instead of returning home making Neeti ton scold him. Golu starts beating him and calls himself a fool. Anubhav and the family members calms him down. Golu looks at the door and gets shocked..Anubhav and eveyone sees Gungun is standing at the doorstep.

Precap: Gungun hears Golu’s outburts also throwing his ID card to the floor. Gungun takes it in her hand and looks. Ridesh tells Garima that they are postponing the wedding but Kulshreshth’s refused to tell him the reason which is worrying the most. Gungun tells there is a big reason behind it but she doesn’t know what it is but gives Ridesh a clue to get to know the reason.

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