Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 14th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Akruti tells that she didn’t called anyone here. Yug tells that they made a mistake by coming to meet her but how could she slap Gungun. Akruti tells that she dont think she have to give explanation to them. Anubhav tells Akruti that she is unwell it doesn’t mean she can react this way.

Akruti accuses Anubhav saying that she thought he is here to taken care of her but she didn’t thought once she has to face humiliation. Garima asks Akruti to calm down. Akruti warns Garima to not to come near her. Gungun asks how could Akruti slap her even she wants to slap Akruti. Akruti challenges Gungun to try to touch her. Neeti and others calms Gungun saying she shouldn’t do such things.

Gungun tells just because Akruti is not well doesn’t mean she have the rights to slap her. Garima asks Gungun to calm down. Gungun tells Garima and other’s if she cant slap Akruti then she want to use bad words against her. Everyone gets shocked. Gungun thinks what she should say Akruti for slapping her. Neeti asks Gungun to not to use bad words. Gungun ends up calling Akruti as Rubber Ki Chipkali. Yug asks what kind of bad word is this. Gungun tells cute girls use such bad words only. Anubhav asks Golu take everyone out. They all leaves the place.

Anubhav turns around to leave but stops when Akruti asks him is he also going to leave her especially after got to know she is unwell and alone. Anubhav tells Akruti that there are people who loves and cares for her a lot. But she chooses not to accept it and she is the reason behind her becoming alone. Gungun enters the room and asks Akruti to call them if she needs anything and calls her RKC.

Akruti asks what is RKC. Gungun tells that Rubber Ki Chipkali. Akruti gets angry and asks Anubhav to see how childish Gungun is and says that she dont deserves him. Gungun wonders what Akruti is meaning it which angers Akruti more so she starts accusing Gungun for snatching Garima also her other happiness but Anubhav intervenes and asks Gungun to ignore it and take her out of the room. Akruti throws all the things in her room and cries angrily.

Gungun in her room recalls how Akruti slapped her. She says she always wanted to unite Akruti with Garima then why did she is blaming her for snatching her happiness. She then says that she had enough of being nice with her and says that Akruti has crossed all the limits.

Garima sees this so she goes to Gungun and tells her that Akruti thinks that Gungun is the reason behind her not getting the mother love but she didn’t realised its not Gungun but she herself throwing everything away. In Kulshreshth’s house Golu tells that he cant able to accept the fact that Akruti slapped Gungun and says just because they are cousins doesn’t mean she can do this with Gungun. They all asks Anubhav the reason behind Akruti’s haterness towards Gungun.

Anubhav recalls Akruti’s confession and tells that he knows why Akruti is behaving this way. They all asks him to say. Anubhav thinks that he shouldn’t tell them about Akruti’s feelings for him because they may start hating her so he lies to them saying Akruti is not mentally stable. Golu asks Anubhav to make sure that Akruti knows her limits. Kushi tells Anubhav that Gungun defended him in the party when Ranvijay insulted him and now its him who need to do the same to Gungun.

Anubhav nods okay. Gungun tells Garima that she thinks Akruti dont like the idea of her getting married to Anubhav because she thinks that she is immature. She then takes the photo frame of her with Ridesh and Garima by her side and tells that even Akruti can be in this photo too and she never wanted to take Akruti’s place.

She further adds that they can call off her wedding to make Akruti happy. Gungun smiles and asks Gungun is she really is planning to let go of a good person like Anubhav for Akruti’s happiness. Gungun says yes and tells that she and Anubhav doesn’t get along also they are getting separated in a year. Garima asks her not to say such thing. She then tells Gungun that they have to face a huge problem tomorrow and reveals that Maya is coming tomorrow. Gungun gets upset.

The next day Ridesh greets Gungun but she replies him there is nothing good in this afternoon. Ridesh questions Garima for putting alarm. Garima tells that she wants to remind him to pick up Maya from airport. Gungun gets upset and asks why she shouldn’t stay somewhere else and tells her dislikes towards her. Garima warns her not to say anything such towards her mother.

Ridesh asks Gungun to not to think too much saying Maya is their guest and they will treat her as one though. Garima tells that she is happy to meet her sister in law Maya and tells that she made her favorite food. Ridesh asks Garima Garima don’t she remember the last time Maya humiliated her for no reason. Garima tells that she dont want to recall anything toxic. They hears a doorbell so Ridesh goes out and sees Maya’s argument with a cab driver. He asks the cab driver to leave. He then mocks Maya and takes her inside.

Garima gets happy seeing Maya and goes to hug her but Maya stops her and greets her formally. She then looks at the house and tells Garima that she changed everything in this house in an accusing way. Ridesh reminds Maya that it’s his decision to bring Garima to their house and warns her not to cross the limits.

Maya goes to Gungun and asks her dont she wants to greet her. Gungun tells that her mother is her distance relative and she dont want anything to do with her. Maya gets shocked but she composes herself and tells Gungun that she is here to attend her wedding. Gungun tells that she would rather preferred her not to attend it. Maya accuses Ridesh for not teaching manners to Gungun. Gungun taunts Maya and asks her when she is leaving the house.

Maya reminds Gungun that she is still legally married to Ridesh so she decides to leave whenever she wants to. She then asks about her room and Ridesh points out the guest room saying she is guest so he don’t want to share his room with her. Maya asks Ridesh that she wants to see Gungun’s soon to be in law’s and tells that she hope he find someone who is rich and classy and match their status for Gungun. Ridesh Garima and Gungun looks on.

Precap: Ridesh takes Maya to meet the Kulshreshth’s. Maya asks them to switch on the air conditioner saying its hot but Charu tells they don’t have air conditioner shocking her. Maya asks the count of family members. Sargam tells her. Maya tells Ridesh how could he choose this family for Gungun and says she will never get adjusted here. She then tells the Kulshreshth’s that they are outdated. Anubhav looks at Maya.

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