Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 17th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Gungun tells Maya if she ever want to say anything against the Kulshreshth’s then asks to look at herself in the mirror then she will stop saying these things. She also asks Maya to stay in her limit as she is a guest only and not try to become her mother. Maya leaves the place angrily. Garima tries to stop Maya but Ridesh stops Garima saying Maya won’t listen to her.

Gungun decides to leave the house but Ridesh stops her and asks her where she is going. Gungun tells that she is upset with Maya’s behavior then how much Kulshreshth’s must be upset so she is going to apologise on behalf of Maya and leaves the house. Golu tells that not even once he felt humiliated this much even in his school days when teacher scolded him for not finishing his homework.

Sunanda asks her family members that is money is everything. She feels like that she is embarrassed the way Maya talked to them. Charu tells even he is upset the way Maya treated them but he remind silent for the sake of Ridesh. Sargam tells that she can’t believe the way Maya insulting Ridesh infront of other’s. Yug tells that even Anubhav replied to Maya’s insults in her style though. They all hears someone is continuously ringing the door bell and gets annoyed. Sunanda goes and opens the door and finds Gungun the other side. Gungun hugs Sunanda.

She then starts crying. Everyone gets worried. Charu asks Gungun to not to feel bad saying they are not upset because of Maya’s behavior. Gungun tells that she feels bad because her mother insulted them and asks to forgive her for her mother’s behavior. They all smiles at her. Gungun tells she bought muffin for them to apologise and give to everyone. Charu asks Gungun to give Anubhav the muffin too. Gungun jokes that she didnt realised the one who taunt her always is not here yet and asks his whereabouts after she learns he is in his room she goes there.

Gungun gives the muffin to Anubhav and says that she is sorry for Maya’s behavior towards him and his family. Anubhav looks at her and looks away. Gungun says that he is the only human in this room so she is talking to him and asks him to reply to her. Anubhav tells Gungun that he dont want to talk to her. Gungun tells him that he is marrying her. Anubhav tells Gungun that he is thinking about cancelling the wedding. Gungun tells Anubhav that she will be a happiest person if he did so and asks what reason he will give to his family for his decision to cancel the wedding. Is he going to tell them about her boyfriend.

Anubhav tells that he will tell them about her boyfriend also the way she behaves with him and Maya’s behavior towards him. Gungun encourages him to go and tell this to Charu and after their marriage gets cancelled he can marry a girl who is suitable for him. Anubhav asks her not to worry about his partner or marriage. Gungun tells that she already knows who is suitable for him and tells its Akruti they both are made for each other but she and Anubhav is mad for each other.

She further tells Anubhav that she knows Akruti has feelings for him that’s the reason she hates her this much also he too have feelings for Akruti. She then says if he wants to cancel the wedding tell Charu his side of the story too about his feelings for Akruti not only blame her and make her as a villain. Anubhav tells Gungun that he don’t think he needs to give explanation to her and turns around. Gungun decides to leave but Golu and gang enters the place. Anubhav sees them and mockingly asks why they are this late to justify Gungun’s actions. Golu asks Gungun what happened.

Gungun tells that Anubhav is not accepting her apology also says that he is going to cancel the wedding. She further says to them if he wants to cancel the wedding he needs to tell the truth to his family members that he likes Akruti instead of that he is trying to make her as a villain. Yug asks Anubhav whatever Gungun said is real. Anubhav asks Golu and gang to not to take Gungun who is an idiot’s words so serious making Gungun angry. Golu and gang defends Gungun and says its Maya who made the mistake and it has nothing to do with Gungun.

Gungun leaves saying she is getting late for her classes. Golu and gang asks is he really want to cancel this wedding. Anubhav says yes. Golu and gang asks him the reason to which Anubhav tells that he don’t like Gungun also he don’t like the way Maya’s behavior towards his family. Golu and his gang asks Anubhav to tell Charu the same. Anubhav looks at them shockingly. They all laughs at him making Anubhav to roll his eyes.

Garima goes to Gungun and the latter tells that she knows why Garima is here and says that she is here to scold her for her behavior towards Maya. Garima smiles and tells Gungun that she is here to praise her. Gungun gets surprised and asks the reason. Garima tells that she loved how she praises Anubhav earlier during her argument with Maya.

Gungun recalls it and says that she is just stating the facts only but then tells that she praised Anubhav to prove Maya wrong nothing else. Garima points out how both Anubhav and Gungun starts accepting each other instead of fighting with each other whenever they meet. Gungun tells that she will never like Anubhav but maybe the way he was there when Rony tries to misbehave with her and defended when Akruti try to insult her so she kind of likes his this qualities and with the help of these she will go through a year. Garima tells this something can turn into everything also the one year will turn into lifetime.

Gungun says nothing such will happen and asks her aunt to leave saying she is going to do online shopping. In Kulshreshth’s house Anubhav tells Sargam he is going to his institute. Charu calls him and tells him that his behavior towards Maya is not right. Anubhav defends himself saying he said and behaved that way only because Maya insulted his family which he cant tolerate. Kulshreshth’s advices him. He then decides to leave but Golu tells Charu that Anubhav is not treating Gungun in a good way also threatened her to call off this marriage.

Goli asks Anubhav that whatever Golu told is true. Anubhav says yes and tells them that he dont like Gungun. Kulshreshth’s starts praising Gungun which annoys Anubhav so he tells that he will take a leave from work today and they can teach him how to treat Gungun all day with a cup of coffee and snacks and sits near by the couch. Pradyush comes there and tells that even he is ready to have a conversation with them over a cup of coffee shocking the family members.

Precap: Maya tells that she is going to US. Gungun tells her the best wedding gift she gave her and asks her not to return. Garima stops Maya and tells her that Gungun and Ridesh will go through humiliation if she dont attend this marriage so asks her to stay. Maya says that if Gungun apologises to her for her behavior then she will stay shocking Gungun.

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