Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 16th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Anubhav tells Maya this house belongs to everyone so she will be treated like others in this house. Maya asks Anubhav that is that mean if one person wants to move on in their life but they have to leave it just because other’s are not moving on. Anubhav tells that if her meaning of moving on is that they have to be selfish enough to leave their own family members then he don’t think it’s a moving on. Maya thinks to herself that when one have nothing then they will talk like this. She then tells that she can’t able to gift anything to her daughter but she can able to gift her daughter in laws.

Maya further says that she will gift them expensive smartphones cars air conditioner etc. Anubhav tells Maya that they dont want her gifts. Maya tells Anubhav and family that she has no problem gifting expensive things. Anubhav tells that they have problems receiving expensive gifts.

Ridesh tells Maya that she can able to get Kulshreshth’s love not by gifting them expensive gifts but she has to love and respect them. Anubhav asks Maya to decide whether she want Gungun to get married to him or not because she has seen his family. Maya tells that she will think about it and let them know. Ridesh asks Maya what is she going to think. He already decided that Gungun will get married in this house only which she canr able to change. He also tells it’s her who started the argument but she can’t able to tolerate when she get a befitting reply in return.

Yug suggests Maya to ask Gungun is she is happy with them or not. Maya asks him who is he also what is his job also about his salary. Anubhav interrupts and asks Maya why she is asking such personal questions to Yug. Maya tells that she wants to know how many people in this family are earning. Golu tells that both Charu and Chandru is retired from their job and he along with Yug and Anubhav is only earning.

Maya questions Kulshreshth’s about what this house ladies are doing. Dont they go to work. Golu says they are housewives. Maya mocks at them by calling them as a typical indian mentality. Goli tells Maya that all three Sunanda Sargam and Neeti wishes to be a house wife. None of the family members forced them to become a house wife. She loves to teach kids so she is going to school everyday but the moment she feels like she can’t then she will leave that job.

Maya tells Goli multitasking not possible but Goli says women can do anything and its proven already. Anubhav says to Maya that she is judging his family members especially the women in his family but her daughter failed in BA exam what about that.

Sargam warns him but he refuses to back off. Maya accuses Ridesh saying he is the one who spoiled Gungun by giving so much love. Ridesh tells Maya that his love may let Gungun fail in her BA exam but she as a mother failed to raise her kud. He then apologises to Kulshreshth’s for Maya’s behavior towards them. Charu tells Ridesh that they have no hard feelings because they do understand everything. Ridesh thanks them and decides to leave with Maya. Maya suggests the family members to look outside and see how the world is turning. Anubhav says to Maya that their family is their world. He also says he is sure she won’t visit this house again but if she ever plans to then asks her to leave her arrogance and ego outside.

In Bhatnagar’s house Ridesh asks Garima to book a ticket for Maya. Garima asks what happened. Ridesh tells Garima that Maya insulted Kulshreshth’s forgetting they are girls family. Gungun comes there and asks what happened. Ridesh asks her to ask Maya. Maya goes to Gungun and tells that Kulshreshth’s are not suitable for her. Gungun asks her not to talk anything about the Kulshreshth’s. Garima asks them to calm down but Maya insults Garima. Gungun gets furious and shouts at her.

Maya goes to Ridesh and tells because of him Gungun is behaving like this way towards her. Ridesh tells Maya that Gungun is acting this way because she left her and never give her a motherly love. Maya calls Gungun as her daughter but Gungun asks Maya to not to call her that. She tells that as a nine year old kid that she has seen how a mother cries while leaving the kids to their school but not even seen her a single tear leaving her to achieve her goals so for her she is not her mother.

Maya accuses Ridesh for not supporting her dreams to which Ridesh tells Maya that she is playing victim card then and now too. Maya goes to Gungun and tells her that Ridesh always manipulated about her to her and one of the reason why he want her to get married to Anubhav is the same reason because he dont support a women’s dream. Garima asks them to calm down and have food. She also tells that she made Gungun’s favorite pasta.

Maya taunts Gungun to get used to eating tinde instead of pasta. Gungun replies to Maya that she will have peaceful like because she won’t be there. She also suggests that she needs to stay with her mother’s house but Maya tells that she is comfortable living here. She then starts insulting the Kulshreshth’s but Gungun shouts at her and tells praises Kulshreshth’s about how they treat others with so much love. She also proudly states that Anubhav is a Scientist of the Year. She then warns Maya to act like a guest until her marriage or else asks her to leave. Maya gets angry.

Precap: Gungun apologises to Anubhav for Maya’s behavior towards his family. Anubhav tells that he don’t want to talk to her whose mother insulted his family. Gungun questions then why he is marrying her. Anubhav says that he is thinking about cancelling that. Gungun challenges Anubhav to go and tell this to Charu if he have guts. Anubhav looks at her.

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